Kaleerein 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera and Sumer’s Engagement Finishes

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Meera confronts Vivan and says she does not need his help. Vivan says he is returning this family’s favor. Bittu chachu asks when did they give him 2 lakhs. Amar says he is poor, when did he help him. Vivan says before coming to India, his father told him about this family’s help and asked to return their favor. Meera asks what was he doing all these days since coming from UK, why did not he remember his father’s request for so long, she does not need his ring as she has informed Sumer everything and he does not mind. Vivan says he does not know if it is her superego or foolishness, did she really inform Sumer everything. Sumer walks in. Meera takes Sumer aside and informs her whole story that her father bought him 70,000 rs worth ring and Vivan gifted them this 2 lakhs worth

ring. Sumer returns with Meera and asks Amar to give him both rings. He takes both rings and says let us start engagement ritual. Everyone walk behind him. Meera challenges Vivan let us see if her belief will will or his thinking will.

Meera and Sumer’s families gather again and say let us finish engagement ritual. Meera looks at Vivan from staage and smirks. Sumer’s mother asks Sumer to put ring in Meera’s finger. He does and everyone clap. Ambarsariya…song…plays in the background. Meera smirks at Vivan again. Sumer’s mother asks Dolly to give Sumer’s ring now. Dolly gives 70,000 rs ring to Meera. Sumer”s mother is shocked not to see 2 lakhss rs ring and just when Meera is about to put ring in Sumer’s hand, she stops Meera and says this engagement cannot happen, asks Meera which ring is this. Sumer tries to speak, but she stops him and asks Dolly where is diamond ring. Dolly stammers Sumer…Sumer’s mom says forget Sumer, just now they sorted out ring issue, it looks like a joke now. Laali smirks and thinks this woman is up to something, she needs to find out, but let her enjoy the drama till then. Sumer’s mom asks Dolly where is 2 lakhs ring. Vivan thinks all women are greedy. Meera nervously looks at Vivan and says ring is with Sumer itself. Sumer’s mom embarrassedly apologizes and asks Meera to fix 2 lakhs ring in Sumer’s finger. Sumer asks what difference it makes. Mom says there is a lot of difference, guests will laugh at them. Dolly insists Meera to fix ring in Sumer’s hand. Meera looking at Vivan fixes ring. Vivan smirks.

Families congratulate each other and start bhangra. After sometime, Sumer tells Meera he will return ring to Vivan. Meera says no need. Sumer asks to smile then. She says she is not in a mood. Silky walks in asking if she did not disturb love birds, she does not want to be kabab me haddi. Sumer says he likes haddi. Silky says let us go down. Sumer’s father congratulates Amar and fmaily and says guests like arrangement a lot, mom warns to keep arrangements similarly, else they will be embarrassed. Amar apologizes for ring issue. Sumer’s father says let us froget it now. Sumer returns with Meera and leaves with his family.

Precap: Meera hears Vivan asking his aide to findout how did Meera get his mom’s bangle. She confronts Vivan and says in their country, people help without expecting anything in return,
but he is expecting too much. Sumer asks what does she mean.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi Naz you are so right this show is getting boring..i have lost interest in this show..i have not watch it for the past week, just read the updates..i have been watching season 1 of naagin which is going really good and pranav acted in some of the episodes, he looked handsome as always. not sure when next i will be commenting on kaleerein

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Seema….
      Hello everyone……
      I agree whatever you said about this show Seema.Also I am a big fan of Rhivanya .

    2. Hi hi Seema, how are you girl?? About Nagin?? Lakshmi had mentioned it to me, can you tell me which channel it’s on? I mostly watch zeetv and starplus….

    3. So I just checked and Nagin is on Colors and I don’t have that channel on my cable package and Seema, I’m having major trouble with accessing Desitvflix so I’m not seeing current episodes so therefore I have to watch it on zeetv and you know we are episodes late. So help!!!!! ?????

      1. Sonakshi5

        Don’t worry Naz.Naagin season 3 will be aired on starplus .I read that in spoilers but if you didn’t see nagin season 1 and 2 then I can’t help.There are VM of Rhivanya on YouTube but not episodes . Maybe you can read written update but the happiness is in watching the episodes.

      2. Hi naz sorry for the late respond..its nice hearing from you how are you? i watch naagin on youtube..i get the whole episodes without subtitles though and i read the updates ..i tried other sites but the videos not playing..as for accessing desitv i also was having trouble with dat..i checked it back today and from one day behind the episodes went back i think 3-4 days..so naz i am watching kaleerein on playkardo without subtitles..
        wat cable package do you have? i have flow tv and i get all the indian stations.

  2. I thought this show would be more about the Marriage school, it sorta just ended up being like all the rest of the serials..to bad.

  3. thanks for the update MA

  4. Hi friends don’t give up… Watch the series on TV… It’s trp very low.. According to spoiler more interesting scenes are going to come up..So pls watch it on TV…

  5. Sigh…. Seema, since we are days behind normal episodes, this last one I saw, I saw a little something passing between Meera and Vivaan then when I read the latest update, I see Vivaan is coming across as very smug as to what he’s done for the family,so that’s back to square one and Meera was damn right when she asked Vivaan why he didn’t step in to help before when his father had already told him whatever, sometime back. Other than that, I’m bored with current storyline, don’t know if it’s me alone as I get bored quickly but I had hoped to see chemistry early on and oh gosh, I just wish these writers could give us something to be excited about. I did notice however that Vivaan has dreamy eyes when he was close to Meera so I’m hoping also that the romantic scenes are what we are hoping we’d see, we’d see it soon.

  6. spoiler:
    Sumer’s mum breaks Meera and Sumer’s marriage. Meera blames Vivaan for this. She scolds Vivaan for hurting her and her family. He tells her that he isn’t involved in any drama happened in her mehendi ceremony. She asks him who else will do it. They have misunderstandings. She vents out frustration on her. She wipes her mehendi and hurts her hands. He worries for her bleeding hands. He cares for her. Meera and Vivaan have a romantic moment. Vivaan is very much hurt seeing her sorrow

    1. Thank you for this news Shilpa…much appreciated. You gave me hope.

  7. Naz,as you said the lack of early chemistry between the leads is the main reason why we are feeling bored.Yes ,that scene when Vivaan comes into Meera’s room and helps her wear a stole was beautiful,she looked like a princess and he very handsome and we could see good chemistry but after that again back to square one,may be Naz,we are getting bored because we,diehard romantics believe in love at first sight,or if not love ,atleast some awareness ,On top of it ,there is another equally charming guy Sumer,though he seems to be a nice guy and likes Meera,he is seen noticing Silky and comparing both the sisters.Looks like ,in comparison,Silky ,with her English speaking skills and sophisticated style will look more appealing to him.But I prefer to see him getting attracted to Amaya who ,for the last two episodes ,is conspicuous by her absence.Anyways let us hope that the writers will do something to make it more exciting ,By the way ,from tonight ,Eisha’s new serial will be telecast here…..but still no news of Sarrtaj.
    Naz,got your mail ,but couldn’t reply as I was busy with guests at home and ,this weekend I am expecting my son’s future in laws to fix the marriage date.By Monday, I will be free and write to you in leisure.Take care.

    1. Lol… You and I have agreed way back that we are both romantic at heart so maybe we expect too much too early…not all love stories begin like the ones we have experienced with the love of our lives.. Lol…so I’m going to cut Meera and Vivaan some slack. Shilpa gave us some good news so that’s worth waiting for. I want cupid to shoot the strongest arrow into Vivaan’s heart just because of how uppity he is, that should give him a dose of reality. I’m not seeing Amaaya and if Sumer gives me an inkling of any shady and materialistic vibes, I’m going to want him paired with Silky, just because of greedy Laali and I’m sure Silky may have another side to her decent attitude, just wait and watch when mother and daughter realize that the cash cow Vivaan has fallen for Meera instead, that’s going to be juicy and entertaining… I think Amaaya should get someone else but then again, nothing like a good triangle love story…little masala and spice is good sometimes, otherwise things will get boring. Lakshmi, I think I see an intense lover in Vivaan, his emotions just need tapping into and I’m sure we would see some good doses of romance soon, I wonder if he’d be like Raja ???!!! We would also be seeing the new serial with Eisha in the Caribbean so..time will tell about its fate but I’m hoping that she would have chosen better again and not for the sake of just getting another role. I’m still watching ZKM, PA and AKAS and my goodness, I don’t know what the heck is happening on WAS.. After months, I’ve checked a few times on the page and I tell you, only people on drugs write stories like that!! That…..is exhausting my brain!! The updates are like a story from hell!!!! Anyway.. I’ve been busy past few days last week too, but never mind, you mail me when you get time, not to rush,, I enjoy your detailed conversations very much and I know that you are like me, you need quiet time to delve into the mind. Most of the time I write late night or early mornings… Good luck with the intended samdhi/samdhan…and intended bahu,.. All the best…

  8. Shilpa ,after ADDN ,I had lot of expectations on this serial ,,though somewhat disappointed , I still have. Though not commenting as there was not much to comment ,i still watch the show regularly with the hope of seeing some improvement.We have a very lively and dedicated viewership here on this forum but it is the writers who should do their bit to make it interesting and entertaining .Anyway thanks for the spoiler,atlast some hope in the horizon!!!

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