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Scene 1
Ravi says to saket oh MNA saket is here. you came here to attend the engagement? But its over and it went very well. Saket says i came here for something else. Ravi says don’t lie you can’t do anything to me as well. Saket says i will cut all your wings. Ravi says why don’t you do some social work. Stay away from my family. Btw do you like this ring? My wife wore me. She asked me to come home early so i have to go. So I have to listen to her. you better stand here.

Pallavi says to Rekha why don’t rest. Rekha says you are ordering me way to much these days. I should find you a man too. pallavi says i don’t need anyone unless you are fine. Rekha says whats wrong with that. Pallavi says leave all that and eat this medicine. Sakshi comes in. She hugs rekha

in tears. Rekha says what happened? I know we have been harsh on you. Please forgive me. Sakshi says i am fine. Rekha says come i will massage your head you must be tired. Sakshi lies in her lap.

Beeji calls saket. He says now she will annoy me again. beeji says where are you? You keep your promises so well. I was so stupid to trust in you. You should have told me if you couldn’t do anything. Saket says yes i am useless. Now you better do everything alone. Don’t even call me. Beeji says i wont.

Manju comes home and says i am so tired. Bring me warm water. Devika is going in kitchen. Manju says where are you going? You must be tired. Go rest in your room. She says to shweta go bring it. Shweta says i am tired as well. Manju says what you did? Your brother came there with wrong intention. I stopped him. Now go bring me water. Shweta goes to bring water.

Navi is drinking, she recalls devika making ravi wear the ring. Sia comes in and are you okay? Navi says why don’t i get what i want? Sia says tell me what happened? Navi says that.. nothing. A lot has happened but you wont understand. Sia says you should sleep. She makes her sleep.

Devika is taking her jewelry off. She looks at her ring. She sees ravi, he says you made me fall. Devika says you are not drunk today? why are you behaving weird then. You fell by your own. You are in your dreams all day. Her earring gets stuck in saari. Ravi says let me help, she says no. He says let me see it. Ravi takes it out. She says where is my earring? Its in ravi’s palm. She says you took it out? It didn’t even feel. She says you were making fun of me? She starts running after him.

Scene 2
Rekha gives tea to beeji. Rekha says why you look worried? beeji says nothing just my head hurts. Rekha says i will bring medicine. Rekha says no its okay. Did they send mehndi? Rekha says they will. Beeji says let me know when they send it.
Manju to devika you woke up so early? Devika says its sakshi’s mehndi today so i thought i will get done with the work here and then i will go chachi to help her out. Ravi comes in the kitchen and hugs devika from back, he says maa please make me tea. Manju says asking me to make tea and hugs for your wife. Ravi steps back. Manju says make him tea devika. Devika says don’t you feel ashamed? He says my eyes were closed. She says how will i face her now. Ravi says you didn’t like it that i hug you? If you didn’t, i can hug you again. She says go from here.

navi wakes up next morning. Sia gives her coffee. Navi says i am fine i don’t need it. Sia says look at yourself. Navi says i am fine. I got drunk its no big deal. Sia says there is something wrong. You asked me if there is any shortcoming in you. Navi says i met a guy, he was annoying me. when i didn’t encourage him, he started yelling about my looks. Thats it. Sia says thats it? Navi says yes. Sia says promise me you wont drink like this again? Navi says i wont drink like that again.

Devika comes home, rekha says pallavi bring her tea. Rekha says you dont have to work you will have to put on mehndi with sakshi. Devika says it will look weird. Rekha says no you have to. Devika says okay i will. Dadi asks did they send mehndi? Devika says ravi is sending it in a while.
Navi says i had to be in control. I behaved rudly with manju aunty. But ravi, why did he has to do this engagement. He doesn’t love devika. Maybe he was doing this to impress her. Or because of his family. I can’t give up like this. Ravi is mine. I have to do something that makes everything normal.

Precap-The child says to ravi i did as you asked now give me my chocolate. Devika says it means it was you behind it. Beeju says i will mix the red spices in the mehndi. Pallavi sees her doing this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kalpesh patel

    Agar saket uske har chal me kamiyab hote raha to serial dekhne maja nahi aayega. Ye shadi ho ni chahiye b’coz dusra koi option nahi he q ki such koi nahi janta hai, aur nahi b honi chahiye b’coz mounti pallavi se pyar karta he…… ya fir jo kuch b hua tha mounti aur sakshi k bich o such sabke samne aana chahiye.

  2. Sakshi bohat stron hai, iss tarah use har nahi manani chahiye…. mounti aur sakshi ko ye pata lagana chahiye tha….. k unke sath ye sab kisne kiya tha..

  3. Ravi aur devika ek sath bohat achhe lag rahe hai. Life ok k all serial me i thing ravi aur devika ki jodi sabse best hai

  4. Plz any1 tell kabhi na sukoon aya song is frm which film

  5. Aparna Itz from movie “Koi aap sa”

    1. Thnx so much 4 telling me

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