Kaleerein 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pammi Dies in Bomb Blast; Vivan Blames Meera For All His Problems

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Vivan searches Pammi on street. Kidnapper calls him and informs that Pammi is in a maruti van, he can save her in 10 minutes if he can. He sees van in front of him and runs towards it shouting mom. His feet get trapped in a barbed wire. He tries to freee himself, removes his shoes and gets out if. He then walks on broken glass and reach van.

Meera’s phone happily celebrate thinking things got back on track and Meera-Vivan have united. Amar says Meera and Vivan should have saved Pammi and Amaya by now. Meera calls Amar and informs whole incident and says Amaya is poisoned and she has rushed Amaya to hospital. Whole family rushes towards hospital. In hospital, Amaya is in ICU and Meera stands out worried. She hears kidnapper’s voice on TV who says she saved Amaya, let him show

her a drama now. He shows Vivan tied to a chair and kidnapper pointing gun on him and warning Meera to reach where she left Vivan in 10 min. Meera runs out out hospital. Inspector Brar sees her and follows her. Vivan removes mask and reveals he is kidnapper’s puppet who wore Vivan’s mask. Family reaches hospital and sees Amaya in ICU. Doctor informs Amaya went into coma.

Vivan reaches van and tries to breaks window with hammer, but fails. Pammi inside van signals to go away. Vivan brings another tool and opens door and shouts he will save her at any cost and goes to bring something else. Meera reaches there and sees Vivan searching something and Pammi in Van. She opens door and tries to free Pammi. Pammi says van has bomb go away. Meera panics more and tries to free her hurriedly. Bomb blasts. Brar pulls Meera on time. Van bursts into pieces. Vivan shouts mom…Reporters surround and cover story. Meera shouts in anger.

Kidnapper calls her number. She shouts to come in front. He says she could not save her saas, now give phone to Vivan. She gives phone to Vivan. Vivan shouts at kidnapper. Kidnapper brainwashes him that all his problems are because of Meera and reminds all the incidents where Meera reached and Vivan’s problems increased. Meera hugs and consoles Vivan. Vivan pushes her away and shouts he is the biggest problem in his life, his mom trusted her so much, but she was problem his mom and sister. He says when he dropped mom to airport, he insisted him to marry Meera in a proper way, now he will do reverse pheras with her. He holds Meera’s hand and forcefully does reverse pheras around van fire and says he will get divorce from her legally and get rid of her forever. He walks to Amaya’s hospital room and cries that her condition and mom died because of Meera.
Precap: Meera says she was trying to share his sorrows. She shouts she increased them instead, soon they will be separate forever.

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  1. so boring… fir wahi vivz blaming meera… how can pammi died so easily and so soon i think she is alive and when vivz come to know then he will try to reconcil with meera but i hope she should not forgive him so easily this time…… this track is so boring hope for something crunchy

  2. I don’t know what to comment…I think my senses have gone numb seeing so much negativity….To Hell with Vivaan and his puppy love….Meera should just get away fron this utterly selfish and self centered guy….He just knows how to make her responsible for his endless misfortunes either by divorcing or taking ‘ulte phere’…I wonder how many times he gives divorce and takes ‘ulte phere’…..If he cares to recollect ,he is already divorced (in his dictionary signing some god damn document was good enough ,and now he talks about legal separation). Just disgusting….Of course I won’t quit watching the serial….I will watch it with the expectation that Meera won’t pamper him any more and leave him to grow up in the real sense ,realise his follies / selfishness and come back to her as a matured man….

  3. Since the beginning of this series, we have been searching for Palmmi And just as she was found, she dies. Is this a joke?.
    Vivaan Vivaan it’s so annoying that your,looks do not March your reasoning. Meera should go and invest in herself and family and,move out of that house.

  4. Disgusting…..don’t like dis track..writers plz do something write some sensible &positive…u have excellent actorz use their skills….Yes, Lakshmi like u i also can’t stop watching dis show with too many expectations…I think PK is alive …Lakshmi dis ppl r playing with viewers feelings ….just 1 episode they show some gud relation btn Vivaan & Meera but in next episode they show d same blame game….Their is no point expecting lovestory btn leads…

  5. How bizzareeeeeee was the ending of today’s ep? What the heck.

  6. i despise vivaan.he can never be a good husband at all. i hope meera will.never go back to him

  7. it seems roma is getting her wish after all.

  8. I share the same feelings that everyone has expressed here today. The show right now is bordering on ridiculous, there is no entertaining value whatsoever to this current track. How do you have Vivaan and Amaya reunite with their mother after so many years just to kill her. Really? While I do not expect everything to be perfect in Vivaans’ and Meeras’ lives as a viewer I do not expect to see them face problem after problem in there lives. We as viewers need a break from all this crap. I would like to see a balanced show, I want the romance, the laughter, and some drama. I want to see them grow as a couple, as friends, as a family and even business partners maybe. I don’t just want one episode of them together or getting closer just to have them fighting arguing and separating for the next three months. I really hope that this current track come to a quick end so we as viewers can get back to the show as it should be and have our leads move on with their lives together so the show can get to be the great show we all know it can be.
    I have watched every episode of the show since its beginning so I will not quit watching I have invested to much already.

  9. Ahhhhhh? bass now gonna stop watching this serial…..?like how can they show soo much negativity and this vivan what kind of hero he is? he cant trust his wife. Godd aise hero se to acha hero hi na ho?pagal writer kuch nhi aata usko ek hi chiz baar baar dikha raha hai vivan ko meera per trust and all?. Bye bye kaleerein for a month atleast ya ab directly last ep hi dekhungi kam se kam wo to happy hoga?

  10. Boring…..track boring story so pls air off

  11. Minna Chandran

    Stupid to kill the mother no reason they could have saved her like they saved sister. V is too negative blaming meera she almost died in the blast. Meera should dump v and move on he deserves that

  12. Simone,I agree with you that this is a ridiculous track and is bordering on extreme pessimism where there is no room for laughter ,happiness ,friendship ,romance or for that matter any positive thinking…Looks like the writers have piled up heaps of negative tracks to be used one after the other….in the beginning i attributed Vivaan ‘s anger and unreasonable temper tantrums to his childhood frustrations and rather supported him…thought everything would be all right ( atleast for some time) once Pammi’s truth comes out and Meera and Vivaan confess their love for each other…but there seems to be no end to Vivan blaming Meera for his woes …the name of Vivan is gradually becoming synonymous with all the negativity in this world…Can Meera ,with all the love she has for him ,withstand his extremities …if so ,why should she and with what hope….As you said ,Vivaan can not be blamed for the problems that are cropping up in his life at regular intervals…But he should certainly be blamed for rejecting and insulting Meera’s unconditional love ,…rather he should have thanked god for this lovely gift and made it his strength in this horrowing time of his life…but no one can help a person who wants to be lonely….let us hope that Meera will vacate his house and stay away from him till he learns to respect love and marriage.

    1. I think Meera should grow some spine and Ditch Vivan for a long long time. She should get herself educated more possibly finish graduation and find a job. She should also leave the house and Vivan to dwell in his sorrows. God the show is getting ridiculous. Might not watch it for a few days now.

  13. Just imagine a kidnapper who is trying to ruin u, can make u doubt your supposedly true love in two seconds…smh…this is crazy nonsense. Maybe Vivaan’s grief has made him lose his mind.

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