Kalash 8th July Written Episode Updates

Scene 1:
Episode strts with Ambika saying to Nivi ok i vil come with u as Devika to get that property full in ur control, and she ask how Grehwal house get fired is it also done by u as i knw u will stoop so low to get Ravi that y u even killed that Devika, Nivi look surprised and say are u praising me or joking Ambika says offcourse am joking, Nivi says u r my bst frnd so am saying truth actually i fired the house to remove all memories related with her.and she leaves callng(phone) Monty to get Sharatha today eveng at home.

Janki says to Ambika its danger I cant allow u to leave ther if Nivi is upto any plan and also they may hurt u. Ambika explains they were trying to prove me Devika and they want me now as Devika nd they will make proofs to prove. Ma i also planned many things to make them hurt more they given me. Now Devika itself become Devika bt nt same, who only loved

evryone bt hurt those hurted. Janki is surprised and ask her when u started to plan without me , I vil acompany with u, Ambika says no ma i want to do alone i have become strong as likr u and i vil inform u whn i need help and i vil also calls u everyday. Janki allows her and wishes for her sucess and hug.

Scene 2:
Nivi says to Manju and Shwetha to arrange the home well and make it gd as Ambika is coming to stay. And Nivi ask Shwetha to make coffee for her nt like yesterdays masala bt good one she then say to Manju to clean home too.Manju says to tell servants to do thr wrks thn Nivi tell her she given leave for them, they will cm after 2 days.Vikas jokes with Shwetha that if u making cofee then make for me too, Am given this idea to Nivi becoz Ambika can only make u to works.Shwetha get angry and tell him to make coffee if u want urself.

Ambika reaches Nivi’s hme. Nivi says thank u to Ambika for helping her and she says u cant wear this dress , and she got two saree of Devika frm Sakshi’s bag and take her to Ravi’s room.Nivi takes yellow saree frm Ravi’s cupboard and give to Ambika to get ready, Nivi leaves.

Ambika looks the saree and remember how Ravi helped her to wear sari when she was accident and their romances. She open the cupboard and ser hw Ravi kept it clean and see notices all the colors of shirt are her favourites. She think y he kept her favorites whether he loves her still. She gets ready and see the mirror . Ravi walking in corridor , he feels some strange things , outside its thunder and rains. Devika touches her hair and sari lights go off , Ravi enters the room she looks back they eye each fb shows how Devika hugged him whn lights gone off nd whn thunder fb ends.Ravi comes to her and hug Ambika also hug him back, Ravi says why u leaved me alone i cant live without u. Nivi comes and lights too , Nivi ask wts it Ambika , Ambika says Nivi explain Ravi y am here and i cant bear him. Nivi tells all plan to Ravi(muted).Screen freezes on Ambika’s Face.

Ambika says to Sharatha am back to get my property frm them and its my revenge and Sharatha hug her and assurr am too with u.Nivi looks far frm them.

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