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Scene 1
Gayetri says to Saket that you cant marry your girlfriend, she is pregnant, what will people say if they get to know it, you have to marry DEvika now, Saket says i want Devika only, i cant forget her, as much as i try to go close to her, something or other happens, that Ravi comes inbetween always, he has to pay for all this, Gayetri ask how did you manage everything in hotel? Saket says Ravi thinks he is smart, but i am more smart than him, when he met me in hotel, i had doubt that he is spying on me, i gave money to hotel management and made them on my side, i changed register too, Gayetri says dont take Ravi lightly, i will Handle Devika’s family, you handle your girlfriend, she leaves.
Manju is angry, Monty ask her to calm down, she says i am calmed, she says i have decided to

marry Ravi, i will find rich girl for him, i have to show deol family that Ravi can get best girl, Monty says what if Ravi has feeling for Devika? Manju says Ravi is my son, i know he has not feelings for her, she just care for her as she is his colleague, i will show that Savitri that my son is diamond, i will find a good match for him, i will go tomorrow to find girl for him.

Scene 2
Devika is trying to sleep, she recalls what Ravi said in mehndi about Saket, how he said that he cant let her life be spoiled, she closes her eyes to sleep, someone comes in her room, she ask who? Ravi puts hand on her mouth, he opens lighter and says its me Ravi, she ask what are you doing right now? Ravi says i wanna ask you do you trust me or Saket? Devika says maybe you misunderstood Saket, Ravi says you also think that i am wrong? Devika says no, i trust you, i know you cant do anything wrong, Ravi hugs her and says i knew it you will understand mem no one understand our friendship, Devika says i can never take you wrong, i know you will not do anything which will hurt me, you are my true friend, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi breaks hug and says i wont let your life get spoiled even if i have to fight with Saket, DEvika looks at him and says you shouldnt have come here, Ravi says i was not getting sleep thinking what you must be thinking about me, so i came here to talk to you, i dont wanna lose your friendship, Devika says you will not lose me as our friendship is strong and real, Devika says i will never let our friendship end, Ravi hugs her, she ask him to go else anyone can see them, Savitri calls Devika, Devika gets tensed, DEvika is stunned and says to Ravi that if they see us together then it will problem, Savitri calls Shekhar and says to him that someone is inside Devika’s room, break door, DEvika says to Ravi that they will break door and will see you, they will misunderstand you, its better i open door and tell them that you came to talk to me, she goes and open door, she turns to find Ravi gone from her room, Savitri ask who was in your room? Devika says no one, Shekher checks room and says no one is here, Devika closes cupboard as Ravi is inside, Shekhar says no one is here, Savitri says i listened male voice from her room, Sakshi goes to check cupboard, Devika is tensed, Sakshi opens cupboard, Ravi is inside, Sakshi says i found, all are stunned, Sakshi brings out medicine box and says this is real culprit, this is medicine to control night walking, Savitri ask who need it? Sakshi says Devika need it, she says to Devika that you have this problem, you didnt tell us about it, you must be feeling embarrassed to tell about this illness, she says to Savitri that i know one girl, she use to walk in sleep, she use to shout, Devika has this illness too, we should tell Saket about it, what if she walk in sleep after marriage, what if she kick Saket in sleep? Savitri says dont tell this to Saket, i dont wanna give any more reason to him to break marriage, maybe Devika will get fine after eating this medicine, Sakshi says you are right, Rekha says to Devika why you didnt tell me about this illness? Sakshi says i will sleep with Devika today, Savitri says yes its good, Savitri says i will put medicine in cupboard, Sakshi says i am sleepy, she turns off light and says to Savitri that i will put it in cupboard, Savitri says i will do it, she opens cupboard but because of darkness doesnt see Ravi, she puts medicine back, all leaves Devika’s room.

Scene 3
Saket comes to Manju’s house, Manju ask why did you come? Saket says i wanna talk to Ravi, call him, Monty goes to call him, Manju says i dont know about your relative which was shown in picture? you didnt tell about her before? Saket says ask Ravi, i have told him everything about my relative,Monty says to Manju that Ravi is not in his room, Saket says to Manju that dont think about my relations, you know where Ravi has gone at this wee hour? handle Ravi else it wont be good for him, Manu calls Ravi but his phone is off, Saket says to Manju that before interfering in other’s life you should control your son.
Sakshi brings Ravi out of cupboard, she ask what are you doing in Devika’s room? you hided like hero in heroine’s room, Ravi says nothing like that, Devika says stop all this, think of something to make Ravi leave from here, Sakshi says to Ravi that now when we are together, we should plan something to make Saket out and you in in Devika’s life, what you are upto? are you going to run away with Devika? and get married to her, tell me about it, i want thrill, i am bored, she says to Devika that i will do your kanyadaan, Ravi says you are mad, do you ever become serious? Devika says before i throw you out of room, think of some plan to make Ravi leave from here, Sakshi sys Ravi should jump from balcony, Devika says no he will get hurt, Sakshi says see you care for him so much and then say you dont love him, Ravi says i will leave from main door, all are sleeping, he leaves, Sakshi says he is so cute.
Saket thinks where Ravi must be? did he go to meet Devika?

PRECAP- Ravi comes back home, Manju says Saket came here, he was saying that you went to meet Devika, swear on me that you didnt go to meet her, Ravi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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