Kalash 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sanjay tells Savitri that Devika is not at home, i am finding her but she is not anywhere, Savitri says i will check, she goes to Devika’s room and doesnt find her, she thinks where she must be, she comes to Dada and ask where is Devika, i am not able to find her, Dada thinks where she must be, he says i will handle everything.
Dada comes to saqaid and says you cant meet Devika at this time, Saqaid thinks that if he got to know about my bad habits.. Dada says Devika has slept, she sleep early, Saqaid says good girls sleep on time, i will meet her some other day, he leaves, Devika comes to her building, she hides, Saqaid is leaving house, Devika doesnt see his face, Saqaid leaves. Devika sees Savitri awake from window, she says now she will not leave me, Savitri ask Dada that see

your loyal daughter didnt tell where she went, she is a girl.. chachi sees Devika and points her to come from back door, devika goes, Chachi says to Savitri that relax, she must be in home only, i will go and find her, Chachi comes to back door, brings Devika and take her to room, Chachi ask Devika to sleep.. Savitri comes, Chachi says see she is sleeping here, Dada says see you said alot and she is sleepng here, Savitri says i was just worried for her, now i will not stop anyone, she leaves, Chachi ask DEvika to get up and ask where did you go? Devika says i went to my friend, she lies that she went to her to ask about job, she ask can i sleep? Chachi says have dinner first, Devika says no, she goes to sleep, Dada thinks that she doesnt even know that her face is being decided.
Saqaid is with his men, they tease him that Saqaid is going crazy for that girl, Saqaid says i am planning to marry, that girl is very simple, she will not speak infront of me, i will do whatever i want in life, she is pretty so she is perfect for me.

Scene 2
Pallvai shows job ads to Devika, Savitri comes there and tells her to handle house and not think about job, Devika says you gave me 1 week time then why you are talking about marriage, Savitri says only 5 days are remaining, you will not find any, Devika says i will find it, let me try, Savitri says do household chores then go for job, now go and make some dishes and whatever work you have, comeback home fast, Saqaid is coming to see you, i dotn want to lose this relation. Deviak thinks that wish i would have not left my job for that cheap Ravi.
Ravi comes to office and finds Rakesh Luthara’s office, he says this is my destination, he comes in his luxury office and is fascinated by it, he sits on his chair and feels good, he says i need this cabin and chair, i will get to this someday, i promise that, i have to plan everything, it will be difficult for me but i have to reach here. he comes his cabin ans starts working, he finds peacock feather in his register and recalls how Devika misunderstood him that he was raping her friend, he says she is very angry women, cant listen to anyone, she is mad girl, i pray that i dont meet her again.
Devika is calling companies for interview, one company ask her to come today for interview, Savitri is therre too, Devika says i cant come today, Savitri smirks. Devika finds album there and Ravi’s picture in it, she says i am in this problem because of Ravi.
the receptionist comes to Ravi and flirts with him, he says when its about my work, i cant compromise so go from here now, meet me after office for long drive.

Scene 3
Saqaid comes to Savitri’s house, she ask him to sit, he sit. Devika is getting ready and says there was interview today but Savitri is not allowing me, cant she see that i want to do something in life, Chachi says Savitri is angry on you, just see the guy, maybe you will like him too. Saqaid thinks and comes to Chacha, he says you dont trust me till now, what can i do that you will trust me, Chacha says nothing like this, actually this relation is happening so fast.. Saqaid says if you think its happening in hurry then i will wait, you get satisfied then we will go further, Chacha says you are very mature person, i have no issues with you, Devika comes there, she looks at Saqaid and recalls how he helped his man in cheating in paper, she is shocked, Chachi ask Devika why you are worried, i am with you, she makes her sit beside Saqaid, saqaid ask her to relax, he ask how are you? she says fine.. Savitri says she is shy, Savitri ask Devika to give tea to Saqaid.. she reluctantly present it to him, he holds her hand taking tea, Devika is stunned and looks at him, Saqaid ask why you are shaking, are you fine? Chachi sys she is fine but worried, Saqaid says dont be afraid of me, i am good at heart, i love people alot, Pallavi brings breakfast, Savitri says Devika has prepared it, Saqaid eats it and praise it, Pallavi whispers in Devika’s ear that the guy which i showed you in album(Ravi) is good then Saqaid, Devika says he is worst guy of world.
Ravi comes to his girlfriend, she ask him to show designs, he shows her deisgns of houses, she praises him, someone is spying on Ravi, Ravi says i want to change design of whole city but whole world, Ravi feels someone is listening to him.

PRECAP- Dada says to Savitri that you keep talking about shame and now you sent Devika with Saqaid alone, the relation has not confirmed yet and we dont know that Saqaid much.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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