Kaleerein 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan’s Superego and Meera’s Self-respect

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Meera with her cousins, Amaya, and Vivan reaches Gurudwara to complete her mother’s oath. Silky trying to impress Vivan explains Amaya the story behind this gurudwara and tells what her brother did was wrong and he should apologize Meera. Meera’s sisters on the other side feel sad seeing Meera crying and discuss they never saw lively Meera crying like this. Amaya tells her brother is superegoistic and will never apologize Meera, but she will try. She goes and explains Vivan that what he did was wrong and should apologize her. Meera prays Vahe Guruji. Vivan walks in and seeing her praying for long walks away fuming that she does so many mistakes and apologizing for long is obvious. Amaya asks if he apologized Meera. He says she is praying for so long for her mistakes, he did not

disturb her. She scolds him to apologize. Meera prays god that it is not easy to be a girl and his parents should not feel the burnt of her marriage expenses and her marriage should happen peacefully.

At Meera’s house, money lender scolds Pavan that he took money long ago and now he is taking from other parties, when will he repay loan. Bittu walks in warning to not misbehave with family. Lender asks him to repay his loan then. Bittu gets a call from someone who asks to come and take his 40000 rs brokerage fees. Bittu asks lender to go and collect 40,000 rs and not show his face for 3 months. Pavan thinks family is suffering because of his illness. Dolly gets tensed regarding wedding expenses. Bittu consoles her and Pavan. Family bonding continues.

Meera serves Gurudwara with brooming floor, preparing food, serving it, etc. Silky asks Amaya if she had langar. Amaya says no. Silky says if Meera was here, she would have told her life is waste without knowing about langar. She takes Amaya and Vivan to langar and shows them people having food and serving, says there is no difference between poor and rich here and everyone serve and have food together. Amaya likes it and goes to serve food. Silky stops Vivan from following Amaya.

After sometime, Meera sits near water tank sadly. Vivan walks to her to apologize. Meera gets up and slips, but Vivan does not hold her. She scolds him. He says he came to…Meera says he is so arrogant, she is not expecting sorry from him. He gets angry and shouts he does not even want as he knows how greedy she is for money and wants his sister to be away from people like her, warns her to stay away from Amaya. They reach home. Vivan stands talking on phone under balcony. Meera picks bags from car and sees plant pot on him, runs and pull him aside. She falls and he falls on her and shouts what the hell. She says if she had not pulled him, pot would have fallen on his head. She pushes him says, she does not even know to say thank you, forget sorry. He starts yelling. She reverts back. Their nok jhok continues…

Precap: Sumer’s parents inform that they want Meera and Sumer’s wedding within 10 days. Dolly agrees and asks to bring baraat. Meera thnks she should stop this marriage somehow.

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  1. The same old story continues,the leads continue to fight like a cat and a dog,,not willing to see eye to eye with each other and Vivan is to be blamed for this.He is simply blind to anyone’s positive points including Meera and her family’s. He keeps on referring to them as dirty people who are greedy for money.I haven’t seen anyone of them ever expecting any monetary help from him ,Yes,Meera had to accept that small amount from him to pay for the cab repairs incurred because of him.As a girl from a middle class family ,Meera can n’t be expected to have extra money to pay for other’s mistakes.And I don’t agree that Meera and her family are some kind of cheap ,gold diggers.Had they been so ,after seeing the multimillionaire Vivan Kapoor,they would have said bye bye to Sumer and used one of the three young girls as bait to attract the rich guy like Silky’s mother is doing.Have we seen any of these cheap tactics to call them gold diggers,Like any middle class family ,Meera’s mother is a bit ambitious and wants her daughter to go into a decent family better than her own in every respect …but not any millionaires or billionaires and certainly not by adopting cheap means,may be Silky’s mother is like that but not Dolly.Requesting Vivan to stay out of his own house for one evening sounds a bit more ,but she has asked just for a favour not any money or ownership of the property.They know very well that they are just caretakers,so they are well within their limits.Biji has her own weakpoints including lying ,no doubts lying is a wrong thing but there is a saying in India that even a hundred lies can be forgiven and not considered a sin if their purpose is to make a marriage happen.I don’t agree with that but these are the customs followed here.Amaya as usual is very sweet and I hope her character will stay like that only.I won’t be surprised is Silky turns out to be another Preeti later on , and where is Sumer,already sidelined????

    1. It apparent that the writers don’t know how gold diggers work…lol….

  2. I am liking amaya alot..even though she’s from london she loves her mother land..like the friendship and bonding she has with meera and her sisters and how she goes against vivaan and defended meera..vivaan is annoying and irritating me alot..this hatred between meera and vivaan dont no how the writers are gonna turn this into love…i cant help but compare, but although prem and teja, miss them so much, fought alot in addnk you could have felt the chemistry and sparks between them and i had enjoyed their fighting with each other..there is nothing like that between meera and vivaan…

  3. Its a nice start. Good the hero is not head over heels over Meera. Love shld follow its own course. The more the mis-understanding, harder will Vivan fall for Meera. Lets watch how the story unfolds!

  4. .. Vivaan didn’t want to go to India in the first place, he went there because of Amaaya’s insistence but suddenly he has business there and is engaging in clandestine meetings in alleys and nooks and crannies, mind you…..in which he has a disgust for!! He needs to get off his high horse….also he will meet a true gold digger in the form of Silky’s mother, very soon!!

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