Kaleerein 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Alleges Amaya

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Vivan travels in Meera’s hired car and stops at some place and asks driver to wait for sometime. Meera says she booked this car and will not wait. Their argument starts. He takes car keys. Meera shouts if he is so rich, why don’t he hire a chopper. Vivan leaves laughing. Amaya smiles. Meera says she is supporting her brother, Biji tells right, blood speaks, calls prince for support. Prince comes out and walks pushing her, asks if she needs food and leaves. Everyone laugh. Meera gets angry. Amaya asks her to relax, bhai must have some important work, else he would not do like this.

At home, Dolly hopes Meera and Sumer’s alliance does not break. Biji asks not to worry. Dolly says she is worried Laali will do something. Laali calls and asks Biji if she spoke about

Silky’s alliance to Vivan. Biji says only Meera can do that as Meera is Vivan’s good friend now. Laali says she heard Vivan does not even speak to them properly. Biji says she can check herself when Meera returns from Patiala. Laali warns does what she speaks and warns Biji again.

Vivan walks via narrow lanes holding his nose, meets someone, and asks if he got info. Man says this is India, they need to pay first and then get info. Vivan says he did not come here to know about India, pays him and gives him 1 week’s time to get info ready.

Amaya takes Meera and her cousins to jewelry shop. They check designs. Silky says she wore similar one last week, then says it was artificial. They continue shopping. MBA boy whom Meera taught a nice lesson sees Meera and thinks what is this cheap girl doing here and thinks of teaching her a lesson. Vivan returns to jewelry shop. Salesman insists Meera to try a necklace, but she he hesitates. He insists more. She tries. Vivan sees that and thinks she is does have a penny, but dreams so big. He goes out. MBA boy silently drops necklace in Meera’s bag. After shopping, Meera and her team tries to leave. Salesman says necklace is missing. Manager stops Meera’s team and asks to show their bags. Meera scolds if he thinks they are thief. Manager says it is a formality and finds necklace in Amaya’s bag. MBA boy realizes he dropped necklace in different bag and escapes. Meera scolds when they bought so many jewelry, why would not they pay for this one. Manager yells every thief says same. Vivan walks in and asks what is happening. Manager says they stole necklace. Vivan gives his credit card and asks to debit 16 lakhs instead of 8 lakhs and now tell what he was telling. Manager apologizes. They all walk out.

Vivan warns Amaya not to mingle with Meera and her team as they are the one who dropped necklace in bag. Meera asks why would they do that. Vivan shouts for money, they are greedy as always and he saw Meera trying that necklace, she thought she can escape if Amaya is caught. Prince warns him to mind his tongue. Meera stops Prince and runs from there crying…

Meera slips, but Vivan does not hold her. Meera scolds him. Vivan warns her to stay away from Amaya.

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  1. Felt like slapping Vivan today,,his allegations against Meera are simply distasteful ,on one hand ,he keeps warning hs sister to stay away from Meera and her sisters as if they are untouchables ,on the other ,he doesn’t hesitate to go to dirty back alleys to carry out his clandestine operations,…what a hypocrite he is! What he is exactly up to ,we don’t know yet but I am sure it is certainly not respectable.
    Most importantly,,there is no attraction whatsoever between the leads,Vivan thinks that Meera and her family are some sort of cheap ,gold diggers and Meera is completely justified in thinking that he is snobbish and supercilious .How is love possible between these two who don’t have an iota of respect for each other and their fight seems to be getting uglier day by day.

    1. So true Lakshmi… This love which is supposed to be between the leads, at the moment, it’s looking like climbing a high mountain, will get there but it’s gonna take a long time…and at this rate, they might fall out of love before they fall in love with each other… Whatever happened to instant attraction, chemistry between two people who doesn’t realize that they were meant for each other but when realization sets in, it’s just as if they know each other since eternity!! Viaan is coming across obnoxious, too full of himself and I hate that quality in a man, it’s a turn off… Unfortunately, there are people like him out there..they damn the bridge they’ve crossed. Amaaya’s character comes across nicely, willingly trying to blend in her love for India but Viaan is the opposite!! I’m seeing similarities in the relationship between Viaan and Amaaya and Abhi and Aliya in KKB.. Both have a wonderful siblings bond but while Aliya was too possessive of her brother and hated the woman in his life, I can see Amaaya liking Meera instead of hating her and that’s commendable. Lakshmi, I can’t see Meera and Viaan falling in love with each other any time soon, they fight like two cats and where’s the time to love, when there’s so much more time to hate!! I can’t understand too why Viaan is conducting calls on such a conspiratorial note and I think he should jump in a plane and go back to life in his ivory tower because he constantly puts down everything…what a whiner!!! ??

      1. Yea Naz and Lakshmi that is what I mentioned in the previous episode, the leads are always fighting .None of them see the good side of each other atleast once.
        I lost interest in this serial.
        See the number of likes (6) and dislikes(7).The number of dislikes are more than the number you likes.At the beginning we expected it not to be like other zee TV serials but I think the writers are making it one.

  2. Ooshi

    thanks for the update MA

  3. I really like the Punjabis..to me, Hindi sounds the same but I know that each dialect is spoken with a different accent and listening to Meera and Dolly mostly, they make me laugh with their flamboyant and perky attitudes. I enjoyed yesterday’s episode though, when Vivaan came in front of Silky, the look on her face was priceless..and I can see Meera and Silky falling out of friendshipin a bad way if action heats up between the pair, she’s definitely going to say that Meera stole Sumer from her and now she want Vivaan as well… Also, I love the Punjabi sets, outside is amazing and their homes are typical of how I’m used to seeing Punjabi’s surroundings in movies…the little nooks and crannies remind me of the scenes in Veer Zaara… Niceeeeeeeee!!!

  4. You are right Naz punjabis are very open hearted ,out spoken and have a vibrant personality ,they are very proud of their culture and adhere to it wherever they go,Their Sarson ka saag ( curry made of tender leaves of mustard plants) and makki di roti ( rotis made of corn flour ) are very famous in addition to Lassi ( thick creamy buttermilk ) and carrot halwa.Coming to the language,it sounds like Hindi but different,For an outsider it s easy to learn Hindi but difficult to pick up Punjabi.Hindi is very soothing to ears where as punjabi is a bit rough but has its own charm.Nowadays many Hindi song composers are using Punjabi words in a song even if the story is in not in any way related to Punjab.I picked up punjabi language and culture from our landlady in Delhi who is almost like a mother to me.I was newly married when we stayed in the first floor of their house as tenants ,their only daughter already married by that time ,the ederly couple ,Mr & Mrs Paul treated me as their own daughter ,in those three years ,she taught me everything that my mother could n’t teach ,cooking,,,,particularly Punjabi and north indian cuisine ,knitting and more importantly speaking in Hindi and Punjabi ….she used to learn English and south indian cuisine from me.Such a sweet lady she is ,she would take me to her friends and relatives ‘ marriages and introduce me as her daughter in law ,that was where ,i saw these Kaaleerein.Both my sons were born during our stay in their house ,since then they have been affectionate grand parents to my sons.After 4 years we moved out of Delhi but they would make it t a point to visit us wherever my husband get posted.Their own daughter sometimes used to feel jealous of me,but that ‘s how the Punjabis are,if they like someone,they won’t hesitate to do anything for them.Now Sushma aunty in her eighties is doing fine and staying with her grandson in Delhi but her husband ,a very kind gentleman is no more.I still talk to her on phone but not visited her after shifting to Bangalore ,Naz ,I told you many times how shabbily my own mother in law treated me and my sons,but do you see how I am compensated by the almighty,somewhere or the other ,he makes amends.Thank you ,Naz,,your reference to Punjab and Punjabis brought back all those sweet memories and hoping to see her soon in my son’s marriage ,if her health permits.

    1. Yes Lakshmi, me too… with the lack of love somewhere, I also have an abundance of it from elsewhere, without expectations. That blessings in its varied forms….your most unexpected blessings came from Radhika and her family…. I do remember just recently you mentioned that you came in contact with the “kaleerein” way back after your memory was jogged, now I understand!! Wow… what a diverse nation India is!!!!

  5. Guys why do u think it is like other serials.I feel vivan is right in his place because I feel meets mother ,chacha and biji have no self respect.How can dolly go and ask vivan to go out of his own house and take ownership rights? there was also no necessity for chacha to fall on vivan’s feet just because of a misunderstanding.And even biji manipulates things according to her will.If u see even silky is behind vivan for his money.So as far as vivan has seen Medea’s family did act like gold diggers.So he thinks even meets is like them.Even if they marry her on basis of lie the marriage cannot last.So I think dolly feels her daughter can be happy if she’s married in a rich house but it is not so.Her mother seriously doesn’t understand her.Why even she is happy with her husband even though he is middle class.Why people cannot be happy if they get married in middle class good mentality families.But I like merra’s Punjabi slang very much.I also feel amaya and merra’s bonding will be stronger because she immediately hugged meera when she came to console her not having negative feelings that she treated summit badly.This is just my point of view

  6. I do respect your views Swapralina, it’s good to see new viewers giving us their points of views. I’m from the Caribbean and even though I’m of Indian ancestry, I do feel a connect to the Indian continent with just about most things that I have knowledge of, which is not a whole lot but I could tell you that this household of Meera’s,comes across like how things may play out here as well…the bickering, wanting the best for our daughters when it comes to marriage, the siblings rivalry, jealous cousins, interfering elders, fight for property and social standing and the list goes on but this is the normalcy in families which we take granted for which may be viewed by others of different cultures,as dysfunctional but is in fact, a normal typical family atmosphere. I agree with you, I’m in love with Meera’s Punjabi twang, I think it’s quaint and infectious and I even tried to exclaim like her..”siyapaa” and I laughed so hard..it’s really wonderful…and I like these Punjabis I tell you!!! Maybe it’s because I had been exposed to them while abroad, that I try to keep some memories, in fact,it’s because of them that I became exposed to their dishes, that I eat still so very very often…lol… I think now, that it’s high time we see something happening between this couple, the speed the writers are moving on, this couple could get old before their romance even begins to hear up….

  7. Ha ha ?? ?.Yes Naz if the speed of the writers don’t increase then as your said the couple could get old at the time their romance begins.

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