Kaleerein 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan and Meera’s Tashan Continues

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Meera gets ready for temple trip to fulfill Dolly’s oath. Dolly gives her money and asks her to eat on time and return safely. Amaya acts as vomiting and tells Vivan that he is right, this place air is also polluted. He says he told her and asks her to accompany him for a business trip. She says she will rest and will be fine. Vivan warns her not to mingle with these people and leaves. Amaya gets happy.

Laali angrily tells Silky that Dolly and Biji stole Sumer and got him engaged to Meera, now she will force them to fix their house owner Vivan’s alliance with Silky. Silky excitedly asks if she is talking about The Vivan Kapoor, her teacher told he is London’s most eligible richest bachelor, life will be so nice he comes in her life. Laali says then he would be the best

husband for Silky and best damad for her. At Meera’s house, Dolly and Sweety happily prepare food discussing about their plans for Meera’s wedding. Biji walks in and asks to tell what she has to do for chole puri. Dolly laughs. Laali walks in. Biji pleads not to create any problem now. Laali says it is good Meera is marrying Sumer, now they have to fix Vivan’s alliance with Silky. Biji says it is impossible. Laali warns then she will break Meera’s alliance with Sumer.

Amaya joins Meera and her sisters to go on temple visit. Silky joins them. Sister introduces Amaya as Vivan’s sister. Silky says she is Meera and her sister’s cousin and asks where is her brother. Amaya says bhai went on a business trip. Silky thinks she has to impress Amaya to marry Vivan. They all leave in a taxi. Amaya says if bhai sees her with them, he will kill her. Vivan hires a taxi for business trip and taxi breaks down. He tries to take lift unsuccessfully. He sees another car coming and stands in the middle of road. Amaya sees him and hides. Prince asks drive to stop car, but Amaya asks not to. Car speeds away. Vivan moves aside and gets angry seeing Meera in car.

Meera’s team stop at a roadside dhaba and enjoy tea. Amaya likes tea a lot. Meera says she should not have lied to Vivan as lies increase problems more. Amaya asks to let her enjoy. They sit for lunch and Amaya gets afraid seeing so much butter with roti. Meera asks her to forget dieting and enjoy food. Silky thinks she has to impress Amaya to marry Vivan and teaches her to make a roti roll and enjoy it. Meera asks her not to spoil Amaya’s eating style. Vivan stops a truck and asks howmuch he has to pay for a drop. Driver says punjabi’s like only love. Vivan thinks Meera’s family is completely opposite. He reaches dhaba and requests owner to arrange a taxi. Amaya bites chilli and shouts it is spicy. Vivan hears that and runs to her. Silky sees him and gets mesmerized. Vivan takes Amaya aside and scolds why did she come with these materialistic people. Amaya says they are very good people. They both join back Meera’s team. Meera says she is not hungry now and walks to wash her hand. Amaya asks Vivan to pay bill. Meera returns and asks bill. Owner says that man paid bill. Meera takes bill copy and walks to Vivan and keeps money in his hand and shouts Amaya is her guest and mom gave her extra money. Vivan stands fuming. Meera warns not to utter anything.

Precap: Meera tries diamond necklace in a jewelry shop. Employee says necklace is missing. Owner orders to check everyone. They find necklace in Meera’s bag.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. epi was good but not precap

  2. Lovely episode ,reminded me of my own cousins and the good times spent with them .More than cousins ,we were friends,and we remain so till date.Hope Silky won’t turn out to be the antagonist but the way she seems to be smitten with the rich ,playboy image of Vivan,I am sure that she will go to any extent to seperate Meera and Vivan after they fall in love ,which We all know is inevitable.Today for the first time in many episodes,Vivan did n’t shout at Meera and the precap shows his admiring glances in the jewellery shop which ,Ofcourse will be followed by the ugly scene of him accusing Meera of shoplifting the necklace and dropping it into his sister’s bag.Whatever be the truth ,it will definitely be revealed,and I am sure that the countdown for Vivan and Meera’s love story has already begun.But who will be so cheap enough to drop the diamond necklace into Amaya’s handbag….Silky????

  3. Thanks for the update MA .I am not liking this show . It’s no more interesting for me(No offense to anyone .It is just my personal opinion).How many times Meera and Vivaan will misunderstand each other . Atleast by this time they should see the good side of each other atleast once.Also I don’t like amaya .Every time she does something which leads Vivaan to hate Meera even more.She lies to her own brother often.

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