Kaleerein 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Gets Ill; Meera Helps

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Meera throws gangajal on Vishkanya. Vishkanya writes in pain, but but then laughs and asks Meera if you human think Vishkanya is fool, she saw Meera noticing her weakness of gangajal and changed it. Meera says we human don’t stop trying and walks towardss Vishkanya. Vishkanya pushes her and Meera falls far apart and throws something on window. Window glass breaks and sun light falls on Vishkanya. Vishkanya feels pain and escapes as black smoke. Vivan and others are freed fro Vishkanya’s magic. Vivan holds injured Meera. Daadi comments nobody can separate this jodi. Roma fumes that Meera escaped from Vishkanya’s attack also. Meera confronts her and asks if her friend is Vishkanya Roma warns not to allege her wrongly and warns her to be in limits. Meera challenges her that she

will not let her evil plan work here. Roma fumes in anger.

Meera sprays medicine on her wound shouting in pain due to medicine’s burning effect. Vivan returns and taunts her she acts so tough, but is so weak. Their nok jhok starts. vivan sees chips pieces and scolds why can’t she go out and eat and not spoil his room. She says it is her wish. He asks her to go out and sleep in another room. She says she will not as good wife does not leave her husband’s room. Nok jhok continues. She says sorry. He angrily says she is impossible. She says what now, she apologized. He tries to leave room, but falls down. She rushes to him and makes him sleep on bed. He shivers and murmurs mom. She worriedly rushes to Roma’s room. Roma in her room thinks it can only happen in India, Vishkanya came and tried to harm Meera’s and her husband, but Meera defeated Vishkanya, it is so weird. Meera rushes in and says Vivan is ill. Roma says she is so mannerless not to knock door and enter. Meera forcefully holds her and takes her to Vivan’s room and shows him shivering. Roma says Vivan is calling his mom, she is his stepmom and in fact best friend, she just came here and her immune system is weak, so she cannot stay here and leaves. Meera tries to apply wet cloth on Vivan’s forehead, but Vivan warns her to stay away from him. She says he is fighting even when he is ill and forcefully applies cold cloth. He calms down and sleeps. Meera falls asleep on chair next to him. In the morning, Meera wakes up and thinks what is she doing here and goes to inform family about Vivan’s fever.

Biji comes to check Vivan and gets concerned seeing him ill. Dolly rushes and asks Meera to bring herbal concoction. Meera rushes to kithen and prepares it. Roma walks in and asks water. Meera turns. Roma adds hair strands in concoction. Meera gives water. Roma says tap water, how downgrade and returns back smirking. Meera sees hair strands and reprepares concoction. Whole family gathers around Vivan and show their concern. Roma fumes that Vivan never used to let poeople around him, now he is, she has to do something. She walks in and yells at them and asks to call doctor and get out of this room. Meera brings concoction apologizing for making it late. Roma tries to make her fall by extending her legs. Meera controls herself and angrily looks at Roma.

Precap: Meera pleads Vivan to open his eyes Roma thinks between these people’s nonsense, Vivan may slip off from her hands. She calls someone and says they should meet.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a crap really! Zee’s obsession with ghosts and witches seems to be never ending …..a slight variation,…this time it is a vishakanya wanting to seduce Vivan…by capturing Meera in a bottle and disguised as Meera,trying to entice Vivan…..could have succeeded if not for the timely intervention of Meera ….this absurd track has not even lasted for two episodes…..is this really required…we were expecting some sweet moments between the couple but the writers have his own weird imagination…….now the ghost is gone but Vivan fell horribly sick…and his step mom is into talks with some one…..May I suggest to the writers to give a break to the newly weds so that they can bond with each other….really fed up of their cat and dog fights…….time for some romance as both are looking lovely after marriage…..Bythe way ,Meera was so hot as Vishkanya that she had left Vivan also speechless.

    1. Haaha the fact that Vivaan could be seduced by the snake that became meera shows that on some level, he wants meera badly but can’t admit it hahhaha. Coz she could have stayed in her own form and seduced him but it probably wouldn’t have worked.Aditi did a great job with the scene though. I am kinda getting sick of fighting too. I guess they are meant to be portrayed as immature newlyweds. Vivaan always loses his temper and is irritable and Meera is messing up his room hahaha.plus a freak of a stepmum thrown in the mix. that is not so good. but last night it seems vivaan saw a bit through his stepmum, like Meera’s family cares for him a lot unlike her, refused to go near him.Although if they don’t keep this stepmum track, they dont have much more of a storylije yet. But I do admit it is quite frustrating, coz I do miss Meervan moments over the fighting too.

  2. here we go again with zee’s crazy writers…i have lost interest in this show..i havent watched it in awhile just read updates…i am so missing addnk and prejaswini

  3. Yes,Seema,no one can replace Prem and Teja snd Ofcourse Raja and Rani….some characters and their magic can never be created again…all these serials are just for name sake…

    1. hey lakshmi are you watching ishq subhan allah…is it interesting?..i watched an episode on zee yesterday it was good..i like zara’s character…i dont think i am watching kaleerein any more so i am looking for a good show to watch

  4. Yes Seema,Eisha’s new serial is getting good reviews and is already in the third place on trp charts..I too started watching it from last week only,it is supposed to deal with the rather controversial subject of Triple talaq…Kabir and Zara who had to marry against their will are on their honeymoon now,and they are somewhat finding comfort in each other’s company,,In the upcoming episodes,Zara will be kidnapped by a new entry and Kabur will have to fight hard to save his wife….according to spoilers,the newly weds will fall in love before their honeymoon ends…..So far so good….see you on Ishq Subhaan Allah forum…

    1. Thanks for the update lakshmi..i started reading the updates its really good, and i am gonna start watching it, hopefully i will catch up with the new episode soon..see you on ishq subhaan allah forum

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