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Scene 1
Navi is getting ready, she likes on dress and says when Ravi will see me in this dress, then he will be lost in me, i will make him mine today.
Monty comes in party with Sakshi, Monty makes her meet his friends, Saket is there too and stares Sakshi, he thinks Sakshi can laugh as much as she can, you cant runaway from my trap.
Ravi is on bike and thinks that Mayank Mittal has gone mad, he has such high position even then doing such cheap things.
Saket talks to waiter, he spikes Monty’s and Sakshi’s drink. Waiter give spiked drinks to Sakshi and Monty, they drink it and goes on dance floor, Saket smirk.
Ravi comes in Navi home, he sees candle lights all around, he ask about it? Navi says i was afraid of Mayank to i switched off all lights and lit candles,

she holds his hand and says i am afraid of him, Ravi says relax, he cant do anything, he ask did you have wine? she says i was afraid so i drank a little, now i know how difficult it is to live in India, man have so much ego here that if we say no to them then they force themselves on us, Ravi says not all are same, some are bad and create bad image for everyone, Navi hugs Ravi and says save me please, Ravi says you drink wine, i will see outside if someone is there or not, Navi ask him if he will drink? he says no and goes out to talk to watchman, Navi says i will force him today to tell he loves me.
DEvika is sitting in room and Mandir’s Diay start blowing off, Devika saves it and says if Ambe Maa is giving me some hint that somethign bad is going to happen or if i am thinking alot? she thinks that Ravi has not returned till now nor he had told me anything where is going, he could have called me that he will come late, he keep giving me tension, she recalls how Ravi was sleeping with a girl when they went to honeymoon then how Ravi said to her that he never want to her hurt her but she always think him as wrong person, she says i dont understand what is right or what is wrong.

Scene 2
Party is going on, Sakshi and Monty are dancing and enjoying, Sakshi starts feeling dizzy, Monty feels Dizzy too, their friends ask them what happened to them? friend says i think they dram hard drinks by mistake, friends take them to room and make them sit on sofa, Sakshi and Monty faints, friends says they will be fine, we should leave, they leave from there, Saket comes there and closes door of room, he comes to Sakshi and ask her to get up and speak something, i am infront of you and your tongue start speaking ill when i am around, you warned me? what you thought that it will effect me? now i will destroy your future, Saket makes Monty hug Sakshi and makes them sit like as they are making out, he says what a pose, he clicks their picture in that position, he says family will be happy to see these pictures, he says my work is done, he leaves.
DEvika is waiting for Ravi and keep looking at door, she says where is Ravi? he said that he has an off from office then where he went? its so late, he doesnt think that people must be worried about him, he could have informed me, i also inform him about everything, i should call him.. she says no he thinks that i try to come close to him and if i call him then he will say that i am missing him, last night also he said so much to me, but i should call him and tell him that i am sleeping on sofa and dont disturb me when he comes back, she call him, Ravi sees her call and says why she is calling me? must be calling me to bicker with me, he takes her call, she is silent, he says hello.. if you have called then you have to talk, i can understand silent mode, DEvika acts and says who is speaking? why did you call me, Ravi says you called me, Devika says i called you by mistake, Ravi says you must be missing me thats why you called, DEvika says i can never miss you and if you comeback then dont disturb me as i will be sleeping, when will you comeback? Ravi says you must be missing me, if you ask then i will fly and come to you, she says not me but people in house can ask me about you, they dont know we have problems so what will i tell them about you? Ravi says i will comeback after sometime, he ends cal, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Ravi says she does have feelings for me, Ravi listens some noise, he goes to see it. Navi is drinking wine in room, she finds Ravi and acts that someone has thrown stone in room, she says Mayank have come, Ravi sees outside and says no one there, you dont worry, he makes her lie on bed, Ravi says there is non one here, you sleep peacefully, i will leave, Navi holds his hand and says dont leave from here, i am afraid, be with me, Ravi sit with her on bed and says till you dont sleep, i will not go from here.

PRECAP- DEvika says to herself that my heart says that Ravi cant do bad with me. Navi hugs Ravi and tries to kiss his neck, Ravi holds her hand and angrily looks at her. Ravi comes back home, DEvika finds lipstick mark on his shirt and smells lady’s perfume from his shirt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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