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Sakshi says to palvi lets go to movies dont you have friends? She says yes I do but everyone is busy is exams. She says you are so boring.
Ravi’s bro calls sakshi. He says were you busy? Sakshi says yes i was busy being bored. He says why dont you come with me. Its my friend’s birthday today. Sakshi says to Palvi my hostel friend called me I will stay there. There is a party. Sakshi asks palvi to tell ma. She says i wont i get scolded because of youe everytime.

Devika brings tea for ravi’s. She sees sakshi’s text and says is that my sister? He says no my college friend her name is sakshi as well. Navidita says whats is wrong with me? Why i keep thinking about this ravi. She says i have to meet ravi once. Until i hear it from his mouth that he loves me I will be agitated.

Where will i meet him? i can’t call him here. Sia is here. what will she think of. Sia says to navidita i have to stay at my friend’s place. We have to do a combine project. Navidita says is she upright? Sia says yes i know. And i havent told anyone who my dad is or all selfish people would be around me.

Navidita says in heart so i can meet ravi tonight. Ravi gets a calll from office. The mans says naviddita man has given a holiday today. She sounded disturbed. Ravi wondered why she was disturbed. He says i should call. Devika brings him tea. She says just because i said sorry doesn’t mean i will follow your orders. Do your work yourself. He drops the cup. He says I didn’t do in delibrately. She says take a side I will pick it you can’t do anything. She slips ravi holds her. Devika sees red lipstick mark on ravi’s neck that he got when she slipped on him. He says you are not going to office? He says no its a holiday. She says then change and take a bath. He says bath why? She says its healthy. He says i will bath later.

Sakshi’s scooty faces a car. Its saket in it. she says are you out of your mind. Your party wont save you if you kill someone. He says don’t mess with me. I can answer all your questions. she says you better stay out of didi’s life. If i see you around devika you will have to pay for it. Ravi says to devika why are you not letting me go out? What is your problem. Have you started loving me? She says what non sense. he says then tell me what is it? She says i can’t tell you. If i tell you, you will make fun of me for my luttle mistake. He says mistake and you? and you are accepting it. And why am i paying for you mistake? He says tell me or i am going out. She says no don’t. sHe says your neck is sweating clean it. He says you are sweating not me. I asked you dont be mad all the time that has punctured your brain. she says just clean your neck. He says do you want to kill me? Is there some blade in this handkerchief. I am sitting you can kill me here. She takes the handkerchief and is about to clean it. He says i have to check what is it. He sees the lipstick mark. he says oh now i see. Devika feels shy. He says how can you do this? You are so clever. you always said stay away from me, dont touch me. You took advantage. If i had gone out everyone had made fun of me and it was not even your mistake. You could tell me after all you are my wife. Devika starts crying. Sh says i didn’t do it delibrately. she says i am not what you think i am like. He says i know what you are. Please don’t cry. I was just pulling your leg. Please don’t cry. I wont do it again. I know you can’t do this. I cant stand tears in your eyes. He swipes her tears and caresses her face. Ravi cleans the mark. He gets a call from navadita. She says ravi please listen to me I am trapped. Please help me. He says clam down tell me what happened? She says you remember that bad who was audacious to me in party. Mayank. He kept calling me he said he will come here. What should i do? He says why dont you complain police? she says no dad will know and he will make a fuss of it. I will be defamed in the end. Please come to help me i am alone. He says relax I am coming. And take care till then. She says thank you ravi.

Precap-ravi says i am here dont worry. she hugs me and says please don’t leave me. Devika says in temple do want to show me something God?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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