Kaleerein 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dolly Finds Laali’s Mobile

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Vivan thanks Roma for giving her a rugged phone, it did not get even a slight scratch after falling down. Roma relaxes and says mentioned not. Meera realizes Vivan got his mobile instead of Laali’s. Neighbor kid insists Vivan to play cricket with him as promised. Dolly says he should keep his promise. They all play cricket. Vivan agrees. Kid says Vivan is from London team and they are from India. Meera jumps and runs around. Vivan asks her to slow down as she is pregnant. Roma stands fuming. Ball falls on her. She sees message in it which reads Roma is watching her carefully. Laali gets nervous that she got stuck between Roma’s evil plan. Roma hears that. Laali changes her tone. Roma says if she is caught, Laali will also be caught. She silently slips off thinking she may be trapped

in Roma’s bigger evil plans.

Boy wins game. Meera jumps in happiness with him. Boy says he needs party. Nimmo says mamma is inside, so she will order food. Vivan thanks Meera for this cricket match and says he and Amaya never played cricket in life and just spent their childhood taking care of each other. Meera and Vivan try to kiss boy’s cheeks. Boy back off and they stop just near each other’s lip and get nervous. Vivan then plays with boy and makes him superman. Meera joins them. Boy says Vivan bhaiya is very good. Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok starts. Vivan says she is very beautiful and he never saw such a beautiful girl even in London. Boy enjoys their argument while Meera continues. Boy taunts Vivan he will tell Meera what he told. Vivan gives him gift to shut his mouth. Meera brings fruits for boy and they both feed him. Dolly and Amar see them taking care of boy and get happy. Dolly shows Laali’s message in her mobile and reminisces mobile falling on sofa. She tells they have to protect Meera and Vivan’s relationship, so she sent a warning Message from Pammi’s side to Roma to stay away from Meera,Vivan and their child.

Roma tells Laali she will use same letter to make Vivan hate Meera. She shows letter to Vivan that Pammi has sent a warning letter to her to stay away from Meera’s child, it is actually Meera who is using Pammi’s name. Vivan laughs and tears letter and leaves. Roma says she will send another letter. Meera finds letter on Vivan’s car and shows it to him. He reads Pammi’s message to him to dare not to leave Meera and her child. He angrily tears letter and leaves. Meera tries to collect torn paper when Roma enters and splashes water on her from pipe and uses her cheap comments. Meera steps on pipe and says when god wants to save someone, evil cannot harm. She steps out of pipe. Water splashes on Roma’s face.

Precap: Vivan gathers Meera’s family and says many people questioned about his and Meera’s marriage, he will marry Meera again right here and burns chair. Meera asks why he is doing this.
Vivan asks to invite Pammi to their wedding right now.

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  1. man vivaan dont do this to meera please.i wish they change his behaviour.

  2. Well!Except for some brief romantic moments between Meera and Vivaan,the plot is confusing as ever..Now Dolly is playing her own stupid game by keeping Laali’s phone and warning Roma in the name of Pammi …Dolly should know by now that simple warning letters don’t affect a crook like Roma,she is too smart and dangerous for that…the only way to sort her out is to expose her in front of Vivaan.What a shame,Dolly has in her possession the most crucial evidence and she knows Meera is frantically searching for that but she doesn’t want to confide in her own daughter also….Like daughter like mother….Meera too is playing the same game without confiding in her mother.Is it some trust problem or by nature the family is so secretive ….whatever it is ,this move of Dolly is going to cost her daughter very dearly

  3. OMG y Vivaan behave like this

  4. I so wish that there weren’t so much antagonism in the main characters of this serial. How can they every be happy ? What beautiful moments are there for them to remember when this marriage has so much toxicity taking it over? Now Vivaan wants to marry Meera all over again and he’s not doing it out of love…he wants to settle a score with his mother…why are the writers making a mockery out of the institution of marriage?? When a person starts off on the wrong foot, every action which follows, justifies the primary action….redemption is never satisfying, only a means to the end…so to with creative writing team here, we have two wonderful main leads, especially Arjit and his intensity but it’s not being highlighted in the correct manner. I’m so disappointed these days with Kaleerein…???

  5. If only Meera had a husband who understood her!!! Sadly what she married, doesn’t…

  6. Guys, Meera falling from the stairs from the previous episode is in Facebook. I just saw it and all the comments are nothing but hilliorous. People are making fun of the way how Vivan was able to catch her on time. I also think it’s funny especially since it’s not popsicle to catch someone within that many seconds. But it’s a good news that people from all around the world have seen a clip from this serial. Something we can all be happy a about I guess..

    1. In North America their is growing disdain for Indians, especially wealthy Indians living here.
      Their open greed and corruption is a label now being given to ALL in the Indian diaspora,
      Indian Serials don’t help. They make Indian women and men look perpetually ridiculous and worse, outright stupid. It doesn’t help India’s reputation to have Nikki Haley (Nimrata Randhawa) and her contemptible attitude. People are deciding that all Indians must be as evil-minded as Nikki Haley.

  7. they really need do change their track…. i want meera fight back give a answers to his every action once all pk and romas truth get exposed… i rearly want meera to give a tight slap by her strong action to vivaan.. and leave from his life then only he will come in real world… and regret… i just want to see vivaan repenting for his every action towards meera… and search for meera madly but meera is meera she is not a easy battle but is very hard to fight… i want to see vivaan and pammi kapoor.. son and mother bonding…like imagine pk telling vivaan an importance of meera in his life.. make him realise that she is the one for him… hmmmm………. friends i have imagined anything…. my imagination is quite good…. i think…. i can imagine so many things at a one’s time it sounds funny… but anything for meervaan… 😉

  8. Hi guys may i know if any one here is a fan of vikram jndsd fame or fan of kunal karan kapoor

  9. Yes Priya i have seen dat clip too….but really dat was 2 funny…gud imagination Neeti. In d upcomming episode….pammi kapoor invites Meera & Vivaan at her sony kusi academi’s function as a guest .They all were on stage …first Meera gave her speech then Vivaan was giving his speech at dat time somebody shot him.Meera save his life by pushing him…but bullet touch his arm….he got minner injury…but still he got angery on Meera .He still thought Pammi try to kill him…

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