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Scene 1
Devika says i entered room from balcony, Janki says you took risk, what if anything had happened to you? Devika says i dont know how i got courage, i listened that you told her that i was taking bath, i went to your room, wore this nightwear and came to my room, i am still wearing my saree, Janki says how you got so much courage? Devika says i have already seen death and i know i have to win this fight, only i will give Nivi payback, Janki says i am so happy that you are becoming strong, Devika says you are like Ambe Maa for me, you have always stood by me, be with me always, Janki says i didnt do anything, i am your mother and will be with you, Ambe Maa is with you thats why Shweta opened door for you. You have proved three things today, one that you are Ambika, second that you are Devika and

Ambika are different and third that Nivi is totally mad, Devika says she was so shocked to see me here, Janiki says Ravi must have scolded her, he was embarrassed seeing her antics, Devika doesnt answer that and says i will go to room, her feet has sprain, Janki asks what happened? Devika says i got sprain when i climbed balcony, its not a big deal, Janki says i will bring turmeric milk for you, Devika leaves.
Nivi asks Manju and Shweta who opened store room? Manju says i went to my room, Swheta says she was sleeping, i was guarding store room, Nivi says then you must have opened door, Shweta says why will i open door? there was ghost inside why would i open door for him? Nivi says Jyoti must have opened it, i will kill her. Vikas says that Jyoti is on vacations, she is not in home for days, how will you kill her? will you shoot her or will you throw her off cliff? like Devika fell off from cliff and nobody helped her? Nivi recalls how they had killed Devika. Shweta takes Vikas from there. Shweta says why you take Devika’s name infront of her? Vikas says she is afraid of Devika as if she killed her, i am not afraid of her, Shweta says she will kill you, Vikas says as if i will let her kill me, she has gone mad, she sees Devika’s ghost everywhere, she has gone mad and you all are going mad behind her.
Nivi screams and throws things in her room, Ravi comes there and is stunned. Nivi cries and acts like mental, she says i am not mad, she shouts and cries, Ravi tries to control and grabs her, she says Ravi i am not mad, he says yes you are not, she cries and screams, Ravi makes Nivi lie on bed, he covers her with blanket, Nivi holds his hand and says be with me, dont leave me, Ravi says i am with you, he sits down beside her, Nivi sleeps, Ravi recalls how Nivi behaved all day, he thinks if she is going mad truly?
Its morning, DEvika comes out after taking shower. She sees water on floor and recalls how when she used to live with Ravi, she slipped because of water on floor and Ravi held her in his arms, they shared eyelock, Ravi came closer to her, Devika got conscious, Ravi asks if she is fine? she says yes, if you had not held me then i would have been injured, i slipped because of water, Ravi says how are this water, he kicks water, Devika says it was my mistake, i should have seen it, dont beat me now, Ravi says i cant beat you, give me hairdryer, i will dry your hair, she says i asked you repair my dryer but you didnt, Ravi says i will dry your hair, i will blow air on your hair, she says aunty.. Ravi gets conscious thinking that Manju has come, Devika laughs, Ravi says i will dry your hair, Devika says manju aunty will come, he says we are married, she says but.. Ravi dries her hair with towel, he pulls her hair, she shouts, he says sorry, he kisses her head, Devika blushes, Ravi dries her hair with towel, boldo no zara plays. Flashback ends, Devika gets conscious, she takes her phone and calls Ravi being emotional, Ravi is sleeping and doesnt take her call. Devika cuts call and says i called him? why did i call him? what he will think, why did i call him? what happened to me? Ravi wakes up and sees Ambika’s miscall, he says she called me in early morning? Ravi calls her back, Devika sees it and says what will i say, why i called him? how to tell him that Devika called him not Ambika, that same Devika who has no control over heart, that Devika who even after knowing everything keep getting attracted towards him, you finished everything Ravi, distance is so much between us now that i cant tell you anything, you have stooped so low in my eyes, you broke our relation, our trust, everything is finished, she wipes her tears. Ravi calls her again, Devika takes call, Ravi says Ambika., Devika says i just called to ask if your fiance is fine? i talked to her rudely last night, i shouldnt have kicked her out of my house, i didnt have other choice, she was behaving rudely, is she fine now? Ravi says she is fine, i am sorry for whatever happened last night, Devika says i hope you take my advise seriously, i truly feel your fiance need psychiatrist, she needs treatment asap, take care of her, take her to good doctor, she ends call. Janki comes there and says you were talking to your enemy, what was the need to call Ravi? Devika says nothing like that, you said that we should remain in their contact, i thought to earn brownie points in Ravi’s eyes, only that was reason, Devika goes to change.
Ravi says Ambika’s voice is like Devika, i feel like she is Devika, i know she is Ambika Raichand but why heart doesnt accept this? i dont understand this, everything proves that she is Ambika but why i heart beats for her like it used to beat for Devika.
Devika and Janki sits to have breakfast. Janki says to Ambika that the way you were talking to Ravi on phone wasnt right, you are here to take revenge but i can see your heart melting for him, Devika says nothing like that, Janki says i see it in your eyes, i know its not easy to forget his love, you have already got enough wounds, why you want to get injured again? Devika says i wont do any mistake as you are with me, Janki says we need to go to another step, DEvika says i will make her believe that Devika’s ghost is behind her, Janki says then Ambika will save her and will become her friend, you become her investor and then take away everything from her, we can kidnap her, Devika says only Nivi is not my enemy, i have to punish Manju and Ravi too, Nivi just snatched my husband but Ravi took everything from me, he destroyed my life, he has given me so much pain. Bell rings. Vikas comes there. Devika tries to get up seeing but controls herself, he greets them, Devika asks him to sit in hall, she will come, he goes, Devika is tensed.

PRECAP- Vikas says to Devika that i have just come to say thanks to known face. the person(Devika’s ghost) have changed our lives for good, i dont know if that person is our own or not, i just request you to keep coming to our house and keep silencing Nivi like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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