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Scene 1
Navi comes to her home, she gets flashback of her relationship, when she was in relationship, her boyfriend says to her that you are always behind me, you try to control me, i wanted a girlfriend not body guard, he breaks up with her and leaves, fb ends, Navi says actually Ravi’s proposal is first official proposal for me, the idiot with whom i broke up never proposed me, i am liking it, Ravi and Navidita.. i have crazy boyfriend, its interesting, he loves me, he will be in my control, control equals to love, its going to be interesting, my ego will be satisfied controlling him, its win win situation for me.
Ravi goes to washroom, he washes his face, he recalls how Ananya came there to meet him, Ravi says oh shit she came to meet me, if i was not drunk then i could have talked to

her, DEvika was there too, i could have told truth to her, i lost big chance, Monty comes there and ask are you fine? Ravi nods, Monty says we got god chance but you were so much drunk, that girl came to you but you were not in senses, you lost the challenge, Monty ask how do you know? Monty says i was with you, i saw some goons taking that girl, i couldnt stop them, he says i listened saket saying to goons that take girl to jungle behind Mandir, Ravi says how will i find her in such big area, Monty says leave everything, you cant do anything now, time has passed.

Scene 2
Sakshi says to herself that i made good plan but Ravi destroyed everything, dont know what Devika must be thinking about him, whatever he said was for Devika, i have to tell everything to DEvika, she goes to her room and finds Devika sleeping, she says Devika must be tired, i will talk to her tomorrow, DEvika is awake in her room, she recalls how Savitri announced Navi and Ravi’s marriage, how Ravi proposed Navi, she says why i am not getting sleep, she keeps thinking about Ravi.
Ravi has hangover and says i dont remember what i have done in party, i should call call but then thinks its not right time, i will talk to her tomorrow, i am sure everything will be fine, i hope Sakshi doesnt tell anything to Devika, i was going to tell my heart thing to Devika, did i talk to her? what was her reaction then? i dont know how i got so much inebriated, dont know what she must be thinking about me. Both Ravi and Devika are not getting sleep and recalls their good moments.
Its morning, Savitri is working and says the day has come for which i was waiting, she says chura ritual is done my maternal uncle but Devika’s uncle is no more, she says chura ritual will be done my Devika’s brothers, Savitri ask Shekhar did you see Ravi around? he says no, Savitri says its good, now i will be in peace, Sakshi listens this and gets angry.
Saket is getting ready as groom, Gayetri comes and says i was waiting for this day, for me its biggest dream but i am worried if Ravi tries to do something, Saket says he doesnt have much time, he has accepted his loss, he will not do anything, Saket says Devika will be mine only and nobody can snatch her, Gayetri says alongwith Devika we are getting her property too but what if Ananya come in marriage? Saket says till marriage doesnt happen, she will not be seen anywhere and after marriage, it doesnt happen.

Scene 3
Ravi is do arrangement of marriage with Vikas, he is tensed and says i am doing arrangement of Saket’s marriage, i cant believe this, he gets angry, Ravi checks list and says to Vikas that you have done mistake in calling band people, Vikas says you gave me this list only, why you are worried? why you are getting angry on everything, Ravi says this marriage is a big problem, i dont want this marriage to happen, Manju comes and says you are right, Devika should not get married to Saket, Saket has much money and now Devika is his bride, i got to know that Devika has got land of crores, Ravi says i have no interest in that, he leaves.
DEvika gets ready as bride, Sakshi comes to her and ask which jewelry you are going to wear, she finds Devika sad and says nothing of use now, you are too late, DEvika says what? Sakshi says nothing, i know whats your answer, you will say that you are not thinking about Ravi, i was thinking about jewelry, you will say only this, you have started loving darkness, you can lie as much as yo can because if now you say truth nobody will believe you, soon you are going to marry a person who will break your every dream, you will recall my words when you will be alone with that person, think what will happen to you, DEvika recalls how Saket do cheap things, Savitri comes there and ask Devika to get ready fast, she ask Pallavi to help her, she leaves, Pallavi says i will help you Devika, she makes wear bangles and sees red marks on her hands? she ask how it happened, Devika recalls how Saket held her hand tightly last night, Sakshi sees it too, Savitri comes and says get ready fast, Saket called me, they are leaving house, she ask Pallavi to come with her, Pallavi leaves, DEvika in tears looks at Sakshi, Sakshi says congrats for your blessed married life, she leaves, Devika is in tears.

PRECAP- DEvika says to Ambe Maa that Rekha, Sakshi, Pallavi no one likes Saket, when my own family is not happy then why i am doing this marriage?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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