Kaleerein 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Helps Sherri Escape Again

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Dolly calls Woh Apna Sa serial’s Ambika and asks how is her husband. Ambika says her husband is fine and someone played a prank, he is with her now in her memories. Dolly asks to be courageous and not lose hope. Ambika says until her bahu Dia is with her, she need not worry and knows Dia will find out her husband. She asks about Meera. Dolly says Meera is pregnant. Ambika gets happy hearing good news and congratulates her and asks to take care of Meera.

Sheri pulls knife to kill Meera when Meera gets up and points gun on her. Vivan wakes up hearing bullet sound, switches on lights and asks who shot bullet. Meera says Sheri is here and shows knife on floor. Vivan picks it. Family gathers and asks who shot bullet. Police also follows and asks same. Vivan says bullet was from his licensed

gun. Meera says Sheri is here and rushes to Amaya’s room. They see Amaya safe and search Sheri in whole house and does not find her. Meera asks where is Roma. Sheri enters pointing Roma at gunpoint. Roma acts to not shoot her. Vivan points gun at Sheri and warns to leave Roma, else he will shoot her. Roma cries to save her. Sheri warns Vivan to drop gun. He does. She picks gun and shoots at Meera, but she escapes. Vivan gets worried and asks if she is fine and warns Sheri he will kill her if something had happened to Meera. Sherri shoots in air and it hits chandelier and falls down. Meera pushes Sheri, and Roma falls down but goes back to Sheri silently. Meera notices and shouts Roma is with Sheri and it is her drama. Sheri shouts Pammi has trapped her here, she will kill Meera and Vivan at any cost. Meera says Sheri is lying and Roma is helping her. Vivan signals inspector. Roma acts and lets Sheri escape. Police follows her. Meera continues alleging that she heard Roma speaking to someone as Pammi and saw going near Sheri. Roma starts her usual acting. Meera asks if she says she and Pammi planned this, will he believe it. He asks her to shut up. She says he is trusting Sheri and not her. Roma shouts not to fall in Meera’s trap and she, Vivan, and Amaya should return to London right now. Meera panics and runs to vomit. Dolly and Biji run behind her and scold Roma to stop troubling pregnant Meera. Dolly asks Amar to bring medicine for Meera. Laali hears that and given some evil plan.

Roma walks into Amaya’s room, wakes her up and says they will leave this house right now even if they don’t go to London. Vivan walks in and confronts why she woke up Amaya, says Amaya should go with Roma to London while he stays back here for some work. Roma shouts he wants to stay here as Meera is pregnant. Amaya gets very happy hearing that and asks Vivan if she is becoming aunt. Roma says Vivan is not Meera’s child’s father, it is an illegitimate child. Amaya warns her not to start her dirty game again and insists Vivan to take her to Meera.

Meera reminisces Roma’s drama sitting on bed. Dolly and Biji pamper her and says she should take care of her child and not run around home. Meera is engraped in deep thought. Vivan brings Amaya there. Meera scolds Vivan why did he bring Amaya here, asks Amaya if she is fine. Amaya says she will get well soon hearing of becoming aunt. Meera says she will bear a kabbadi team for her. Amaya asks Vivan to take care of Meera and child and asks Meera not to let her child become another vivan and Amaya and take care of child. Vivan calms down and agrees to take care of Meera. Roma fumes.

Precap: Roma sees Vivan taking care of Meera and thinks let her rest howmuch ever she wants, she will feel the heat now. Dolly gives medicine to Meera. Laali grins and says wait and watch. Meera feels dizzy.

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  1. Now I am sure tat Meera is not pregnant.coz she was feeling guilty when Amaya was talking to her about it …

  2. We know Roma is a real b*t*h to pass this vulgar comment that Meera’s baby is not Vivaan’s…but again no reaction whatsoever from the papa to be…It was the bua to be who gets furious and asks her step mom to keep shut….Meanwhile Meera continues to have morning sickness …I am really tired of guessing what is going on here …so better to wait and watch…

  3. Without proof there is really no use saying anything against Roma because Vivaan won’t believe OR has he started believing??? Of late I feel that something I am missing in Vivaan’s attitude …in tonight’s episode ,we can see the difference….Meera keeps on alleging so many things against Roma ( Ofcourse they are all true only but Meera doesn’t have proof) but Vivaan remains calm and cool…yes ,he protests ,but it looks for names sake…that mad fury and his famous temper flare ups seem to be a thing of the past….except for Meera’s pregnancy ,nothing has changed much,,,the issues are still the same….then why this sudden change of attitude….

  4. I am sure Meera is not pregnant.Yes Lakshmi Vivaan’s behaviour has change…d level of aggression has change .He argue with Meera when she allege on Roma but i think he starts feeling dat Meera is not totally wrong .I think dats very difficult for him to believe Roma can do any conspiracy against him.He never called her mom but on d other hand Roma also has not done nothing wrong with him….She doesn’t want to lose Vivaan’s trust…today’s episode was gud…I couldn’t comment yesterday was buzy but Lakshmi i loved Meera’s reaction after hearing Sheri is comming ..d way she was running ….she really acted very well…I have become big fan of Arijit & Aditi….

  5. just saw olv video of kaleerein… i must say meera leaves no chance to irritate vivaan…. and vivaan slowly turning into lovely husband who takes care of his wife… meera set the romantic date for vivaan and suddenly waha pe aag lag jaati hai and then vivaan comes to her rescue… i think upcoming week is very romantic for vivaan and meera… meera is in danger zone and vivaan always save her from roma… i am damn exited for upcoming week… i think vivaan started to fall for meera… hope it’s true… do anyone have idea about it

  6. Neeti , everything looks so confused right now…..Meera’s pregnancy and Vivaan suddenly becoming a caring and tolerant husband….both look unreal as they have never been on the same side on any issue and always having a tug of war…and out of blue,if these miracles happen ,we can not help but asking how come Meera is pregnant and how come Vivaan is a changed man….and most importantly whether all of this is real or fake…. whethe one of them is acting or both….so many questions but now I also begin to feel that something is messy….with so many doubts ,can we enjoy Vivaan romancing Meera because we certainly don’t want to see fake love.

  7. The same with me Nimisha,,,like Sartaj and Eisha ,Pranav and Jyoti …Arjit and Aditi are added to my favourite couples list.They have lovely chemistry but the writers are playing spoil sport in the name of some suspense and twists ..so far we haven’t seen a single proper romantic scene between them and Meera is already in the family way..in other serials love between the leads and conspiracies by negative characters go side by side….Here Vivaan and Meera may have to wait till Roma ,sheri and any other future conspirators are exposed and done away with ..by that time no charm will be left in the serial…I don’t know why these writers are such cynics that they are shying away from showing the leads as a couple that too after so many episodes….strange!

    1. Lakshmi…I read up on the update of mahaepisode on AKAJS….and the creative team did a fantastic job on their mini movie…Sahil and Vedika ‘s , love story was superbly interwoven and explained why he loves her so dearly in spite of the age gap…im very pleased with the teams effort…just wanted to tell you…

  8. Friends, it’s a real possibility that Meera is pregnant. From what I understand, Roma’s hatred brought Vivaan and Meera together….very close…that could only mean one thing and that is….the marriage was consummated …..without our knowledge …now, is that fair to us??? Some prudish creative writing teamwork here…. All the excitement is gone, all the waiting. They have effectively put the carriage before the horse….Need I say more ??????

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