Kaleerein 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan and Meera Find Laali’s Mobile

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Roma drags Meera and warns her family to either choose to save Meera’s marriage or abort Meera’s baby. Amar and Dolly ask what is baby’s mistake in it. Roma says she knows they chose to abort baby and drags Meera towards door. Vivan stops her and confronts what is baby’s mistake, why she is behind baby. Seeing Dolly, his perception towards mothers changed, he is sure Meera will be perfect mother like Dolly, so he is peaceful regarding baby’s future. Dolly stands fuming. Meera in mind warns Roma not to drag her family in between and mess with her, else she will not spare her. Meera walks to Vivan and says he must be thinking why he is behind Roma always. Vivan says he is thinking she has become intelligent after pregnancy. She smiles. Dolly with Amar and Nimmo walks

in and says when husband and wife protect each other, their bonding is unbreakable. Nimmo says now they are parents and their bonding is more strong. Meera says Vivan does not like to be called papa, so child is only hers. Amar says before Meera was born, he was similar to Vivan, but changed seeing Meera and emotionally attached to her most, soon Vivan also will bond with his child. Roma enters and says child has become Vivan’s child now. Vivan says that is the truth. Roma stands fuming.

Roma returns to Laachi and says phone is still with Meera and they need to find out before she exposes them. Dolly drags Meera to god’s photo and take oath that she will not make any more enemies. Meera says she is doing right and will continue to. Dolly says to save her daughter’s house, she will even slap her. Meera saays even she is trying to save her marriage and says this is last match. Dolly says she does not even let her MIL roma stand in front of her, how will she reconcile with her. Meera says Roma is evil. Dolly continues scolding her and Meera confronts. Amar enters. Dolly complains. Amar says he is on his daughter’s side, Roma is really evil. Dolly says neighbor’s son is waiting for her and leaves.

Meera searches Laali’s mobile and thinks of taking Vivan’s help. She calls Vivan and says his phone is missing, can he find out. Vivan says he knew she would do something and his phone was missing. She says let us search it. Roma and Laali watch it and realize Meera is searching Laali’s mobile, walks to Vivan and asks what is he searching. He says Meera kept her mobile somewhere, he is searching. They also join. Vivan finds mobile in a vase. Roma and Laali snatch vase followed by Meera. Vivan stops them and takes out phone. Laaali and Roma eagerly snatch it and it falls far away again. Dolly enters with neighbor’s kid and says he was standing alone sadly, so she brought him home. Meera asks him to help her find mobile, she will give him choc. Boy agrees and searches mobile. Drama ensues. Boy finds calculator, ball, etc.. Dolly thinks why earlier Laali and Roma were searching their mobile and now Meera is also searching, Meera says done something for sure. Boy finds mobile. Laali and Roma try to snatch it and say they will give him choc and gifts. Meera asks boy to run away with mobile. Boy throws it to Vivan. Vivan catches it. Meera says she wanted to tell him about this mobile. Vivan walks to Roma. Roma gets tensed.

Precap: Roma gets letter that phone is with Pammi. Roma says it is war between her and Pammi. Meera finds a letter and gives it to Vivan. Vivan reads it is Pammi’s threatening letter for him and tears it.

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  1. I don’t have any idea what is going on here….Vivaan stops Roma by certifying that Meera will become a perfect mother like Dolly…from then onwards nothing less than s cartoon show with everyone frantically searching for the mobile phone as if it were some Kohinoor Diamond followed by the neighbour’s kid leading the search operation and finding it finally….It is ok to have some fun but I found it really boring…on the whole,there is nothing worth mentioning in this episode.

  2. well it gets worse friends. vivaan is still not believing meera:(:(

  3. Disgusting….what a pathetic episode…agree Lakshmi searching operation was like cartoon show is going on…disappointing….Lakshmi sorry for delay i wished you belated happy birthday yesterday….

  4. fed upp of this drama now same boring story no new plot…. kuch interesting dikhana chahiye naa… aisehi track ki vajahse trps gir jaati hai show ki… love story hi dikhado but not saas bahu drama now

  5. god when the hell is this back and forth going to end, this is getting on my nerves now.

  6. Thank you Nimisha for your beautiful birthday wishes and i am sorry for acknowledging late.Yesterday’s episode was a terrible disappointment.,We can not expect better TRP s with this type of wanky imagination.i feel sorry for Arjit and Aditi….their good looks and acting talents are getting wasted..even they started looking dull ,Ofcourse they can not be blamed..With an uninspiring and monotonous script and lacklustre direction ,the actors ,however talented they are, look drab and confused. Hope the creative team of Kalire appreciates viewers’sentiments and make amends at the earliest….Otherwise it wil be wrapped up due to poor TRPs and I don’t mind also.We certainly don’t wish to waste our time on meaningless serials.By the way Nimisha ,do you have liking for Naagin series.The previous two seasons ,I didn’t watch but I started watching season 3.it is too early to judge but it is an ok serial,Next I am watching Mahek reincarnation track…better story snd direction thsn this .With Kalire becoming a disappointment ,I am switching over to others.Ofcourse ISA is a better option…Are you watching it? What is going on there,,,is everything ok between Zara and Kabir…I am really missing Prem and Teja and Ofcourse Raja and Rani…

    1. Ya…Ishq subhan allah is going too good. I like their chemistry..And I am also missing raja rani, prem teja…
      U r right.

  7. Lakshmi i watched season1 of Naagin that was gud but didn’t like 2nd season…..Mahek is gud ….reincarnation track is better…I m not regular watcher of ISA …if you like lovestory then watch yeh unh dino ki baat hai … story of 90’s how a boy &a girl behave at that time…sweet lovestory…on sony 10 o’clock

  8. Lakshmi…..ISA is boss these days…you’ve missed out on so e good suspense, high octane drama and love moments to wish for… I’ve come up to post comments on the various serials I look at but after Eid is over …. I’ll be back!! I did see some romantic scenes between Vivaan and Meera and damn….Arjit is one hot hunk…he oozes ,well you know what I mean… I’m watching Naagin season 3 but I’m not commenting on the forum. I’ve caught up in the new Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka…I do enjoy controversial topics as well and while few viewers are disturbed by the extra marital topic because they are wives, I prefer to divorce myself from the sensitivity of the issue and embrace the creative team for highlighting what I see as a perfectly normal happening in relationship in today’s world…I’m in no way endorsing extra marital status but social issues such as this and even spousal abuse should be both condemned but highlighted to sensitise the public of shame which has plagued many a marriage. So, I’m watching it….

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