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Scene 1
All are eating breakfast, Manju asks Devika where is Ravi? Devika says he was not in room, Nivi says he must be working out, he has habit. Manju asks did anyone ask you? you have nothing to do with Ravi, his wife is here to tell. Manju asks Devika to eat more, she offers her more food, Devika says i am done, how was Diwali? Devika says i liked it, Vikas says and Saket gave more fun to party, Nivi thinks what she means by being happy?
Sakshi comes out to store room, she is wearing new clothes. She says Devika di must ave bought these clothes for me. Ravi says you are looking very nice, he thanks Jyoti for taking care of Sakshi, he offers her money, she sys i do everything for Sakshi from heart, Ravi says its diwali gift. Jyoti says there is new hope from the time Ambika has come, should

we take her to family? Ravi says i will handle everything, Ravi thinks that Ambika’s reaction will show her truth, Sakshi and Ravi leaves.
Saket comes there, Manju says you got shock, i thought we wont see you soon, your hair are out of place, Vikas says he is looking changed. Ravi brings Sakshi there. Sakshi says Devika, DEvika runs and hugs her, Devika asks Sakshi are you right? Ravi thinks she is behaving like Devika, only Devika can take care of her sister like that, Sakshi hugs Devika and says you came. Devika thinks that i cant behave like Devika, all are shocked. Devika says leave me Sakshi, she acts like Sakshi is pulling her hair. Nivi pushes Sakshi away and is about to slap her but Devika holds her hand, she says what are you doing? cant you see her condition? she doesnt know what she is doing, she thought i am Devika, people like her needs love, i know you people dont care, i didnt know that there is mentally ill person here, why you people dont call doctor for her? she says Monty you are her husband? you dont know promises of marriage? you treat your wife like this? i am sure, if Sakshi was in your place then she wouldnt have done that for you, you didnt try to treat her, i have humanity, i will take her to doctor, i will make sure for her treatment and i will see who is going to stop me. She takes Sakshi from there, all look on.
Devika brigns Sakshi to store room and says i am sorry but i had to hide my identity, i couldnt stop myself but i had to pretend, they should not know about me, i am sorry, Sakshi caresses her face and says you are my Devika? i am so happy, you came, she hugs her and says i wont let you go, you be with me, Devika says finally you recognized me, i am Devika and i wont go anywhere, i will be with you, you wont have problem, Sakshi says i dont like here, i like outside, there are so many colors, i dont like darkness here, take me out please, Devika says you waited for so many days, i will bring you out, i know they did bad with you, they have made your life hell but i will set everything right, you will become that Sakshi again, i have told them that i will take care of you, i will try t set your married life too, Monty has to accept you, i am not here for my revenge only, but to make things right too.
Shweta asks Manju why you didnt stop her? Manju say how can i? Nivi says Ambika has taken challenge to make Sakshi right, if Sakshi becomes right then she will tell everyone about Devika’s death, Raiv wont forgive us, we will go to jail, i am scared, you remember how Sakshi was shouting that we are killers, nobody took her serious but if she becomes fine then we will be dead,, Saket says we have to stop Ambika, Nivi says we have to make plan and be with each other, she asks Manju and Shweta, Manju says let me think, she leaves. Nivi thinks this is good chance to make them on my side.
Ravi is in room, Devika comes there and says i know what you did was wrong, you shouldnt have done that, Ravi says what i did? Devika says your brought Sakshi deliberately, you want to prove that i am Devika and you used Sakshi for that? i didnt expect that from you, i have proved time and again that i am not Devika, why dont you understand? even Sakshi understood that i am not Devika, when she hugged me, she realized that i am not Devika and started pulling my hair, you used her and you hurt her more, Ravi says i am sorry, i will not do this again, he looks down. Devika says if you think you have done mistake then you have to help me, i want Sakshi to become right, i feel we should take her to doctor, i am part of this family now, you have to be with me now, Ravi holds her hand and says i promise from my heart that i will help you to make Sakshi fine, i wont leave your side still she becomes fine. Janki comes there and asks Ambika if she is fine? i got to know that Sakshi attacked you, Devika says i am fine, Janki says today is your birthday, she asks Ravi to excuse them, Ravi leaves. Janki says ifound you in river today only, so your birthday is today for me so i came to meet you, DEvika hugs her.
Nivi says to Saket that till we four are together, we are strong, we have to make Shweta and Manju on our side, Saket says my sister is my enemy, Nivi says dont forgive them but keep yourself calm, lie to her that you forgave her, Saket says i lost Ambika because of her, Nivi says Ambika wanted this marriage too, if she didnt want it then she wouldnt enjoy Ravi’s company, she is sharing room with him too, what had to happen has happened, neither Devika nor Ambika is yours, you accept this, so focus on our lives, if we dont want to live in jail then we have to take care of Ambika.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that i think you put lights there so i get entangled in them, Ravi says you are selfish, you must have entangled yourself to come in my arms and do kachkach(blabbering) in my ears, Devika realizes he used to say this to Devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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