Kaleerein 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Tries To Harm Meera

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Amar loudly calls Vivan to come down. Meera pleads not to make any drama. Amar asks inspector to arrest Vivan. Meeera stops them and says she will go against Amar and support her husband, girls have to leave at some point. Amar complains to Biji and Dolly. Meera says she cannot see her father in trouble, but he should not trouble Vivan as already he has faced a lot, he considers her as his mother’s murderer. Amar is shocked and asks how can Vivan think like that, did not he know she wanted to save his mother. Meera says she is trying to save her marriage and says inspector she is not filing complaint at all. Inspector leaves. Meera hugs Amar and apologizes him and says she ah as whole family with him, but Vivan is alone and if she go away, nobody will be there to control him. Amar says he

was doing this. Meera says he knows Vivan is kind hearted, but he lost his mother, so he is just angry and has lost his common sense.

Vivan walks down and shouts they have called police to get him arrested and enjoy a lavish life on his wealth. Amar warns him to shut his mouth and stop his nonsense. Vivan’s yelling continues and warns them to vacatge his house. Biji collapses. Family gets concerned for her. Vivan apologizes Amar and says his enemity is with Meera and not them, they can stay here. Dolly says he is apologizing, so we should also apologize him. Amar apologizes him and whole family takes Biji to her room. Meera thanks Vivan. Vivan says he will trouble her face to trouble her as they are her weak nerve. He will make her 6 months a hell and time starts from today. Kidnapper watches CCTV footage and laughs seeing Vivan’s senseless hate.

Meera sits crying reminiscing Vivan’s words. Dolly walks to her and says what Vivan did was wrong, but she realized he is good at heart, she went and spoke to him and he behaved really well. Meera thinks he is trying to emotionally lure his family and then will give them shock. She rushes to Vivan’s room and sees him sitting on bed and fuming. She speaks to him. He walks out of house and leaves in his jeep. Meera runs behind him. Amar asks where is she going. She says behind Vivan. She calls Vivan repeatedly. He picks call and asks what she needs. She asks where is he, she wants to meet him. He tells her secluded place’s address and thinks let her come, she will see what he can do.

Pammi returns home. Dolly scolds her. Fake doctor walks in to treat Amaya. Dolly says she cannot let Amaya alone and will accompany doctor. Amar stops her and says Vivan will create drama if he sees her in that side of house and lets doctor go. Dolly then tells her concern to Biji. Biji says she should go to Amaya’s room.

Meera walks out of house thinking she will not get even auto to go where Vivan is now. She walks there. Vivan speeds his jeep towards her. She sees him trying to ram her and jumps aside and falls down….

Precap: Amar asks nurse how is Amaya. Nurse says Amaya is fine, but she did not see this doctor in hospital till now. Doctor tries to inject poisonous injection. Vivan speeds his jeep towards Meera again.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Now I give up on vivan but did anyone notice d kidnapper laughing on cam his he d one forcing vivan to do all this just to hurt meera but y amaya is home and PK is dead so what is d blackmailing about now writers should give viewers hint they shouldn’t confuse us along with themselves because m sure d writers are confuse

  2. i think u r right priya writers are confused themselves… they screw up lead actors character and story…. i am just disappointed with writers for their track… vivaan is not the one who can go that extent to hurt meera for some misunderstanding.. we all know he is hurt and alone right now but i can’t believe he just tried to kill meera… it’s high time for writers to change track trp is almost low… cause of these tracks…. i want to know how vivaan react once he come to know truth behind his moms death… and how he ask for forgiveness from meera… want to see lover boy vivaan running behind jhaalli and cool meera…. bearing her tantrums and complete her every wish just for her love and her care…. and maafi…… yaar someone please write the ff on upcoming track plzzz because the track is very boring…. lakshmi what do you think about upcoming track ur opinions always helps me to make conclusion about upcoming episodes.. i think this time vivaan really hurts meera… later regret for that but this time i want meera to get kidnapped and kidnapper also try to hurt vivaan but meera comes inbetween and get severely hurt by kidnapper and then her family tell vivaan to stay away from her because it’s all because him she is in this deadly conditions doctors also say that it’s difficult to save her.. they might loose her forever… then only vivaan gets his sense back that how much he hurt meera… and he wants to stay with her but her family lashes at him and ask him to stay away from their daughter… somehow meera will get saved but again she should tell him that now she wants divorce from him and ask him to go back to London with amaya( by that time amaya also gets fit and fine.) and never come back to India ever again because she is giving up on him and their relationship… plzz do comments it’s just my imagination….

  3. The writers are indeed confused and don’t seem to know how to wind up this kidnapping plot….to cover it up ,they are maligning Vivaan’s character and buying time…. We have already explored all the possibilities of who the kidnapper could be….Roma,Sumer,Laali or a new possibility ,Pammi herself or Vivaan’s father…the last two are just wild guesses….but anything is possible in this wild goose chase…Roma’s body not seen ,the same with Pammi …..Is n’t it surprising that Vivaan ,instead of finding out the rogue and going for his throat ,is busy in inventing new tortures for Meera and her family…in the bargain he has left an unconscious Amaya all alone with the doctor / kidnapper /????? Was he the same one who kept Meera’s sister in captivity for one night ….Who is that masked guy and why he is doing all ths are the only points of interest in ths serial….the leads are gone cases ,,,,,all thanks to the writers…

  4. You know Neeti ,anyone of us on this forum would have written a better script than our writers…O.k ,Right now Vivan is mad enough to kill the girl he once loved or rather still loves….if the writers want to save this show ,they should not allow this track to be dragged any longer…Even if they want to continue with this revenge track forsome more episodes,they should not portray just his hatred….that looks repulsive…As a mam who still loves this girl subconsciously, Vivaan should be shown feeling her hurt after hurting her…and his confusion or helplessness in fighting the tangle of his love and hate emotions ….as we know the charm of the show ends if there is no chemistry between the leads…..the subtle signs of attraction should always be maintained …Anyways if I were the writer ,I will bring in some competition for Vivaan at this juncture ,, to make him feel jealous and realise his love for her…Let him the kidnapper himself ,who is mad after Meera and kidnaps her…Ofcourse Meera should be Vivaan’s only but he should be made tio feel jealous like hell ….Why should it always be Meera that runs after him…he should feel guilty ( he will certainly feel guilty …that’s for sure) after coming to know about the truth and jealous as well ….but Meera should not give in so easily…For me a girl should always keep up her dignity and self respect to make her wanky partner realise that he can not take her love for granted..I admire Amar for his new found courage and taking a stand against the bully…Vivaan Kapoor….hope Meera will keep her ‘so called love’ to herself for some time and rediscover her own pride …She should understand that a man will never respect a girl who doesn’t have some pride and respect her own honour…

  5. Let us wait n see what is happening we should not go on complaining the writers as it is a difficult task to write a story . we will wait fr the moment . but the thing is they should not drag the story fr a long or end the prob so soon…

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