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Scene 1
Ravi calls Manju and asks if she knows where Ambika is? she says no, Ravi asks where are you? Manju says near highway, at godown, Shera says come fast, Manju ends call and goes to Shera. Ravi says what she is doing there? that place is isolated, what work she has there? and who was man behind her talking to her rudely? I am sure, there is something fishy, Maa is lying to me, he recalls Manju’s weird behavior in last few days, how she to his office then how she panicked getting to know about Jankis kidnapping. Ravi is about to leave when he sees Ambika’s diary, he says why did she leave at table? what did she write. He opens diary and finds address of godown near highway, he says its same address as Maa told me, it means they both went to same place, there is some secret there,

I have to go and find out, he leaves.
Devika sits on chair, Janki says take care, Devika says put veil on my face so she doesn’t know that its me on chair, Janki covers Devika’s face with veil and goes to hide behind pillar. Manju wears burqa, he says why need this? Manju says first we will threaten then make her sign then when she is dying, then I will tell her who kidnapped her and who killed her. She says once Janki sign these papers, I will become rich, I will give you lots of money too, you have done a lot for me, and maybe I will need you to kill ambika too, you are my special goon now. Shera says don’t waste time rightnow, lets go inside. Manju covers her face with veil and goes in godown. Ravi is driving to godown too and thinks that I am sure Maa and Ambika are hiding something from me.
Nivi is in her room and says what is she doing? Ambika left house again, how to find out. Saket comes there and closes her door, he says I was finding you, I have to give you shocking news, you know Janki got kidnapped and you know Manju did it, Nivi says how did you know? Saket says I met Shera’s friend and he told me that Janki was kidnapped by Shera on Manju’s saying, why she didn’t tell me or you? she did it to get Janki’s property, I will leave and find her, Nivi says I think you are overreacting, we have to think calmly then react, Saket says lets have havan to have peace, I am telling you that Manju did this kidnapping and you are asking to remain calm? did you know about this from before? you hided this from me right? Nivi says I didn’t know anything, I had doubt why Manju was behaving weird but now I am clear, its useless to go behind Manju because she has nothing rightnow, I don’t know what Ambika is doing, she is always in hurry, she doesn’t tell anything to anyone, I feel she got to know some big secret, this is more complicated then it seems, we wont be able to succeed rightnow, let Manju get Janki’s property then I will cut her hands and get Janki’s property, Saket says its great idea and do one thing, we will share her property. Nivi looks on.
Manju come sin godown and says its so dark here, she takes off her veil and sees someone sitting on chair, she says why Janki’s face is in veil? open some lights, Shera thinks that seems like Janki switched off lights, he says leave it, think about punishing her, she bit my man so I had to cover her face, be careful, Manju says her hands and feet are tied, she cant do anything with me. Manju comes near Devika and says these are property papers, once you sign them, I will get your property, sign it, Devika nods in no, Manju says you know don’t know, we are dangerous people, sign it or I will torture you, she asks Shera to give her knife, he does, she says now I will cut her body, then she will sign. Janki thinks that Manju is ready to kill that’s why I was asking Ambika to not take my place, if she touches my daughter then I will stop her. Manju says to Devika that you are going to die but first sign papers, you don’t know how evil I am, you wanna know who I am? I am Manju Garewal, I am lioness rightnow, do what I want or else I will cut your throat, I killed my first daughter in law for wealth, Devika recalls how she begged Manju to save her from Saket and Nivi but how Manju betrayed her and how she took part in Devika’s murder because she didn’t give her money, her property, Manju says I kept dreaming about becoming rich but my father was poor then my husband was poor then I thought my daughter in law will give me money but I had to kill her then I thought to get Nivi’s wealth but you snatched her property, I can go to any extent for money, you may not worry about yourself but you must worry about your daughter, she asks Shera to bring her daughter, I will kill her right infront of you, Devika says in Janki voice that don’t kill my daughter, Manju says then sign these papers, I want to see how your face will contort while giving me property, I have to take off your veil, she takes off Devika’s veil and is shocked to see Devika instead of Janki, Manju thinks that I should have recognized her clothes earlier, Manju says where is Janki? she turns to see Janki standing at corner, Janki comes there. Manju says I wont spare you Shera. She says you both knew that I did kidnapping? I will kill you both, she threatens them showing dagger but Devika snatches dagger from her and asks what you were saying? you want to kill us both? say now, Manju thinks that I am stuck now, she says I want to leave, Janki says you wanted me to sign papers? take my sign then leave, Manju says I am stupid, forget this incident, Devika says this is not incidents, its your sins, your sins are too much, first you kidnapped my mother then you wanted to kill her then kill me, you would have done it, you want us to forgive you now? never, your killed your first daughter in law too, you will get punished for your deeds, Manju says forgive me, I am really sorry, I am like your mother, Devika says dare you, do you even know what mother is? you sacrificed your kids for your greed, you killed Ravi’s wife for your gain, Devikw as innocent and didn’t take stand against you but now I will bring justice to her, nobody can save you now, Manju is shocked, Devika says you don’t know what we recorded everything you said, your crimes are recorded, Janki says police might be coming here soon, Manju tries to rub but Janki grabs her and slaps her hard, she says you are really cheap woman, you are curse for your kids, how can you do this against your daughter in law? you should be punished, Manju says I will runaway. Police comes there. Janki says this is woman who kidnapped me and tried to kill me, she wanted my property, I have proofs against her, arrest her. Ravi comes outside godown and says there is no one there, what Maa is doing here? there is something wrong, he sees car and says its our car, he sees police jeep too and says something is wrong, he comes out of his car. In godown, Police arrests Manju, Manju says I am innocent woman, police takes her away. They bring her outside, Ravi is shocked to see her arrested, Manju is ashamed.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika that you have crossed half path, you have finished two enemies from four, that is Manju and Shweta and now Saket and Nivi are remaining, its up to you, who you want to punish first now, Devika thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Finally everything is coming out in the open. It might take another year for Nivi and Saket to be caught, so writers, please close shop now, no one seems interested in this serial anymore judging from the #of comments. Give it a rest. PLEASE!!!!!

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