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Scene 1
Navi says to Saket what they ranaway? she sees everyone around her and thinks what did i say? Sakshi and Monty are looking at me, she ends call, Manju asks who was it? Navi says my workers ranaway, i have to leave for work, Manju says go and come for dinner, Navi nods and leaves.
Dildar asks goons to find Ravi and Devika. Ravi and Devika are hiding behind bushes, they see Dildar near them, Dildar lies and sleeps, and says we will leave from here when he leaves.
Its night, Devika says to Ravi that he didnt go from here, how will we leave? Ravi says he has tortured us alot, i want to beat him, Devika says dont do anything stupid, goons will come and catch, Ravi says we should do something, he will know nothing, he is sleeping, i will just tease him and comeback, Ravi sees snake coming

to their side, he says i have an idea, i should throw snake on him, Devika says i know this snake is not poisonous, Ravi asks if she has done PhD in snakes? Devika says i read it in school, Ravi says but Dildar doesnt know that this snake is not poisonous. The holds snake through wood rod, he puts snake on dildar’s chest, Dildar is sleeping, Ravi hides behind bushes again. Dildar wakes up and sees snake on his chest, he is shocked and calls goons, all are afraid of snake, Ravi and Devika laughs silently, Goon Sajid says i have seen snake for first time, how can i make him leave, Deepak says if you do this work then Dildar will be happy with you, go and prove that you are strong, Sajid takes rod and tries to shoo away snake, he throws him away, all shout, snake leaves, Sajid says i saved your life, Dildar says but what about Ravi and Devika? you all couldnt catch them, all leave to find them. Devika says to Ravi that what we will do now? Dildar looks here and There, Rav and Devika are hiding near him only. Dildar looks in bushes but doesnt find anyone.
Navi meets Saket and says what kind of idiot goons you have? they couldnt control two people. Saket says Ravi is problem for everyone, Navi says dont say anything against Ravi, you must be jealous that he is smarter than you, Saket says i could have killed him, he is safe because of you. Sakshi and Monty tries to see Navi, Sakshi says she is talking to someone but i cant see his face. Navi asks Saket to give solution, Saket says you gave solution that you will put blame on Manju, Navi says we have to do it smartly. Monty says to Sakshi that i cant listen or see with whom she is talking, we should go ahead, Saket leaves before Monty-Sakshi could see him, Navi leaves too. Sakshi says i wish we had seen man’s face.
Ravi and Devika runs in jungle, Dildar listens noise, he runs behind them. Devika says to Ravi that what we will do now? Ravi asks Devika to hide behind rocks, he says i will fool goons, you dont move from here, Ravi runs from there, goons go behind him. Devika is hiding behind rocks, she makes noise mistakenly, dildar gets suspicious, Devika prays to Ambe Maa, Dildar sees some watchman going from there, he says i doubted unnecessarily, he leaves from there. Devika sees Mandir in jungle, she prays to Ambe Maa. Ravi comes back and doesnt find Devika there, he says where did she go? he sees her praying to ambe Maa, he comes to her, Devika says when did you comeback? Ravi says rightnow when you were praying to Lord, Devika says Dildar was about to catch me but Ambe Maa saved me, a man came and Dildar thought it was that man but not me here, this all happened because of Mabe Maa, Raiv says earlier i used to not believe Ambe Maa but i do now, i tried to find you everywhere then i prayed to ambe Maa that Devika trust you alot, make me meet her and see we are together, Devika says we will be together forever, Ravi says dont worry, he hugs her, he listens Dildar’s voice and says we have to leave, Devika prays to Ambe Maa and says dont let anythin wrong happen, keep us together, they run from there.

Scene 2
Manju is enjoying sweet dish, Sakshi comes there, Manju says you keep roaming with Monty, you didnt even take Parmindar’s permission, you want to roam around thats why you were disrespected and trapped Monty then, Monty says we went to find kidnappers, Manju asks tell me name of kidnapper, Monty says we dont have proofs rightnow, you dont understand anything, what i can see, you cant see, you respect the one whom we doubt, Sakshi tries to stop him, Manju says let him say, Monty says you respect Navi alot but we doubt that she is behind kidnapping of Ravi and Devika, Manju slaps him, she says how dare you doubt Navi? she is so nice, she is trying everything to get Ravi back, you are doubting her? she is angel of this house, Monty says its useless to say anything to you, he takes Sakshi from there. Manju thinks why Monty is doubting Navi?
Devika falls in jungle, her feet has sprain, Ravi tries to set it. Devika sees a lodge, Ravi says its lightened, it seems like function is going on there. They come to that place, Devika says i feel some big function is going on inside, Ravi says its some marriage, Devika says nobody will allow us to go in these clothes, Ravi says we have to go in to be safe from goons, Devika says we should find some back door. They stop two people, groom says my family is doing my marriage forcefully, five couples are getting married here, we are running away, Ravi says we wont tell anyone, just exchange clothes with us as we want to get married.

PRECAP- Goons come in marriage venue. He points gun on people and asks deepak to check all grooms and brides faces.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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