Kaleerein 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Reaches Meera’s House

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Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok continues. Meera leaves warning him not to see her again in life. Vivan also yells not to show her face again in life. Sumer calls Meera and says he got into a wrong cab and is in some market. Meera says even she is in same market. They both meet. Sumer says he got into some mad girl’s car. Meera asks if it was Amaya. He says yes. She says she got stuck with Amaya’s mad brother. They both smile at each other and continue chatting.

Meera’s family discuss how can Meera make a mistake and not pick up Sumer. Vivan with Amaya reaches their house and sees door closed. He walk in from back door. Family thinks him as Sumer and welcomes him. Amaya walks in with bags. They ask who is she. Vivan says his sister. Biji murmurs when did Sumer’s sister come. Dolly says must be his cousin. Vivan says he wants to take a bathe as their city is very polluted. Biji takes him along. Sweety says why they brought bags from Mumbai as if they came from abroad. Dolly says whatever it is, her would be damad is very handsome. Family taunt her. Biji shows a suite to Vivan. Vivan says he needs towel to freshen up. Biji says she will send it and walks out thinking if Mumbai is out of India..

Sumer drops Meera outside house. Meera asks him to come in. He says relatives must have lined up to meet him and even mom and dad must be waiting, says he wanted to meet real Meera and not the one who will come holding tea tray, rest his parent’s decision, gets into car. Meera stands thinking. He says he liked this Meera a lot and leaves. Meera gets very happy.

Meera returns home. Dolly speaks to her with love. Meera asks what happened. Dolly says Sumer has already reached home and asks her to wear some new dress and go in front of him. Meera walks excitedly after changing her dress towards Sumer’s room thinking about is words that he liked her a lot and is shocked to see Vivan instead and shouts she..

Precap: Chachaji angrily holds Vivan’s collar and shouts how dare he enter as fake Sumer. Vivan pushes his hand and says he is Vivan Kapoor, this mansion’s owner.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Thank you for the update

  2. Yes yesterday i guess right vivan owner of the house … to intersting i am waiting tommrow episode i hope this serial became a big hit

  3. Happy mahashivratri Lakshmi,Naz,Seema,Shraddha,Yami,Cathy,Nithya,Anu,Mona,Sunita,Janani,Ayeesha,Riti,Riana and all my dear friends.

  4. Thanks for the update MA.

  5. I like that they move it along and we’re not stuck for weeks watching a misunderstanding. Sonakshi, i googled Mahashivatri…what a wonderful day for peace andthe reflection of God’s Glory.

    1. Yes Cathy it is an auspicious day . Also every year it rains on this day.It rained heavily here (Bilaspur ) [C.G.].

    2. was u on vishkanys’s serial’s page

      1. No ,not at all.

      2. Cathy basically it’s for u so plz reply and Sonakshi u r new here to comment and u r of KBR’s forum and when VISHKANYA was on air u doesn’t comment on any serial

  6. Thank You Naz,as per our custom ,I will be doing both upvaas (fasting )and jagaran till tomorrow morning.Half is already over ,another half is left ,the difficult part is to stay awake till tomorrow morning,If you are in a group or in a temple ,you won’t feel the stress,but here it is different, they were not even ready to give me permission but as I was adamant,they had to concede.Hope god will give me strength and mental stamina to finish what I have been doing since childhood.
    As for the serial,I think things are shaping up differently,as of now ,there is no trace of romance between Meera and Vivan,on top of it, both Meera and Sumer seem to have taken a liking for each other….had Vivan also taken a liking for Meera,then the love triangle would have been possible,.but it is quite evident that Vivan dislikes Meera or anything that is indian ………may be he will fall for her later and his sister Amaya gets attracted to Sumer?????

    1. Hi Lakshmi…I too fasted today but for us it is not our custom to
      stay awake till morning but is only to fast today.Well it is really very good that you are doing this from childhood.As I was watching TV today , I saw that there is a show coming in TV in which it was said that they will show dance performances, songs and yoga and other things till morning for the people who keep Jagran .It was a telugu news channel .TV9 or TV 10 maybe.I don’t remember correctly as I saw it during changing channels but I just remember that it was a news channel . You can see that if you want to.

      1. Sonakshi, you know, I just took it for granted that all Hindus celebrate occasions and festivals in the same way, I just never knew it could be different in different areas of india..wow… It’s something I’ve learned today from you..but isn’t it a part of Shivratri night, to wake the entire night? Hope all goodness and success prevail in all that you do.

    2. Lol.. The more Meera and Viaan fight, the more tempestuous their love will turn out to be. I love it!! In this way, their love will take them on their beautiful journey….and Viaan will surely come down from his high horse soon enough..and it’s going to be interesting when he discovers his true feelings one day soon. Lakshmi dear, do what is it you are used to doing, after all, this occasion is important..and the retreat there is supposed to allow their visitors to practice their religious observances without question. Across here, Hindus fast with utmost devotion and all my friends will be spending tonight in the mandirs, seems like this is just how you observe Shivratri too..

  7. Aqsa.M

    An amazing show with a good cast…
    i have been watching it from the first episode and i hope they don’t spoil it.

  8. Thank you Sonakshi and wish you the same,is it celebrated in the same manner there as we do in South? In Guntur we used to go to any shiva temple and spend the whole night participating in Bhajans,the right way of doing Jagaran.In cities like Bangalore,as it s difficult to find a siva temple nearby,we mostly do the Jagaran at home only with friends and neighbours ,Ofcourse not by gossiping but doing bhajans.This year I am n’t in Bangalore but in Kerala,where this festival seems to be not that popular.Thanks once again.

  9. Thank you Seema, for your warm wishes. I spent this long weekend at home, I don’t even look at carnival on TV.. Since Saturday, everyday looks and feels like a Sunday, including today. It’s quiet in my area which is so good. I know you are busy today with the occasion of Shivratri so we will chat on the serial another day. Take care my friend..

  10. Thank you for the update MA.. Precap seems interesting… Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

  11. Thank you Naz.Yes India is a country in which different people with different culture, customs, religious, festivals exist.Not all festivals are celebrated in the same way therefore all are special . Maha Shivratri is a day which we believe that lord Shiva saved Chandra(moon) from dying and placed him on his head.In this also different people from different areas believe it in different ways . Some think it is the day on which lord Shiva got married to goddess Parvati Devi .
    No Naz, not in all regions of the country it is necessary to keep Jagran however if you keep it is considered as good . Thank you

  12. Yes Lakshmi, it is celebrated in the same way in south (pitapuram) but I thought it depends on us if we want to do Jagran or not.My mother never told me we need to keep Jagran necessarily . Sorry I never knew about this . Now as I asked my mother she told me .From childhood I am in Chattisgarh and only went to Andra during holidays.But here for mahashivratri you get only one day for holiday but it takes 24 hours to travel in train.So I always celebrate mahashivratri here but I remember once I went to Andra on mahashivratri there was a fair and people there went to temple at night.Thank you , because of you I came to know this .But like there ,it is difficult to do Jagran because here many Shiva temples are closed during night.Only vekateswara swami temple is opened for Jagran which is far from my house.
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes if any.

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