Kaleerein 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera And Vivan’s Nok Jhok

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Meera waits for Sumer in car while Vivan’s sister Amaya waits for him in another car. Vivan while speaking over phone gets into Meera’s car while Sumer gets into Amaya’s car. Sumer speaks. Amaya opens her eyes and looks at her in surprise. Sumer calls her Meera and says he has not changed much since childhood. Amaya nods yes. Sumer says even she has changed a bit. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer. Vivan asks who is she. Meera says she is Meera and he is Sumer. He shouts no and sees Amaya going in another car. Prince sees Meera leaving without him and follows car in his bike.

Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok starts while Amaya thinks of having some fun and acts with Sumer. Vivan shouts his sister is in another car. Meera asks when did he get a sister. He says shut up and

asks driver to speed up. Driver says this is Indian road, he cannot speed. Meera asks Vivan to shut up. Their nok jhok continues. Car stops in the middle of road, and driver says he told Indian roads are bad. Vivan continues throwing tantrums. Prince comes on bullet. Meera gets happy seeing him, he asks why did she leave him in airport itself. Meera gets on bike and asks Vivan to sit behind her to search his sister. He sits yelling. On the other side, Sumer continues to chat with Amaya. Amaya speaks in UK accent. Sumer asks when did she learn this accent. Amaya says Indians speak in more accent than UK people. He holds her hand. She pushes it. He says they are marrying, she need not shy. She angrily asks driver to stop car and asks Sumer to get out. He gets out of car and asks what happened. She says she is not Meera and this is wrong car. He asks why did not she inform before then. She says she was having fun. He asks where will he go without auto or bus. She says it is his concern and leaves in car.

Meera drives bullet rashly. Vivan shouts to slow down, why she came in narrow road, it so many dents. Bike slips and they fall down. Vivan sees Amaya getting out of car, rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. Vivan shouts at Meera. Meera warns him to stop his English, she helped him find his sister, instead he is yelling at her. He continues shouting and says she did this for money. She says what and yelling a bit says double money for the trouble. He says he knew her intentions. Meera yells next. Their nok jhok continues…

Dolly asks Meera to get ready as Sumer has reached. Meera excitedy goes to meet Sumer and is shocked to see Vivan instead. Vivan also shouts.

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  1. Well! the all important first encounter between the leads was certainly not a romantic one with Vivan constantly getting worried about the germs everywhere and yelling at the baffled Meera to keep her mouth shut,.But he should have known better about his bratty sister getting kidnapped by someone ,only a guy who is not in his senses can dare to do such a foolish thing. I am happy that Meera ,though bewildered at first,recovered fast enough to give Vivan a taste of her fiery punjabi temper.The precap is confusing Dolly says that Sumer has already reached home but Meera ,to her surprise sees Vivan there.Does that mean that Vivan is not the owner of the house,if so ,why should he come there,he can as well go to any hotel. I think Dolly herself has never seen Vivan before as this is the first time he is coming to India and takes him for Sumer ,who is eagerly awaited by the entire household.Would love to see the confrontation between the desi Meera and foreign returned Vivan.

  2. lovely episode…meera and vivan both r so cute together…

  3. Oh did they make Vivaan a germaphobe? that’s funny can’t wait for more. LOL

  4. YamiYami

    Loved Meera’s Tashan

  5. loving meera’s attitude.liked they way she dealt with vivan who behaved very snobbish and rude..good acting by both meera and arjit though..waiting to see how meera’s temper clash with vivan’s attitude…

  6. Hello everyone.Liked how Meera defended herself but I thought Vivian to be like Dev Dixit in krpkab.Little bit disappointed .

  7. Hello friends… To all my Hindu friends on the forum, Happy Shivratri greetings to you all on this auspicious occasion. Hope all that you ask of Almighty God, comes your way and that the year forward becomes a rewarding one for you all…

  8. enjoyed the epi by the way thanks for the update MA

  9. Hi naz happy shivratri to you to.may lord shiva shower his blesdings onto you an your family .i will be goin temple tonight for shivratri celebrations it will be wonderful..hope you had a great carnival weekend..long weekends go by so fast..

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