Kaleerein 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Princess Gets Arrested In Drug Peddling Charges

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Vivan sees Meera following him and says he sensed she is around him, why did she come here. She says she realized her mistake that she misunderstood him and wanted to apologize. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Something falls. Goons get alerted and rush to their spot, but see no one there. Vivan and Meera run away from there. Vivan asks why did she come here. She apologizes him for misunderstanding him, she did not realize he is behaving weirdly in tension. Vivan says he was feeling lonely without her support and emotionally hugs her.

At home, family hear sound and search whole house. Prince sees thief stealing Pappi’s briefcase and catches him. Their tussle starts. Family rushes to them followed by inspector Brar with his team who asks constable to pick briefcase

and informs family that Prince and thief peddle drugs. Family is shocked. Brar arrests Prince and thief and take them to police station.

Vivan informs Meera about Pammi and Amaya’s kidnap. Meera is shocked and says they both will save mummy ji Amaya. Vivan says he has to go alone, even being near they cannot unite. He walks away after he gets kidnapper’s call. Meera returns home reminiscing Vivan and her emotional moments till now. She sees family standing outside home. Amar informs Prince is arrested in drug peddling charges. Meera shouts if police has gone mad. Dolly says who knows Prince may be seeing him bringing so much money. Meera says Prince cannot do anything wrong, she will bring him back. Dolly says she is very worried. Vivan comes in his car. Dolly pleads Vivan to bail out Prince, he is innocent, they will obey him and leave this house. Meera shouts nobody will take his help and signals Vivan. Vivan thanks her for understanding his situation. She thinnks they are together now. He walks inside house brushing his hands over Meera’s hand. Meera asks Amar not to worry, she will bring back Vivan.

Drug peddler’s boss gets romantic with Nimmo and kisses her. He gets a call that Prince and their aide are caught by police with drugs. Boss thinks sister will pay for brother’s mistake and gets back to Nimmo.

Meera meets prince and says inspector Brar is with them, they can escape. She creates smoke and tries to escape with Prince when Brar comes. Meera gets tensed. Aide runs away with drug briefcase. Brar says Vivan called and informed that Prince is being trapped and a big gang is behind all this. Meera thanks him for understanding. Aide runs to his den with drug bag and informs his team that he brought drug bag. Meera reaches there and slaps goon. Brar raids with his team and arrests gang. He tells Vivan had already tipped off and Vivan and Meera’s jodi is unbreakable. Meera says hope that happens and says they have to help find Vivan’s mother and sister. Amar hears them and tells Meera she heard that Vivan misbehaved under pressure. Meera sees goon she saw where kidnapper had called Vivan and thinks of following him to find Pammi and Amaya’s clue.

Precap: Meera calls vivan, but he does not pick call. She calls Amar and asks if Vivan is at home. Amar says no. Meera thinks where did he go.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I can not help but comment as finally that special day in Vivaan and Meera’s life has arrived…till yesterday ,the scenario was bleak but all of a sudden the couple has found the most unusual place in the world like a goon’s den in a back alley to declare their love for each other…….Meera becoming emotional for misunderstanding him ,and Vivaan finally confiding in Meera about the kidnapping and a beautiful song playing in the background …..needless to say it was a heart touching scene…Very conveniently ,unpleasant references were avoided ,they seem to have forgotten that they are divorced now…My only crip is Vivaan could have perfectly avoided all this pain to Meera and her family and himself but …….Anyways iet s see who the mystery kidnapper is and why he is hell bent upon separating Meera and Vivaan …Ofcourse he is greedy for money also..

  2. I agree with ur comment Lakshmi ….yes d scene wtn Vivaan &Meera was beautiful.I desperately wants to know who d kiddnaper is?Now everything is settle down btn Meera & Vivaan….we can expect lovestory btn them

  3. Hello Lakshmi. Are they really divorced.? Meera signed. Is that enough? No court?

  4. Clarice,as I said in one of my previous comments there is a long procedure to get a legal divorce…. Even by mutual consent ,it takes more than a year…what they have shown is lust laughing stock….But you know in our serials ,divorces happen like this only and we are not supposed to go into technicalities.We will be very happy if this is a divorce and Meera knew about the kidnapping that time itself…

  5. Finally…it’s good to see an approach by Meera and Vivaan to accept their feelings for each other..I hope this is the window which opens up to a more close and beautiful relationship between the two, they are starting all over again in my book so writers better not go back to an antagonistic scenario where everything goes helter skelter and back to square one…

  6. Second comment…line 5 ,ty.po error…pl read as ‘if this is a fake divorce’….

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