Kaleerein 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Reentry In Vivan’s Life

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Meera is shocked hearing Roma ordering Sheri to kill Pammi and then Vivan. She gets worried for Vivan and thinks of informing Vivan. She sees Vivan walking with bodyguards towards his car instructing his bodyguards to find a secretary for him. Meera rushes in and says she wants to speak to him important. Vivan shouts who let her in and orders bodyguards to kick her out. Meera stands in front of his car and tries to stop him, but he orders guards to throw her away. The pull her aside. Roma walks in and taunts her that she cannot do anything and must have realized that Roma has already won. Meera challenges she is a kabbaddi player and will not accept defeat till end.

Pammi on the other side panics and blames Meera for all the problems in her life. Amaar says his daughter did not do anything

wrong. Dolly calls Meera and knocks her door. When she does not open door, Dolly orders Nimmo to call Meera on phone. Meera gets into her room via window, but does not open door even after Dolly shouting outside. Amar asks Dolly to let Meera rest, it will be good for her both mental and physical health. Meera cries feeling sad and thinking how to help Vivan. She sees Amol Palekar playing double role and gets an idea. She walks disguised as old lady wearing western outfit and high heels. She walks limping in front of Vivan’s car. Vivan’s stops car and thinks lady will try to grab money from him. Meera knocks window and asks him to come out. He comes out. She starts her drama and says he is her kakka. He says she is mistaken. She says she is not and shows Vivan’s moustache and turban. He is surprised. She continues her drama and leaves. Dolly opens door via screw driver and walks in. Laali also walks in behind her and comments good if Meera does not get out of her room. Meera keeps pillows and blanket on bed. Dolly is about to lift blanket when Amar stops her and asks to let Meera sleep for her mental and physical peace and takes her away. Laali thinks how can Meera not do any drama at all.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Academy/SKA. Vivan gets frustrated not finding suitable secretary. Guard informs him that an old lady has come for interview. He calls her and gets angry seeing same old lady. Meera starts her drama and insists him to interview her. Vivan says he cannot hire. She says she is Saddi Kaur and can be his good secretary, cries that Pammi Kaur took her husband and she is alone now. Vivan sends her out and then reminisces hearing Pammi Kaur’s name and calls Saddi Kaur back. Meera continues her drama. He asks if she took Pammi Kaur’s name. She says yes, Pammi took away her husband. He asks if her husband knows Pammi’s address. Meera says yes. Vivan says she is hired as secretary then. She insists to interview her. He says no need. She walks out. Roma stops her and asks who is she. Meera gets tensed..

Precap: Roma sees Meera speaking to Vivan as his secretary Saddi Kaur.
Meera takes her suitcase and slips. Vivan tries to help her. She stops and says he left her hand when she needed him most, why now. He says he is going back to London after meeting Pammi Kapoor.

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  1. Meera in her disguise is not that convincing but it has brought in some change and humour to the otherwise daily routine of Vivaan’s fury and frustration,Meera’s helplessness to expose Roma and Roma’s nasty tactics.Ofcourse today was not much different but Meera trying to become a middle aged personal assistant to Vivaan did add some humour and toned down the negative emotions..But the precap shows this endeavour of Meera to be nearer to Vivaan is going to backfire as She will be caught red handed by the vixen,Roma ,which may eventually lead to Meera’s exit from Vivaan’s house after handing him over her mangal sutra….No,I won’t be disappointed with this development because this separation is actually needed at this juncture …We all know the saying that absence makes the hearts grow fonder,,I sincerely hope this separation is a stepping stone to a passionate love story…

  2. is Vivian blind? what a stupid serial

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