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Scene 1
Dildar scold his goons for not catching Ravi and Devika, goon Sajid comes there and says i saw Ravi and Devika going to marriage hall in marriage couple dresses, they go to check them.
Manju recalls Monty’s words that Navi is behind kidnapping, she says Navi cant do this, she loves Ravi, this must Sakshi’s trick to make me fight with Navi, she must be jealous of Navi as she is taking Devika’s place here, she could say this to others too, how to stop her?
Couples come in marriage hall, all wait for 5th couple, Ravi and Devika comes there dressed as bride and groom. Devika says to Ravi that we are stuck here, what to do? Ravi says we got free from one problem and stuck in second problem, let me think how we can leave from here, Devika says they will start our marriage,

think something, Ravi says even if they make us marry then its not an issue, we are couple only and also first time you didnt know that i was your groom, after this wedding we will go for honeymoon, Devika blushes, Devika and Ravi exchange garlands. Goons come there and says we need to check all, Devika is in veil, Ravi is hiding his face under sehra, they get tensed seeing goons there, the manager of wedding ask goons to leave, Dildar says we are not here to stop this marriage, we are finding our enemies, let us find them then we will go, manager says we can allow you to see grooms’ faces but not brides faces. Ravi gets idea and says to one groom that the one you are getting married, she doesnt have straight eyes, i can get marry to her, Devika says to bride that the one you marrying, he is deaf, i can marry him in your place, she exchanges her position with her, Ravi and Devika stand together at end by tricking groom. Deepak starts looking at grooms’ faces, Ravi and Devika are tensed, manager says we have seen last groom’s face earlier, leave him, Deepak doesnt see Ravi’s face, Dildar leaves with his goons. Ravi and Devika sit to get married, Devika asks Ravi how can we leave from here? Ravi says we cant leave rightnow else they will beat me alot. Ravi and Devika’s gadhbandhan is done, Devika thinks that it feels like Rekha is blessing me, Ravi and Devika start rituals of marriage, Ravi thinks that earlier what i did was to save Devika, that marriage was incomplete but today it will be completed, Devika thinks that time i was not at peace but now i am contend wit this marriage. Ravi and Devika start pheras, Ravi thinks that i will love you for 7births, i wont let anything happen to you, Devika thinks that i love you alot Ravi and i promise you that this love will not lessen ever, my life will be with you, even if i die in your arms, i will not have any regret, you were right, Ambe Maa gave us this chance so that our relation becomes pure, now i am sure that we are made for each other, Ravi thinks that no power in world can separate us now. Ravi makes Devika wear Mangalsutra, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi fills her forehead with vermilion(sindoor), pundit says marriage is done, you are husband and wife from now on, Ravi holds Devika’s hand, they smile.

Scene 2
Manju says i should inform Navi first that Monty and Sakshi doubt her and also that i am with her always.
Navi says i am tired of playing nice girl infront of Manju, Ravi and Devika have runaway too, i cant let this happen, i have done so much hardwork for all this, even Manju is in my control now, i have to do something, she gets Manju’s call, Manju says i have to tell you something but dont feel bad about it, Sakshi is very clever, Monty is going crazy over her, he believes whatever she says, Navi asks what you mean? Manju says Sakshi has made Monty believe that you are behind Ravi and Devika’s kidnapping, Navi says what? Manju says dont worry, i have told Monty to not say this again, dont worry, i am with you, she ends call, Navi says Monty and Sakshi are doubting me but how? she recalls how she met Monty and Sakshi near factory, she says this is my mistake, i gave them chance to doubt me, one more problem had cropped up.
Goons are outside marriage hall, dildar says this MLA has made me mad and you all useless, you all couldnt find them. Sajid finds Ravi and Devika’s clothes there and shows it to Dildar, he says i was right, Deepak says this means they are inside, Dildar says then you people didnt check clearly inside? now Ravi wont be spared from me, i will shoot him as soon as i see him.
Devika says to Ravi that marriage is done, we should leave before goons come here again, Ravi says only marriage is done, suhagraat(marriage night) is remaining, Devika says dont joke, manager comes there and gifts them, Ravi asks about preparation for marriage night, he says you are shameless, take her to your house, Ravi says atleast you could have arranged a room, manager says there is one room behind hall, you can go there with her, Devika asks Ravi to stop it, manager says we will dance and enjoy now, dance starts, Ravi brings Devika there and starts dancing with her.
Dildar says to his goons that no mistake should this time, surround this hall from all side, they all go. dildar tries to go in marriage hall but guard stops him, Dildar shows him Ravi and Devika’s picture and says i am finding them, they are inside?

PRECAP- Dildar comes in marriage hall, he starts searching for Ravi and Devika. Ravi and Devika hides behind table there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How much longer this track going on for? Still no one exposed yet again in a serial.

  2. It used to be a nice serial but now it is messed up……
    please bring more ravika scenes…
    I am missing their cute scenes…

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