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Scene 1
Ravi comesback home, Manju stops him and ask where were you? Ravi says i went for office work, manju says Saket came and he had doubt that you went to meet Devika, swear on me that you didnt go to meet Devika? Ravi gets tensed, he swear on her head that nothing is going on between me and Devika, Manju gets happy, Ravi leaves.
In morning, Saket calls his girlfriend Ananya, he says i am coming to you, Gayetri glares at him, Ravi spies on him and thinks that now i will bring his truth, i will not sit quitly till i find truth.
Tannu ask Lovely that you didnt go back home? Lovely says i will go after marriage is done, she gets Sanjay’s call, he ask what are you doing? she says i am making aloo paratha, Devika sees them talking on phone in same house, she smiles, she thinks that it

means lovely and Sanjay are talking to each other, she calls lovely and ask are you talking to Sanjay? how you know him? lovely says i love at first sight, Sakshi comes and says there are too many love stories in this house, Devika ask did you tell Sanjay? lovely says no i am afraid, Devika says i will help you.
Ravi is waiting for Saket outside hotel, he tries to go in but manager stop him and says you dont have luggage so you cant go in, Ravi thinks that Saket has done setting here too, he comes to security guard and says can i go to washroom? they let him go in hotel, he finds Navi there, Navi is drunk and scolds waiter, she warns manager and says i am queen of construction, this all food is rubbish, Ravi comes to her and ask whats the problem? manager says she was fighting with someone on phone, she is drunk, Ravi thinks what to do, i cant leave her here like this, he says to Navi that i will take you home, Navi says you here? you will insult me like my father did, i hate everyone, Ravi holds her in arms and takes her away.

Scene 2
Ravi makes her sit in car, she is sleeping, Ravi says i wish i can show you this state of yours so your ego will be crushed, he thinks that i dont even know address of her house, he finds Saket coming out of hotel, he thinks to follow Saket but then sees Navi and says what to do about her? he says i cant leave this chance, Ravi says to Navi that you are loser, your attitude is of no use, Navi says you are right, i am big loser, my dad thinks same, he thinks he is God and i am no one, i wanna prove him wrong him, he also thinks that i will not get this contract, she shows him file of contract and says my father thinks i dont deserve this contract but i wanna prove that i can do this project on my own, am i wrong? Ravi checks file for address, Ravi doesnt find address and thinks of taking her to his house.
Ravi brings Navi in house and says thank God all are sleeping, he brings her to his room, he ask her to lie on bed, she says you are Ravi? what are you doing in my house? go away, Ravi ask her to shut up, anyone will come, Navi says no one lives in my house, RAvi tries to make her lie on bed, Manju comes there and ask how she came here? Ravi says she is drunk so i brought her here, Manju greedily looks at her gold bracelet, Ravi says she is my boss, he ask her to take care of her, he leaves, manju says i was finding girl and the rich girl came to my house, she is Rashesh Luthra’s daughter, i got lottery.
Saket meet Devika in market and says i am learning dance for our sangeet ceremony, Devika recalls how he mishandled her when they danced together, Devika coughs and ask for water, Saket goes to bring water, he finds Ananya in same market, he hides, Ananya finds DEvika coughing, she goes to her, Saket thinks what Devika sees her, i have to stop her, Ananya doesnt go to Devika, Ravi comes in market too, he comes to Devika and ask are you fine? he brings water for her.
Navi wakes up, she has hangover, she finds her clothes changed and says where i am? and how i came here? with whom i was with last night, she recalls how Ravi took her from hotel, she says Ravi.
Ravi brings water for Devika, he makes her drink it, he wipes her face, she looks at him, ananya leaves, Saket comes out, Ravi ask Devika how you here? Devika says i am on shopping with Saket, he went to bring water, saket comes and ask Devika are you fine? she nods, Ravi says i made her drink water, i have saved her life and instead of thanking you are looking at me as if you will kill me, Saket takes Devika from there.

PRECAP- Saket drops Devika at home, he holds her hand and says you always say that there is nothing between you and Ravi, and it should not happen else i will break relation.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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