Kaleerein 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Is Meera’s Mansion’s Owner

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Meera walks into Sumer’s room and is shocked to see Vivan instead. She shouts how dare he is to barge into her house. Vivan says this is his house. Their argument continues. He says Indians always try to snatch someone’s properties, earlier she snatched money from him. She says he ruined cab, so she gave that money to cab driver. He says you Indians are so melodramatic. Their argument continues. Someone sees them fighting and informs family. Family rushes to room and parts them ways.

Family tries to create peace between them. Biji asks Meera to calm down and not to fight with Sumer. Meera says he is not Sumer. Dolly asks Vivan to calm down as he is marrying Meera. He asks what, if she is out of her mind, why will he marry arrogant Meera. Drama continues. Meera informs

that man is an imposter and is acting as Sumer. Whole family gathers. Bittu chacha angirly shouts at Vivan to come down. Vivan walks down with Amaya. Bittu holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to enter his house. Vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor, owner of this mansion. Bittu holds his legs and apologizes and says he should have informed before coming. Vivan says his secretary informed him around 9 p.m. Bittu thinks he gets inebriated after 8 p.m. and says he gets busy in bhajan after 8 p.m. Biji apologizes and says they are finding alliance for her grandaughter and boy was to come, but he came and they got confused. Vivan says it is okay and asks her to inform her family not to disturb his privacy, looking at Meera.

Vivan takes Amaya back to room. Amaya asks why did not he inform they have a big mansion in India, she will go back to London now. Vivan calms her down. She says she is excited instead. Aman says family how can owner come without informing. Biji says Bittu did not inform us as he gets inebriated every night. Aman says let us make arrangements to invite Sumer’s family. He orders sweets and snacks and whole family waits. Meera suggests them that they should never lie and truth always wins. Family says she has grown up now. Dolly hopes they should not get any problem again. Sweety’s mother walks in. Biji says problem came….

Precap: Sweety’s mother tells Dolly that Biji stole Sweety’s alliance and is trying to fix Meera’s alliance.

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  1. Well,the

  2. Well,finally the cat is out of the bag and the family got a shock of their life to see the actual owner of the mansion …naturally they are not happy to see him as all these years they have been pretending to be the owners of the Kapoor mansion.It is not clear whether they are distantly related to Vivan or just care takers but the way Bittu begs for Vivan’s forgiveness shows they are just his employees.I am happy that Vivan ,though constantly rude to Meera, has so far given due respect to the elders and never shown superior attitude.
    So Meera’s mother is worried about what to say to Sumer’s rich parents regarding the house.Surprisingly she still prefers to conceal the truth and wants to pretend to own the house but Meera objects to that.I loved Meera for her honesty and sincerity and I am sure Vivan ,who seems to hate her now, will fall head over heels in love with her shortly.We know very well thatSumer is not for Meera …..may be he is for Amaya or as we discussed earlier a love triangle.????

    1. I think Sumar and Meera will become good friends, i don’t get the vibe yet for a love triangle, hopefully not, there are to many similar story lines on other shows. After our mutual disappointment in Jeet i hope this one truly becomes successful.

    2. Hi lakshmi i agree with you concerning vivan..eventhough he is snobish and rude towards meera he still has respect for meera’s elders which shows he has soft side an will eventually fall in love with her…i hope there’s no lover triangle as you said cathy there is to much shows with that storyline..

  3. Ooshi

    thanks for the update MA

  4. So Meera’s grandmother didnt think that Sweety’s mother will find out eventually that she took the number from her phone and also didnt meera’s grandmother always supported her when she goes against her mother whenever their arrange a marriage proposal so why now she wants to set up meera with sumer by dishonest means knowing that meera is an honest and sincere person…we know that the grandmother was getting offended when her friends were badmouthing meera but still honesty is the best policy right..both meera and sumer will be hurt when they find out that meera is not the intended alliance for meera as they both like each other…i also like sumer theres something about him that i just like him so i hope he and meera stay friends as we know vivan is the guy for her and hoping that the writers dont spoil sumer’s character by making him into a psycho lover and maybe eventually he and vivan sister fall for each other.

  5. Yes,Seema even I like Sumer,not conventionally handsome but there is something about him that makes him attractive.And he will definitely lose his charm if he turns out to be a psycho lover ,like Jeeves in ETRETR.But the first meeting between Meera and Sumer and his subsequent feedback to his mother shows that he likes Meera.It s too early to say that he loves her but I am sure that he will fall for her and the same holds true for Meera also,otherwise she would n’t have become so happy and felt shy on hearing the good news from her granny.Seema ,this is where I am a bit confused and disappointed as well .If both Meera and Sumer like each other and are willing to tie the knot,where is this rich and handsome (not as handsome as Raja) guy,Vivan Kapoor going to fit .Ofcourse ,it s a fact that most of the intense love stories start from intense hatred only ,but it is also true that some sort of attraction is also felt between them right from the first meeting ,are we seeing any such awareness or attraction between Meera and Vivan,he is treating her almost like an untouchable and she is getting attracted to Sumer,somehow I am not liking this scenario,particularly Meera liking Sumer.

    1. Hi Lakshmi i was looking at one of the promos for this show and it looks like Vivan will start to like meera. They were in a temple praying and he was looking at her affectionately so what are the writers going to do about the attraction currently between meera and sumer. it is confusing..
      I just hope nothing detrimental happens between meera and sumer causing them to hate each other or sumer being psycho…btw you are right vivan is handsome but isnt as handsome as raja or prem for that matter..lol

  6. Maybe in the future episode of their will be no track then they might introduce the track that sumer has fallen for Meera .But I don’t want him to turn negative.

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