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Scene 1
Ravi says its her birthday? she can be Devika or Ambika, i should give her surprise party then will propose her.
Ravi comes to Vikas and says today is Ambika’s birthday,she is my wife so i should do something for her, i want to give surprise party,Vikas says dont worry,i will do arrangements, Manju and Shweta comes there, Vikas tells them about Ambika’s party, Manju thinks i will get gifts from her rich guests,Ravi says it will be surprise for Ambika, Vikas will handle decorations.Nivi has listened all this and thinks how to make them on my side.
Ravi is doing decorations nd says to himself that i have to do all arrangements of party, its my wife’s birthday. Devika comes there and asks what are you doing here? he says nothing, Devika says are you planning against

me? Ravi says i was taking off lights of diwali, Devika says i am going to talk to my mother,dont disturb me, Ravi says you are telling me everything like a wife, i dont disturb you, Devika is about to leave but slips because of lights on floor,Ravi holds her in his arms they share eyelock, she pushes him away, she says you have put these lights so that i slip,you did it deliberately, Ravi says you keep blaming me,you slipped to get in my arms, you wanted to come closer,Devika says fine,i like to slip? next time dont hold me in my arms,stay away from me,Ravi says fine. Devika turns and slips, she falls down on floor,Ravi sings,she says i am lying on floor and you are singing? Ravi says you asked me to not touch you, DEvika says help me, Ravi says you beautiful girls have so much anger, Ravi lifts her in his arms and says you have become fat,DEvika says i have got sprain in foot.
Ravi brings Devika in room, Devika says you must have put lights there so you can lift me, Devika says to Ravi that i think you put lights there so i get entangled in them, Ravi says you are selfish, you must have entangled yourself to come in my arms and do kachkach(blabbering) in my ears, Devika realizes he used to say this to Devika, Janki comes there and sees them like that,she coughs,Ravi puts Devika down, Devika says why you kept me in your arms? Janki says you both carry on, she leaves room and thinks that they look so good together,i hope they remain happy, she loves Ravi a lot,she get lost in his love,i dont mind her loving him,maybe he is regretting cheating earlier.
Saket says to Nivi that you were saying we should make Manju and Shweta to our side and now you are asking me to kill Ambika? i love her, Nivi says she doesnt care about you, she is getting closer to Ravi, we have to kill her,Saket says you are right, Ambika will never be mine,she is not even Devika,if i can Kill Devika whom i loved so much then why not Ambika?
Jyoti asks Sakshi to eat food,Sakshi says no i want to go outside. Shweta sees her and thinks what if she becomes fine? she says to Manju that i am tensed, Ambika can bring doctors for her,if Sakshi becomes fine then our secret will come out,i dont want to go to jail,i dont like Nivi but she is right, Manju says we have to be with Ambika,she has money, Shweta says in Sakshi’s case, we have to be with Nivi.
Ravi comes in room and says i am tired,she asks is there something happening today? he says you dont know? she says no, Ravi says its special day, she thinks its my birthday but he didnt even wish me, Ravi says you dont know? DEvika thinks tell Ravi you know about my birthday, you are going to celebrate my birthday, Ravi says its happy new year for you,DEvika says how? Ravi says happy new year starts after diwali for us, i have brought dress for you, DEvika says i have many clothes,i dont need it,Ravi says i know you are rich but see what i have brought for you,he brings dress and asks her to see, he shows her,she likes it but says its bad, color is so dull,i wont wear it, he says please wear it,she says you cant force me, he says i am ordering, i listen to you so you listen to me,Devika thinks he doesnt even remember my birthday,maa told infront of him but he didnt listen, she says i wont wear, Ravi says its ritual in our family that when husband bring dress,wife have to wear it,DEvika says fine i am wearing it but people will make fun of me that i am looking cartoon, Ravi says you will look nice, wear it, Devika says you want me to change infront of you? Ravi says option is not bad,she glares him, he says i am leaving but wear it,i have brought this with so much love,he leaves. Devika looks at dress.
Saket meets his goons and says you have to murder,goon says we have done many murders for you, Saket shows him photo of Ambika,he gives him money, goon says first we will do work then we will take money, Saket asks how will you enter party?goon says we know ideas, goon says we will give her bomb,she will die, it will small fire cracker for her but only she will die,Saket says okay do it,goon leaves.Saket says i wanted to gift your myself Ambika but you dont want it,i killed Devika so i wont spare you too,we will meet in next life.
Ravi says when DEvika will know that i have given party for her then she will hug me,she will look deadly in dress i gave her, control Ravi. In room,Devika says i shouldnt listen to him, he doesnt remember my birthday,i wont celebrate but i will wear this dress as this is ritual.

PRECAP- Nivi gives papers to Devika and says read it before you sign, Devika signs papers without reading, Nivi thinks very welldone,you dont even know that you have called your death by signing these papers, this is your death warrant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Yeh to hadd ho gai pagalpanti ki. What a waste of these caracters

  3. Same track again. Killing or kidnapping. Is this track ever going to end? What has ambika/devika signed?

  4. Would be good if plan backfired and nivi was the victim instead of ambika/devika. Tracks dragged on for too long, please end it asap.

  5. I think it’s a suicide letter plsssss writers end this track it’s getting very annoying the same kidnapping and killing bring in some new villains getting really bored with seeing navis ugly face all the time

  6. are you serious!! I hope Janki devi is going to find out about this plan!

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