hello everyone!! this is kiara and i’ve been watching kalash for the past few days and it is not changing to anything better!!!! i honestly used to love this show but then everything just flipped upside down after the leap….honestly the whole show is so illogical….i was so mad seeing today’s episdoe…like the girl who used to love her husband a lot and had a lot of trust on him has no trust now….she told ravi that i will always trust you no matter what…then what happened?? where’s your trust now?? you heard just part of the conversation when you were hanging from the cliff and right when you heard the name “ravi” you thought he is also planning with nivi and saket!!!!???? that is so stupid……i was so fed up so i decided to write a os….i will start from today’s episode when devika and ravi are marrying in the mandap and devika is thinking how ravi forgot all about her……

@garewal home

the mandap is ready and ravi with no interest in this wedding is marrying nivi just for devika (ambika) and devika is getting ready to sit in nivi’s place…..she gets ready while they put nivi on the bed under the bedsheets…..devika leaves for the mandap with shewta and sits…..ravi thinks in his mind ambika where are you? i am doing this wedding for you? i thought you will come to stop this wedding….no matter what but i have a feeling you are only my devika…..while devika in her mind thinks ravi i can’t believe you forgot about us…all those promises you made to me….everything you just forgot…’s good i’m marrying you…now i will take my revenge from you and nivi for ruining my life….i cannot believe you would stoop this low for money….ravi thinks devika i know you are only ambika…please stop this wedding…..

ravi is really sad and crying and devika has a full attitude and thinks now starts my revenge mr.ravi garewal…..the priest says groom…bride please stand-up for the rituals……both get up….they take the phera’s….in each phera ravi thinks….
1st phera: where are you devika/ambika?
2nd phera: why are you doing this to me?
3rd phera: i know you are only devika not ambika

4th phera: how can you forget your ravi?
5th phera: i don’t even want to marry nivi

6th phera: why did you become so stone-hearted devika?
7th phera: devika i loved you with all my heart
and devika in all 7 rounds thinks of only one thing revenge from ravi garewal and remembers the cliff scene where nivi was talking to saket and devika thought is was ravi with her because she heard his name from nivi’s mouth…..
the pheras complete and they sit down….the priest says to ravi put vermillion and manglasutra on her….he takes them while the jai mata jai mata tune plays in the background….the priest says now you are husband and wife….
on the otherside

nivi wakes up and thinks today is my wedding…what am i doing here? she runs out and sees ravi married and thinks who the dulhan is? she runs and shouts ravi! all turn and ravi looks on shocked…saket says nivi! devika, janki, manju, and shewta smile victoriously that their plan worked…ravi and devika are married….he in shock takes his sehra off and runs to nivi and says tum? nivi says ravi i’m here….ravi says then who did i marry? devika takes off her veil and says me….both look on shocked…..
ravi gets happy that devika married him…..devika goes to nivi and says what did you think? that you will marry ravi? before you i married him….ravi says ambika what are you saying…..she says i’m not ambika…i am devika…..your ex-wife….everyone looks on shocked…even manju and shewta….nivi says devika? but you were dead? devika says no i was saved by an aunty and thank god before dying i found out the truth….ravi says what truth? she says oh mr. ravi garewal don’t act innocent….first you make plans with nivi and then you act innocent….he looks on puzzled….
devika says i didn’t know that you can stoop so low for money….you made a plan with nivi to kill me….everyone look on shocked….janki comes and slaps ravi and says tumhari himmat kaise hui meri beti ke saath aisa karne ki? (how dare you do this with my daughter?) ravi looks on shocked and says killing devika? aunty i did no such thing….devika gets mad and slaps ravi on his other cheek….she says how can you still lie? are you even a human or devil? he says devika i didn’t not make any plan to kill you….
nivi is just in shock because in front of her eyes devika and ravi are married…manju gets tensed…she thinks agar nivi ya saket ne kuch bola toh mera naam zaroor legi (if nivi or saket say something, then they will definitely say my name)…..she gets tensed…..ravi says but devika….interuptted….janki says meri beti naam mat lo apni kaali zubaan se (don’t say my daughter’s name with your black tongue)….he is shocked knowing all this….he remembers devika missing for the past 7 years….she coming in a new avatar….everything….he says wait a minute…..

he looks to devika and says what did you say about killing you? devika laughs and says ravi don’t act innocent….

he says i’m not…can you please explain to me when i tried killing you? devika says yaad karo ravi (try to remember ravi)….saath saal pehle kya huwa tha (what happened 7 years ago?) he says kya matlab? (what do you mean?) devika says saath saal pehle tumne mujhe cliff par bhulaya tha? (7 years ago you called me on the cliff?) haan ya na? (yes or no) he remembers he called devika saying he has a surprise for her…..she gets happy and says really? ravi says yes dear now hurry and get to the cliff even i’m coming…devika got happy and got ready….he comes out of thoughts and says haan lekin (yes but)….devika interrupted and said lekin wekin kuch nahi (no ifs and but)….mein jo puch rahi ho sirf uska jawab do (what i’m asking you, just reply to that)….devika says tum uss din cliff par aye the (that day you came to the cliff)….he says no i went to go buy a gift for you…devika says don’t lie ravi…..
he says i’m not lying….i really went to go buy a gift for you….it was our 1 year anniversary and i planned something special for you…..that’s why i called you to the cliff….ask nivi i told her….ravi goes to nivi and says nivi tell them….she is just in shock…..ravi shakes her and nivi comes out from thoughts….she says haan….ravi says nivi tell them i told you about mine and devika’s one year anniversary….she remembers and says yeah ravi is saying right….

devika laughs and says wow? what a story? really ravi? why are you lying so much? ravi goes to devika and shouts i am not lying…..devika says if you are not lying then why did you come to the cliff after i fell from it….he gets shocked and says what! when did you fall off the cliff and how? she claps and says wow ravi garewal….you make plans with nivi to push me off the cliff and then you act innocent…..manju gets tensed….nivi feels annoyed hearing them arguing and in anger shouts bas! she in anger goes to devika and says how dare you marry my ravi?

i did so much to get him but you kept ruining my plans….i told saket and manju aunty and they agreed to help….we did so much with you but still you survived…everyone is shocked….especially janki and devika….nivi in anger blurts out everything and she also says i can’t believe how you survived from the cliff….me and saket made a fool-proof plan to kill you but still you came back alive….devika is shell-shocked….she thinks saket did this??? janki is equally shocked….ravi says maa?

suddenly nivi realizes she blurt out everything and to cover up says i mean….but before she could say anything someone slapped her….everyone cupped their faces….nivi put her hand on her cheek and looked…she said ravi….his eyes were boiling in anger…..he screams how dare you? you did so much with me? i trusted you but you broke my trust…..being your friend i helped you and supported you…but you backstabbed me…..devika was just in shock…she thought it means ravi had nothing to do with it?

she cries thinking how she can misunderstand her ravi so much!! then ravi goes to manju and says wah….meri khud ki maa ne mere saath itna bada dhoka kiya (wow, my own mom did such a big betrayal to me)…..manju says beta listen….he shows her the hand and says enough maa….i’ve had enough…..everyone i thought as my own always used me… own maa…..nivi….and….he turns and laughs and sadly says devika…..she says ravi….he says enough…..

he goes to devika and says how can you misunderstand me so much? she says i heard nivi say your name so i thought….ravi interuppts and says you thought i planned with nivi to kill you… can you even think such a thing? and what were you saying…haan for money? arrey if i loved money then why would have i married you? nivi was richer than you but no i married you because i loved you….she says ravi i’m sorry…..

he laughs and says sorry? sorry for what? for not trusting me? for thinking i can do such a thing? devika feels really guilty and janki says beta….he cuts her off and says no aunty not today….i want to ask devika… did you think i would do such a thing? she says i am sorry ravi…i know i did a mistake….ravi claps and says mistake? will your sorry bring back my 7 years i spent without you? will it bring back my understanding devika? oh wait first of all what should i call you?

devika or ambika? she says why are you saying like this ravi? he says you married me to take revnge right? so what should i call you? my devika or the revengeful ambika….she holds his arms but he jerks it off saying don’t touch me….today i realized that no one is really your own….i thought at least not anyone but my devika will understand me and trust me no matter what but today you proved me wrong….ravi then sees saket and his face turns serious….he goes to him and says you were in this too na? devika sees saket and nivi and thinks because of them two i mistrust my ravi….how can i think my ravi loves money over me….

ravi said is your revenge complete? you succeeded in your plan? he leaves and comes to the middle…..he is so heartbroken and is crying and is thinking about everything that happened a few minutes ago….he comes and says so ladies and gentlemen today in front of everyone i want to ask devika something….she says yes ask me….he says when you said you fell off the cliff and i kept telling you that i didn’t call you there to kill you but to celebrate our wedding anniversary…what did you say? she remembers and says i said it’s a lie…you didn’t call for our wediiding anniversay but to kill me….
he laughs and says suna sab ne (did everyone hear)…devika ne mujhpe bharosa hi nahi kiya (she didn’t even trust me)…usko jo sunahi diya wohi pe vishwas kiya (whatever she heard, that’s what she believed in)….he stops and says par tumne kabhi mujhe aake pucha ki ravi tum kyun nahi aaye cliff par (but did you ever come up to me and ask me why i didn’t come to the cliff), tumne nivi ke saath planning ki ya nahi (did you plan with nivi or not)….tum sirf ilsaam lagati rahi (you just kept putting blames on me)….aab nahi (but not anymore)…aab bohot hogaya(now it’s enough)…bohot bardasht kardia (i’ve had enough)….tumhe badla chaiye tha na? (you wanted revenge right?)theek hai aab tak tumne sirf ravi ka chera dekha hai (okay fine till now you’ve only seen my face)….par aab tum ravi garewal ka asli chera dekhogi (but now you will see my real face)…..she gets confused…..tumne hi kaha tha na ki tum mujhse bohot pyaar karti ho aur kabhi misunderstand nahi karogi mujhe ( you only said na that you love me a lot and will never misunderstand me?)….

lekin tumne kiya (but you still did)….aur itna bada misunderstanding (and this big of a misunderstanding)…..before i say what i want to say tum zara yaad kar ke mujhe bolo ki jo din tum cliff se ghiri thi uss din kaunsi date thi? (can you try remembering and tell me what day it was when i called you to come on the cliff) she remembers and says 6 june….she realizes what she said…6 june…..matlab uss din humare wedding anniversary thi? (it means it was actually our wedding anniversary?) ravi said haan….maine kaha that na ki maine tumhe humari wedding anniversary keliye bulaya tha (yes, i told you na that i called you for our wedding anniversary)….she feels so guilty….he says jo ladki humari shaadi ki tariq nahi yaad rakh sakti woh kya bharosa karenge mujhpe…. (the girl who couldn’t remember her wedding date, how can she remember and trust our love)

devika says i am so sorry ravi…he says no i am sorry….for loving a girl like you…..she says ravi….he says you blamed me for no reason…i kept telling you that i didn’t plan to kill you but you didn’t belive me….aur tumhe badla chaiye na (and you want revenge right) ….mujhse shaadi karke tum meko dikhana chaati thi na ki dhoka kya hota hai? (by marrying me you wanted to show me what betrayal is right?) you slapped me and i said nothing….i will never forget this slap you gave me miss devika….anyways i don’t want to remember any of that…i have made a decision….she says what decision….
he says aaj se mera iss gar se koi bhi family members se koi rishta nahi hai (from today i have no relation with any of this house’s family members) ….pointing at manju says na aap meri maa ho (you are not my mom)….pointing at monty and vikas says na aap log mere bhai ho (you both are not my brothers)…..pointing at nivi and shewta says na toh aap dono meri kuch ho (and you both are nothing to me)….aaj se mera aap sab se rishta khatam (from today all my relations are broken from you)…..devika feels a little happy that ravi didn’t say her name but soon her smile fades when ravi pointing at devika says aur na hi tum meri kuch ho (and neither are you anything for me)…..aap sabne sirf aur sirf mujhe use kiya hai (you all have just used me that’s it)….he goes to devika and says aur haan ek aur baat (oh yes one more thing) since tum meri biwi aab nahi ho toh bohot jald tumhe divorce papers mil jayge (since you are not my wife anymore, you will soon get divorce papers)…..devika looks on shocked….she says ravi please i am sorry…he does’t listen and rushes out of the home in anger….

devika falls on the floor crying and ravi leaves….janki comes and consoles her while manju is in shock….because of her, her own son broke all ties with her….everyone is just shocked….

screen freezes on ravi driving the car rashly and devika crying…..
so guys this is how i actually wanted the show to go but i guess ekta ji has something else in her mind…..i want to turn this into a fan fiction but i don’t know….if i get enough comments i will make it a fanfiction or i will just keep the ending this way and you can imagine what can happen next

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  1. Nice amazing

  2. omg I love it!

    1. Kiara86

      Thank you!

  3. But why ravi punish devika? He should understand that nivi uses ravi as weapons to ruin the relationship

    1. Kiara86

      I understand dear but ravi is hurt because his devika didn’t trust him. He can forget anyone but his devika the one who loved him and had upmost trust didn’t believe him that’s why:) but thank you!

  4. No plz don’t end it keep on writing dear it was also like how I thought I also thought the same way and ekta ji has different thought I just loped it dear keep it up and continue it

    1. Kiara86

      Thank you so much!!!

  5. Same! All the star plus as wel as life ok shows are the same! A half a year has gone by and the story is still stuck! Ravi needs to flip and express everything! Seriously the directors in India suck when it comes to these shows, it just kills the vibe and I end up missing a month by purpose and even then the story is stuck at the same stage!!

    1. Kiara86

      EXACTLY!!! Like just end the show if u can’t think of anything better but no u have to keep adding twists and turns goshhhh

  6. PLS pls pls dont end the serial. It is going on right way . Pls ekta ji dont stop . ravi and devika is my fav couple .
    ilovethis serial.

  7. abi bi esa he hoga par situation thori si different hogi

    1. Kiara86

      Haha these are my ideas I wrote but thanks!

      1. nice idea…. i hope so ekta ko tumse training ki jrurat hai

  8. Gr8 good thinking keep writing

  9. Nice yar …… ekta pagal he usse kuchh pta ni pakati your mind is nice… superb

  10. Excellent

  11. I always say to myself that viewers can do the job for the production house instead of the writers they employ there and for less money they get, for the lousy job we see day day out. Kiara, I think you are fantastic as a writer, this is all writers need to do to make us happy, instead they prolong the plots until viewership is lost or gets the viewers so upset that comments become abusive. Most times it shows that they have no other plots to conjure so the serial just gets dragged along. I would have loved to see your message portrayed, but thanks anyway because your story more logical and enjoyable. I’m glad Ravi treated ambika in that way because she was a wife who didn’t trust her husband and was unable to feel his pain in losing her, so what’s the use in having your life partner doubting you so intensely, what caliber of marriage is that? So thumbs up for you.

  12. Its not 7 years…its actually 9 months but at that shaadi moment its 1 year….. Nvm but your writing is wonderful ?

    1. ya right

  13. sahi h bhut


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