Kaleerein 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Pushes Meera From Stairs

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Vivan tells Meera that he will immerse his mother’s ashes into river only when he ends his and Meera’s relationship. Meera applies Pammi’s ash on her forehead and says mummyji wanted their relationship continue, he can try his best to end relationship and she will try her best to save it. Vivan says within 6 months, he will force her so much that she will repent for her life. Meera says let us see. Kidnapper on the other side shouts his plan failed, Meera and Vivan are staying together even now. He burns dart and throws on dart board with Vivan and Meera’s photo.

Meera prays god and takes holy ash for Amaya. Amar stops her and asks where is she going. She says to apply holy ash on Amaya’s forehead. Amar asks even after so much happened. Dolly interferes and lets

her go. Amar scolds her. Dolly says Vivan has seen so much and his behavior is obvious. Amar warns if something happens to Meera, he will show what a father can do. Meera walks into Amaya’s room and tries to apply holy ash. Vivan stops her, but ash falls on Amaya’s forehead. Meera walks out. Vivan angrily shuts door. Meera thinks she can understand Vivan’s condition and will be with him like a shadow. She sings Do Naina Ek Kahani..song.. Vivan and whole family hears it. Vivan opens door and pushes Meera. Meera falls from stairs and collapses.

Amar lifts Meera and makes her sleep on sofa. Meera wakes up. Amar asks why was she singing for Vivan, he pushed her from stairs. Meera says she herself slipped and fell. Amar says he understands everything and says now he will show what a father can do. After sometime, Meera prepares prasad in Pammi’s name and informs Biji and Dolly she is going to Gurdwara. Inspector walks in and says someone filed domestic violence case from this house. Amar says he complained and asks to arrest Vivan for torturing Meera. Meera stops him and asks Amar what is he doing. Amar says fulfilling duty of a father. Meera says she will fulfill wife’s duty and asks him to take back case. Amar gets adamant. Meera says Vivan is suffering a lot alread, they should not trouble him much. Vivan walks down.

Precap: Vivan alleges Meera’s family that they killed his mother and now wants to grab his property, they are using their daughter for their luxuries.

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  1. Now this is the height of brutality….seen many revenge tracks but no one was as heartless as this guy…I have to say that Vivaan just behaved like an animal….if the beginning is so bad ,I can’t imagine what all he will do in the given six months time…I think we will get to see meanness at its best…what is that the writers want to portray…right now I am peeved at Meera also for trying to cover up his physical violence…where is her self respect gone….loving someone doesn’t mean throwing away one’s self respect……my goodness ,I don’t know who should I hate more…Vivaan for behaving like a swine or Meera for still deciding to stay in his house and undergo all torture like a slave….

  2. Now is d time for me to stop watching dis show…. Cnt bear such useless track

  3. vivaan is retarded period. he is a ******

  4. Cannot comment…episodes have become too painful to watch. I don’t understand how Meera could take so much abuse and also cover and excuse such behavior from the man she loves in her heart. This is so heartbreaking, I loved the suave businessman Vivaan once was, now he’s beast personified…and I can’t bear to see this character metamorphasised into this crazed beast. Writers probably have Ekta Kapoor as a consultant or inspiration for this serial, this looks like shades of her handiwork..

  5. Colleen Hosein

    Everyone one of these indian serials are so shitty, illogical & predictable.

  6. Trust me this only happens in Hindi Drama. Vivan has totally lost it. I bet we will see in a couple of weeks a totally changed Vivan when his mother comes back (this will happen). How pathetic can the show and Vivan be. The writers have trashed Vivan’s character for the sake of a few episodes. No wonder the drama does not require any real villian. Vivan and his dual personalities. Lets stop this drama and have to mention Meera. Is she from the 17th century god can’t stand her as well.

    1. Sad to say, but this happens in all dramas. As long as we entertain it, what do you expect?

  7. vivan is acting as if he loved his mother all this while. he himself thought her bad. it was meera who trusted her and supported her when he was romas puppet. hes so dumb . kaleerein is loosing its charm

  8. Optimistic

    Ok now I am quitting this show

  9. Sad to say, but this happens in all dramas. As long as we entertain it, what do you expect?

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