Kaleerein 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Continues Blaming Meera And Seeks Divorce In Court

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Vivan blames Meera for all his problems and challenges her that he will divorce her finally tomorrow and get rid of her. Meera stands shattered. Vivan walks to Amaya’s hospital and cries for not stopping her and mummy/Pammi, all because of Meera, now he will punish Meera for her sins and get rid of her tomorrow in court finally.

At home, Dolly cries that Meera tries to do good always, but is always blamed. Sweety says it is Meera’s mistake this time, she should have let Vivan pay kidnapper and free his mom and sister. Amar says Meera did not know such a big disaster would happen, Vivan has lost his mother and cannot think with his brain, now someone will be blamed. Meera walks in and says she is blamed and tells family whole story. On the other side, Vivan cries reminiscing Pammi

dying in bomb blast and kidnapper telling he did not kill his mother, but Meeraa is responsible for Pammi’s death and she killed Pammi. He shouts he hates Meera and will punish her for her sins. Inspector Brar gives him Pammi’s ashes.

Meera prays babaji to show her a way and end her sorrows. Vivan enters and says he has solution for her sorrows, he will divorce her today itself and takes her to court. In court, their case is presented. Judge pronounces they have to stay together for 6 months before getting divorce. Vivan shouts he stay for 6 months with a woman because of whom his mother died, he needs divorce right now. Lawyer warns he cannot misbehave with judge. Vivan continues shouting. Judge warns him. He walks away. Meera apologizes judge and walks behind Vivan. Vivan walks into some factory where arc welding is going on. Meera asks why did he come here. Vivan starts shouting and yelling at Meeera and blaming her for his mother’s death and sister’s condition and he cannot stay with her even for 6 seconds. Meera says she cannot leave him alone in this condition for even a second and hugs him. He pushes her, yells (sorry for not elaborating Vivan’s mindless blames). Meera falls on floor and sits in a corner. Welding spark falls on her hand. Vivan shouts she deserves this and leaves.

Meera walks towards home reminiscing Vivan’s blames. At home, Dolly and family stand worried for Meera. Meera returns. They ask what happened in court, if divorce is finalized. Meera says no and she will not let it happen. Dolly thanks god. Meera prays god. Dolly sees her hand burnt and asks how did it happen. Vivan walks in and says if someone tries to burn other’s house, spark falls on themselves also.

Precap: Meera and Vivan promote new serial Yeh Teri Gali at 7 p.m. from tomorrow.

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  1. Well,another revenge track in the offing…first against his mother and now against Meera…One thing that is common between the brother and sister duo is Amaya always ends up in a hospital in a comatose condition and her brother Vivaan is always entwined in some revenge or the other…So ,according to the court’s orders, he has to stay with Meera for six montage during which time he has promised to show her all hell…..reminded me of Raja’s revenge track in ETRETR….But Meera’s lack of self respect has disappointed me…she should have shown some spunk and spirit…particularly when Vivaan is squarely blaming her for his mother’s death …..and his vow to reduce Meera’s life to ashes is too much…and the kidnapper who has raised such a storm in Vivaan’s life is completely forgotten snd the focus is shifted to revenge against Meera ….will the plot and the kidnapper ever be exposed or is it a closed chapter….

  2. If Pammi is really dead then all Meera efforts and ordeal to find her in the first place is wasted. The whole 100 episodes was centered on finding Pammi. And now she is dead?. I hope not.

  3. the writers are making vivaan loom so bad and wicked. his behaviour towards meera is terrible. I don’t feel that he is pretending this time and this is his full on anger coz he lost his mum. don’t even know if she’s really dead. all we see are the ashes and no body. really disgusted with vivaan. how can he have so much of hate towards meera, how can he possibly even love her. disgusting man

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