Kaleerein 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Disowns Meera

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Vivan informs Meera’s family that he wants to make an announcement and says Meera will stay with her parents from hereon as he is divorcing Meera. Meera asks what is he telling. Vivan asks her to keep mangalsutra herself as it is just a piece of cheap jewelry for him. Amar tells Meera that he will bring Laali’s mobile and gets it. Laali smirks and says her phone is with her, she found it in her brother’s cupboard, he would have asked her instead of stealing. Amar says he did not steal. Vivan leaves. Dolly says she found it on sofa. Meera sees Vivan left already.

At Soni Kudi Academy, Mrs. Singh/Pammi Kapoor looks at her children Vivan and Amaay’s pics. Vivan walks in and gives her file. She asks what is it. He says he has bought the land on which Soni Kudi Academy/SKA

is, so he is legal owner now and if she wants to continue SKA as usual, she has to inform where Pammi is. She says he cannot expel her like this, she will go to court. She then sees via CCTV Roma walking in and hides while Vivan continues shouting he will destroy her in court itself. Roma walks in. Vivan asks why did she come here. Vivan checks property papers with lawyer and bouncers around him. Meera walks in. Vivan orders bouncers to not let Meera inside SKA. Roma yells if she is so shameless not to hear Vivan’s order. Meera forcefully barges in and warns guards dare not to touch her, else she will smash them. She asks Vivan to listen to him. He shouts he will not as they are not related now. She insists. He shouts if he listens to her and let her stay, Pammi will know about it and he will be attacked again. Mrs. Singh reminisces Vivan being attacked repeatedly. He orders bouncers to kick her out. Bounces throw her out of academy. Mrs. Singh cries thinking how to protect her children from Roma, she is helpless and only Meera is trying her best.

Meera thinks she should help Vivan at any cost and via AC duct walks into SKA and hears Roma’s conversation hiding. Pammi/Mrs. Singh calls Roma and asks if she remembers her. Roma says long time no see. Pammi requests her to spare her children. Roma says she has to come to SKA and accept all allegations thrown on her, else she will destroy her children and even her. Pammi accepts and says she needs 1 week’s time. Roma says she is waiting since so many years, 1 week does not matter. She then calls Sheri and orders to wait outside SKA for 1 week and kill the person whose pic she will send and after her second order kill Vivan. Meera is shocked hearing that. Something falls down. Roma gets suspicious and peeps outside window. Meera hides and makes cat sound. Roma relaxes and thinks she thought Meera came again to spoil her plan, this time winner is already declared and it is her.

Precap: Pammi prays god to help her son Vivan. Meera disguised as old lady falls in front of Vivan’s car. Roma asks who was that old lady. Vivan says his new secretary who will help him in his mission.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update MA

  2. today vivaan’ s behaviour is the pits.had it with him.despite his lousy pathetic behaviour.meera still wants to help him. he does not know how to value their marriage at all.cheap piece of jewellery.what a loser. please I don’t want to see meera take him back at all. hope after she saves them all.she throws the divorce papers on his face together with the cheap piece of jewellery.she should break it and give it with the paper.then she should move on with her life and be happy again.play kabbadi and be happy

  3. vivaan has to pay for his every action towards meera. meera will show him his right place and next time meera will disowns vivaan…. i am disappointed with vivaan behaviour… hope roma and pk truth drama and unfold in week then we will get some vivaan repenting scene hope for the best

    1. ya he has to pay.he can repent all he wants. he will never get meera again.he does not deserve meera at all. he is a jerk. and he expects the woman to carry the whole family. which world he living in.both husband and wife has equal responsibilities towards the family. the woman should not carry the whole family.what kinda thinking is that? anyway meera is too good for that jerk called Vivaan kapoor.loser.

  4. Will Good ever triumph over Evil in this serial…….Vivaan hates Pammi,Pammi is scared of coming out for reasons known to her only and running away like a timid cat fron Roma,Roma busy in her conspiracies and bent upon ruining Meera and Vivaan ‘s marriage AND poor Meera , inspite of her best efforts to expose her step sasu ma,,never succeeds…..This is almost like a vicious circle,…..will it ever break so that we can get to watch a new track or will it continue till the end of the serial ???? No antagonist should last for so many episodes that too without a break….there is a limit to viewers” patience also …I hope the writers will end this wretched Roma track in the next few episodes.,otherwise this too will go down like ADDN whose writers were obsessed with another Roma like character Preeti…

  5. I agree with everyone waiting for this current story tract to end, it has dragged on way too long, get rid of Roma and Laali and move the story forward please before all regular and faithful viewers start to loose interest.
    The plot involving the cell phone make no sense. How difficult is it to forward a recorded conversation to one or more phone numbers? Really? Did no one think to forward the messages to Vivaans’ phone? It was just as bad as Roma hitting redial on a private number and having the call actually go through. I know this is fiction and we should not take it so seriously but come on writers…

  6. I agree Vivaan should not have treated poor Meera like this. We have seen the nicer side to him so I know at least he is capable of love somewhere in his heart towards Meera. I’m just wondering what will happen when Vivaan finds out she is not actually pregnant lol. God I’m scared he will actually lose his mind. Just one thing I don’t understand: why can’t pammi Kapoor come out and say she is Vivaan and Amaya’s mother? She has seen the hurt caused to meera because of her secret.. she should just come out with it already. I’m also hoping Sumer and silky come back to the show as antogonists.. can’t deal with Roma any longer

  7. What is wrong with the men in these serials? It’s like almost all of them, have some sort of mental disorders, they are so verbally abusive towards their wives, one minute they are loving, next they are like beasts. You could be right Kav, maybe Vivaan is bipolar..

    1. thanks my friend or he could suffer from PTSD but I feel so bad for Meera. I guess her family thought that the drama was about the phone. so they returned. that was frustrating. vivaan should not treat meera this way. it is kinda a buzzkill to their love story

  8. Lakshmi, if ever ETRETR is shown again I’m my lifetime, I’ll surely watch the serial but only season one and two…your take on the comparison between Raja and Rani and Vivaan and Meera on yesterday’s forum is true but the only difference was that Raja and Rain were madly in love with each other..whereas Vivaan and Meera could just bash each other and be okay with it. I just don’t know how this couple will be able to fall in love with each other, too may bad memories between them, that’s what their treasure box of memories will contain when they do find the time to remember their past…these writers are demented thinking people…

  9. Simone,,Meera’s family is so dumb and useless that they could not even keep the mobile safe,that too after seeing what info it contained….yes,Meera could have sent the messages to Vivaan’s number then and there nd ended Roma’s drama…but as we know this won’t happen till the writers decide to end Roma’s character.So we have to bear this frustration for some more episodes….

  10. I hope Roma mistakes the old lady(meera) as pammi Kapoor , then sheri would try to kill meera then vivaan will know the truth of his step mother and will repent for meera’s life beingat risk then he would seek forgiveness from meera , the track is so dragging and it’s annoying I’m sorry I really love meera but in most of serials the heroine have to be dying so the hero would feel sorry and repent it’s really annoying and vivaan don’t deserve meera, I get it he had a horrible childhood but it doesn’t mean he should destroy lives of others plus he doesn’t have common sense he’s a child he get directed in any direction, and vivaan father did you have any idea about your children, I don’t know if the father is dead but if he’s dead what’s Roma doing over there and don’t they have any paternal or maternal relatives , friends any wise human who would help them solve problems

  11. Meera, why dont you practice your kabbadi moves on your MIL? And Vivaan needs anger management and to stop blaming Meera for everything that is happening. If I were Meera, I would rest my knuckles hard and fast on Vivaan’s face..haha. Now I need anger management too..lol

  12. SPOILER ALERT: saw promo.vivaan kicks meera out she throws her bangles and mangalsutra on floor

  13. I have just see a new sbs segment where Meera is gonna leave Vivian!
    Hope after this atleast he realises Meera’s importance

    1. he asked he to leave because she don’t wanna give statement on pammi.

  14. Naz,just a little confused and you know whenever I am confused I share my thoughts with you and value your analysis…I fully agree with you that this it is not a great love story like ETRETR, atleast for the time being ; at the same time there are many similarities between the lead characters and storylines..Raja and Vivaan ,…both rich but had a troubled childhood ,Raja due to his father and Vivaan because of hs mother.Raja wanted to take revenge against Rani because he thought that as a friend she ditched him at the right moment and Vivaan against his mother Pammi for spoiling his childhood ,Raja was misled by BRM and Vivaan by his step mom.Before Raja came to know that Rani’s silence was not intentional ,he hated her ,insulted her in front of outsiders ,tortured her,like tattooing his name on her arm ,used his mother to force Rani to sleep in the palace that night so that he could enter her room and doctor photos of their faked intimacy ,blackmailed her to join back his job…then the ultimate thing ….kidnapped Rani and kept her as his captive in a forest log house for three consecutive days .Terrible and Endless it seemed.Compared to Raja ,we can say Vivaan is an absolute gentleman…except for getting furious and raising his voice and dragging Meera by hand on a few occasions ,he has n’t crossed his limits.Yes, Vivaan is not trusting Meera but he can not be expected to do so till Meera shows him substantial evidence against Roma.,Yes ,all of us were outraged at Raja humiliating Rani in every possible way…but all along we did have a soft corner for him …why ? May be because we knew about their lovely childhood relationship in season 1 and were almost certain that the misunderstanding was just temporary which would finally give way to a passionate love story ….and we were proved right..Naz,what I am confused about is why can’t we expect the same with Vivaan ,why are we censuring him like a criminal …..if he were mean and headstrong like many men of his class,i would have said, ‘to hell with him’. If he had a girlfriend because of whom he is ill treating Meera, I would be the first to advise Meera to give him a slap and divorce him.. But he is none,he is simply unfortunate to have Pammi and Roma in his life and he is not able to cope up with the pressure.Yes ,some men can handle the stress and pressure and be normal but everyone is a different individual .Can Meera understand this like Rani and support him !!!!!!
    Friend ,this is just my opinion but I feel that men who look really aggressive and talk rude and straightforward are more honest and have a golden heart …I am sure that once this Roma issue is settled ,we will have a great love story to watch…..I hope I won’t be proved wrong by the writers…Naz ,the major drawback with this serial is it is too slow paced …Imagine for the last two months we are seeing the same thing ,the main reason that is adding much negativity to Vivaan’s character..Had it been fast paced like ETRETR and moved to the next track,we would have been saved much stress and frustration…Anyways , you must be very tired after that marathon cooking session but as mothers do we have any other choice ,..Naz,.to be very frank ,I started dreading the festivals…..endless preparations and long hours in the kitchen,by the time the festivities come to an end ,the lady of the house is too tired to even come into the kitchen …Dear Naz,with a sweet daughter to help you ,you can afford to relax for a couple of days ..So ,chill out with a good book and we will chat once you are fresh.

    1. Lol…I’m relaxing a bit for sure..with a book..I’m reading Needful Things by Stephen King all over again….and this entertaining thing, I’m tired of it, been doing it for years, next year I’m chilling. Lakshmi, remember recently I did try analyzing Vivaan’s character and I’m convinced he’s not bad at heart. Again I’ll say that he’s a terribly insecure and hurt inside and the only way to vent is to lash out at the ones who are closest to him and Meera being the wife, is his punching bag. It’s going to be very hard for him to say 3 simple words to anyone and that’s…I love you you…I think when men have supportive and loving and nurturing mothers, they turn out to be better husbands and fathers..all of the nurturing years of Vivaan’s has been fertilized by toxicity and hate for the mother he can’t remember by the hands of an evil stepmother. Raja’s mother was still there for him and many a time he was saved from his father’s wrath by his mother, so he has been loved while Vivaan was deprived and had to emotionally fend for himself. Do you recall that I told you of someone who is very aggressive verbally but his truth is that he possesses an extremely soft heart?? So Vivaan is the same…just recently I saw an episode where Vivaan and Meera had some lovey dovey moments and my goodness, he’s one hott intense man in his scenes…I could imagine if this had been a love story minus the unfortunate events we are still seeing, how Arjit would have has us swooning. I agree with you that why can’t Meera understand him like how Rani understood Raja? Not fair right?? Men really aren’t like us Lakshmi, their egos are fragile, their minds can be swayed easily by a woman once she uses the right tactics, men can’t handle pressure and when he think that we can rely on them emotionally, it’s them who really need us. Writers need to stop shaping Vivaan’s character as if he’s suffering from a mental problem, they have us accusing him of mental problems because of his erratic behavior when the fact is the poor guy is crying out for someone to understand him…they need to expose Roma and her hateful mind, make it possible for Meera to find the crucial evidence she needs to show Pammi isn’t and hadn’t been a bad mother at all but that she was forced to live away from her children because of Roma. I hope that this track could end soon and that we will be able to see Vivaan and Meera in romantic action…chat tomorrow ?

  15. Thank you Naz,I agree with you that the writers should stop demeaning Vivaan further and move on to the next track…Incidentally. I am also reading one of Stepheh King’s novels From A Buick 8,,,after Christine ,this is the second story where the central character is a vintage car…What a powerful narrator he is! Naz,I have been reading his books since eighties ,but he never ceases to amaze me…..he takes an ordinary car and weaves a perfect horror ( not cheap horror) story around it …still there are quite a few of his books that I haven’t read…one of them ‘the Needful Things’,,,,You are reading it the second time means it must be awesome ,On my next visit to the library. I will try to get it..Our defence Forces library has a full collection of his books ,many times I tried for this specific book but always hard luck…Anyways ,coming back to our serials ,new week and new twists…unfortunately ,starting from Kaleerein to Mahek to ISA ,all negative twists only..Mahek is again misunderstanding Shaurya .Last week when I visited ISA forum ,I could see there is going to be conflict of views between Kabir snd Zara…I think out of the existing lot,Sahil is the only positive guy…I think he takes life easy ,that’s why life is also kind to him..

    1. Today’s Monday… Last night I finally had the opportunity to view the episode of Juzzbaat with all three handsome hunk and I took in every minute. Karan Jotwani did say that when he had auditioned for the serial, the producers made it clear that they were looking for someone who had the capacity to infuse mischief into the character…his natural ability to be this way is what I believe got him this role and he has done full justice. I can say to anyone and one viewer on ISA asked for an opinion on this serial as she was exposed to it on the mahasangam, that the character named Sahil is what every woman would dream for as a boyfriend, husband, son, brother or in whatever capacity as a male he’s in…he’s just AMAZING!!! I have never come across a character like him before and although it’s a controversial issue of the relationship at hand, the creative team has done a magnificent job of his character… Their mini movie format gives full credence to the destiny of relationships and make you believe that whoever God has created for you, come hell or high water, you are going to meet each other on your life’s journey…make one really believe about past lives. BTW… I’ll chat with you about books later… Gotta run…..

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