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Scene 1
Navi and Ravi come. Navi meets everyone. He sees rekha and savitri. he meets them. Rekha says stay happy. Navi comes and says namasty to them. Rekha says this small gift. i made these basin laddo. Ravi says they are special to me I love them. Someone calls ravi. Navi says such cheap gift? Ravi’s taste has changed. Even our servants and puppies would reject it. savitri says you like snatching his favorite things? You are dying to take devika’s place? If she was alive you would never have her place. Navi says in heart I want to kick them out.
Devika arrives with janki. She says this storm is the mirror of you feelings it will ruin your enemies. Devika enters the house. she says in heart I never did anything bad to them but now I am back to ruin them.

Navi says keep her in

control, rekha says i apologize on her behalf. Rekha says it think storm is raging on. Navi says don’t say all that. its a good day. Its my engagement. Ravi comes she changes her tone and says I am glad you came. by dad couldn’t but your presence would suffice.
Rekha says Ravi I was thinking we should meet sakshi once. Ravi says sure but eat something first. He asks joti to take them to eat something.
Shweta says to chachi isn’t this too boring? Shweta says there will be a romantic dance here by ravi and navi. Navi says lets go. He says I am not in mood to. she says but for me you have to.
Navi starts the dance on the song rehnuma. he is standing in center. Devika looks at them from behind the door.
Ravi imagines devika there and dances with her. Ravi comes close to her imagining devika. Devika watches them in tears. Devika recalls their moments together. She swipes her tears.
Ravi is in tears as well.

Rekha and savti enter the dark room. Savti says what has happened to her. Sakshi laughs. Her hair and everything is messed. She says savitri you killed my devika. Rekha says don’t say that. Sakhsi says whoever was involved will die. IO will not leave anyone. she screams. Rekah tries to control her. The nurse says lets go from here. Sakshi says you will all die one by one. Where are you going?
Sakshi and savtri are crying outside. Rekha cries and says what has happened. My daughter. One died and look at sakshi. She is crying. Rekha says I want both of my daughters back. She is sobbing. Savtri says calm down.

Devika enter the hall. The light goes off. Navi says what happened to light? Go check the power meter come on. Devika stands next to her in dark and says congrats. she says thanks. devika says this gift for you. Navi says thanks. devika says sometimes there is so much darkness inside that it comes out and whole lights won’t light your world. Today is your engagement. It will bind you to ravi’s past and future. Even with his ex wife devika. Navi says who are you? Devika says not your well wisher. Navi says who the hell are you? Ravi comes and says what happened? Navi says I am really scared. Devika says i never understood your black lie. You both played with me. You both fooled me. Now I will play my part. Navi says I am really scared of you. ravi says i am here. Let me go check the light. NAvi says please come soon She turns back no one is there. Devika comes when ravi leaves and says you are so scared? I thought you can even kill someone.

Precap-She sees the gift they are black roses. Navi says who hates me in this part. Navi shoves rekha and savitri. savitri says how dare you. Devika is about to go out of the car. Janki stop them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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