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Scene 1
Devika asks Ravi to stop car, he does and asks what? She says i want to eat food on dhaba, Ravi says Raichand’s daughter is going to eat at dhaba? no way, Devika says i am Ravi’s wife too so i have to adjust here, Ravi says dont insult me, Devika says sorry, she says i am hungry, please take me there, Ravi says say politely, she says you dont want me to eat, say sorry now, He says i love you. They come at dhaba. They order few dishes but they are not available there, Ravi says bring kerosene and burn down your dhaba, Devika goes to wash hands. One girl comes and hugs Ravi from behind, Ravi says Priya you? Priya says i missed you in three years, i never got boyfriend like you, she hugs Ravi. Devika turns and sees Ravi hugging a girl, Ravi pushes Priya gently and says meet my wife

Ambika, he says she is my friend from college, Priya says you married? Ravi says yes and i love her a lot, Devika says and he is very cool you know, he talks and hangs out with girls, carry on, Ravi says she hugged me, Priya says Ravi are you scared of your wife? you didnt tell her that you had relation with me and loved me too. Devika says you both carry on, Ravi says have food first, Devika says pass time with your girlfriends, i will go alone, she leaves. Ravi runs behind Devika and says listen to me. Devika sits in car. Ravi says its nothing like that Ambika. Ravi says to Priya that you messed up. Ravi sits in car, Devika says you said that you loved only me and Devika then who is this girl? Ravi says i didnt love her, Devika says you will say that about me too, Ravi says trust me, i didnt love her, Devika says i dont want to talk to you, just drive. Ravi says my fate is ill, Ravi drives away.
Rekha is making Sakshi eat food. Sakshi asks her to eat too, Rekha says i am nut hungry, i will eat later. Rekha says i will massage your hair today, Sakshi says i am liking this, Rekha says i am not staying here, why dont you come home, i will take care of you, i dont think Monty will say no, Sakshi says no, i doesnt matter to him, Rekha says what happened between you and Monty? did anything happen? i felt weird, Monty didnt meet me once, Sakshi says he is busy these days, Rekha says dont lie to your mother, tell me truly anything happened between you and Monty? Sakshi says Monty changed, he is not happy about me being fine, he has moved on in one year, Rekha says Monty was not like this, how could he change? i will talk to him, i wont let your life get destroyed, Sakshi says no, there are already too much tension, maybe Ambika will make Monty understand, promise me that you will not say anything to Monty.

Scene 2
Janki says to herself that i am happy today, Ravi and Devika went for honeymoon, she says i shouldnt call them, Ambika said she will call after reaching resort. Rekha comes there and says why you are alone? are you feeling lonely without Ambika? Janki says Ambika is with her husband now, i just came here to call some clients, how is Sakshi? Rekha says she slept, how is Ambika and Ravi? Janki says Ambika didnt call till now, seems like they are happy together and i dont want to disturb them, i want them to come closer, i want Ambika to get everything she lost in her last life, Rekha says what are you saying? get everything which she couldnt in last life? tell me, Janki says they married under stress thats why i said it, Rekha says you are changing topic, tell me what is truth? Janki says you have misunderstanding, Rekha says i have been trying to solve this mystery, i feel like Ambika and you are lying to me, why she doesnt hug me once and say that she is my daughter, Janki says why would i lie to you? i wont get anything, Rekha says dont hide truth from me, i know and believe that she is not your Ambika, she is my Devika, janki is shocked and hurt. Rekha says i have raised her, she was so small when her mother died and i became her mother, i have wiped her tears, i have made her walk, i have made her eat food, i have blessed her and mother can sense touch of her kids, so how would i not understand that she is my Devika not your Ambika. Janki says i am not hiding anything from you, i will make tea for you, she leaves.
Ravi is driving car, they reach villa. Ravi says its beautiful and romantic. Devika says you would like to come with your 50girlfriends, i would leave back but i am stuck with you, Ravi says i keep telling you that there is nothing like that, i dont believe this, i kept telling you whole way here but you keep taunting me, Devika says its your mistake and you are showing ego to me? Devika comes out of car but her saree pallu gets stuck in door, Ravi pulls it out and says what will you do without me? you got punished, Devika stares him and leaves angrily, Ravi says i was joking, Devika closes door on his face. Ravi says i was joking, i am outside house and its cold here.
janki is making tea. Rekha comes there and says i cant bear anymore, please tell me truth, you dont feel pity for this mother? i am going crazy, what mistake did i do that my daughter is hiding her identity from me, my motherly love gets broken when i think about it, i keep thinking about it, please dont hide from me, Janki says its nothing like that, Rekha says i know your Ambika is my Devika, you can deny but i know this is true. janki thinks that i cant see Rekha in this situation, i want to hug her and tell her that Ambika is her Devika but i cant do it, Rekha says dont hide truth from me, Devika never lied to me and if today she is hiding such big thing then i know there must be good reason behind it, Janki is tensed.

PRECAP- Saket reaches Devika and Ravi’s villa and smirks thinking of some evil idea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When is this track going to end? Why doesn’t the writers bring out devika’s truth and continue the serial, how much longer are they going to drag it.

  2. Gosh I was angry ? seeing the precap. I thought they will show Ravi and Devika’s fight but they showed Sakets stupid ugly smirk on his face. I swear I wanted to punch him. The episode did have tension because Rekha kept on insisting to Janki to tell why Devika has new identity of Ambika and is hiding her truth from her. I really don’t know how Janki managed. She was about to tell the whole truth anyways but it’s good that she stopped. Anyways Rekha will get to know the truth after Saket and Nivi get punished. Tuffy have some more patience, the writer is writing the story perfectly, first let writers punish the two evils then only will Devika’s truth come out

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