Kaleerein 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Inebriated Vivan and Meera’s Romance

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Inebriated Meera and Vivan see fire ball on floor and get on bed discussing it is raining outside and they are seeing hail stones as fire ball. On the other side, Prince opens door hearing someone knocking it. An arrogant goon walks in and says Pappi sent him to get box. Prince asks why did not Pappi come, he will call Pappi. Goon holds Prince’s collar and misbehaves with him to give box. Prince pushes him out and locks door. Nimmo calls family. In room, Vivan and Meera’s romantic chat starts. Meera asks if he loves him, let us play game. Their nok jhok starts. A romantic song plays in the background. He kisses her forehead. They then sleep on bed. Dolly asks Prince who was on door. Prince says someone identifying himself as Pappi’s friend and wanted box and tried to misbehave,

so he pushed him out and locked door. Dolly asks how did he arrange money. He says Pappi gave him, she knows Pappi. Dolly says something is wrong. Prince walks in shouting she does not trust her children at all, be it Meera or him. Sweety says children fight in this age, Dolly need not worry.

In room, Meera and Vivan fall asleep on bed. Goon jumps in via window. Vivan gets up and asks who is he. He runs inside house. Meera asks him to come and sleep. He falls asleep next to her again. Next morning, Meera wakes up and is shocked to see her sleeping next to Vivan. She kicks Vivan. Vivan in sleep asks her not to play kabbadi in sleep. She throws water on him and wakes him up. He wakes up and is shocked to see Meera in his room. Their argument starts. Meera’s sees Vivan’s ring locket in her neck, asks what is it, shouts at him, returns it and leaves. Vivan thinks if he got intimate with her under inebriation.

Dolly searches Meera. Nimmo says she was in her room. They both search Meera. Meera returns home. Dolly asks where was she. Meera says she slept in Vivan’s house last night. Dolly asks where was Vivan. Meera says she was with him. Dolly scolds if she has gone mad, they are divorced now and cannot stay together, society will blame her and not Vivan. Meera says she will handle it. Sweety walks into Prince’s room and asks what is the issue all about. He says he does not know. Bappi Chacha asks him to sort out his issues soon.

Meera cries in her room that she hates Vivan to the core, he spoilt her and her family’s life, what must have happened last night, why can’t she remember anything. Vivan takes bathe and thinks what must have happened last night..

Precap: Meera challenges Vivan that he is trying to break his family, he cannot. Paper relationship does not matter to him, she values only god-sent relationship.

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  1. Sometimes the spoilers are really misleading….according to one of the you tube videos ,Vivaan and Meera would consummate their marriage under the influence of alcohol/ Dolly’s magical herbal concoction ….but nothing of that sort seemed to have happened….they just had some nice fun ,confessed their love for each other and dozed off……only to get a shock of their life after waking up in the morning….and as guessed Meera was absolutely furious for her stupidity ,not realising that she still loves this rather wanky guy …and Vivaan was shown trying to remember the events of that eventful night and even feeling guilty …feeling bad for both of them. ,poor dears,hopelessly love each other but destiny is not kind to them….rather this time the culprit is not destiny but Vivaan himself who is proving to be unkind…

  2. Coming to the kidnapping drama,I feel that the most unexpected person will be behind all this….it may sound counterintuitive but Prince seems to know something and hide something ….May be he is unintentionally helping the kidnapper..Whether it is the known culprits like Roma ,Laali or Sumer or any unexpected one from within the family itself or a completely new antagonist ,it is obvious that ths track won’t be ending that early…

  3. pls explain Biji response to Dolly. I do not understand Hindi and it’s not written in the update. thanks

  4. All is left of the previous night, is a good dose of guilt. Is this any way we could get to see some romance by both Vivaan and Meera regretting what happened the night before but which didn’t actually happen? So many episodes have gone and we aren’t any closer to having a loving and meaningful bond between this couple, when will things ever be beautiful? If Prince is an accomplice, what logic has the writers put into giving him a valid reason to be negative? Right now im bored, my mind doesn’t feel stimulated by this crap happening.

  5. You are right Naz,what is left of that night is just guilt …really poor imagination on the part of the writers to create this scene….they just don’t know how to create beautiful moments …even I am not able to enjoy this anymore….i don’t know hiw things will be set right but right now it is simply distasteful,,,

    1. They know that we want romance but with the story so all over the place, they think they can appease us by sticking in some out of the place romantic scenes..and we are left even more unhappy and dissatisfied because this isn’t how we want to see our hotshot businessman Romeo romance our heroine…I’m so mad right now Lakshmi…???

  6. Clarice ,Biji gets concerned seeing Dolly in low spirits On her insistence Dolly comes out with her worries…Reminding her of Vivaan and Meera’s divorce ,she tells her that Meera has spent the night with Vivaan in his room under the influence of the medication…She says it is an accepted fact that whatever is in one’s subconscious comes out when heavily inebriated and Meera going to Vivaan’s room when not in senses is worrying her…She asks Biji what does it mean….Biji says the meaning is there is no need to get worried….if Vivaan and Meera are made for each other,nothing in this world can separate them…..she explains that outwardly they seem to hate each other but their love for each other always finds a way to bring them together…When Dolly asks what if they are not made for each other,Biji says that whatever has happened so far doesn’t indicate that…She advises her to pray to God and not get worried…Clarice this is the conversation that transpires between Biji and Dolly…

    1. Thank you so much Lakshmi

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