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Scene 1
Sakshi says to Ravi that you love her, Ravi says dont say that, Devika is my friend, Sakshi sys you cant see your feelings, if thats not the case then why you care for her so much? why did you take risk and came home last night? why you think about her so much? dont you love her? dont you feel good when she talks to you, Ravi says i yes do feel good but its just friendship, Sakshi sys then tell me one more name with whom you feel same happiness talking to her, tell any name of a girl with whom you feel same, Ravi thinks and gets silent, Sakshi ask what happened? you have no answer right? when you will realize that you love her, tomorrow is your devika’s marriage, you have only this moment, you will regret later that you had chance but you didnt tell her, if Devika’s life get destroyed

then you will blame yourself, Ravi says i am not finding Ananya, how can i do anything without her? Sakshi says we cant wait for that girl, you have to do something now only, Ravi says what should i do? Sakshi says you have to tell her that you love her, only you can make her realize her feelings for you, Ravi says you right, thanks for making realize that i have something more in my heart for Devika than friendship, i dont what it is but when Saket touch her, i feel like killing him, when she smile, i smile too, when she cries, tears starts rolling my eyes too, i am finding answers to all these questions, you have told me now, you have made me realize that i love her nothing else and before it gets late, i have to tell her, they leave to go in party.
Ravi comes in party and thinks first i have to find Devika, i have to tell her what i feel for her, Ravi see Saket hugging Devika forcefully in party, he recalls how Ananya told him that Saket’s father of her child, he turns and says to himself that Devika you are so innocent and pretty, you are not understanding that Saket wants to spoil your life but dont worry i wont let that happen, Saket is not right person for you, he will make your hell after marriage and will hurt you, i will tell my heart thing to you today, i will tell you what i feel for you, he turns and sees Devika gone from there, he says where did she go? he searches for her, he finds silhouette of some lady behind curtain and says she is hiding behind curtain? he says she must be hiding from Saket, he says to her that its good you are here, he says i want to talk something important to you, i dont know how you will react but i will tell it today to you, if i dont tell you today then i will regret whole life so i will tell you everything today which is in my heart, he goes on his knees and says i wanna tell you that you are most beautiful person, you are very pretty and very nice, i dont know what i exactly feel for you, everyone in party turns attention to Ravi, all listens him, Ravi says i want to spend life with you, i want to be with you, Ravi says i want that when i open my eyes in morning, i see your face daily, i know its not right time or way to sway my feelings but i dont have time and i want to tell you heart thing, you are most nice person, whenever you smile at anyone, you create new relation with that person, i fell in love, i used to say that i will never love and i got in love with you and i will keep this love in my heart forever, dont take me wrong, i am just saying my heart thing to you, Devika is stunned listening all this and comes to Sakshi, Ravi says i hope you understand, curtain is raised and Navi is behind, DEvika is shocked and all thinks Ravi was saying all this to Navi, Navi says what are you saying? do you know what you are saying? first your mom and now you, its disgusting, Ravi is drunk and says i am just telling my heart thing to you, Navi grabs him and says you are drunk, Sakshi tries to stop Ravi but DEvika stops her and says its their personal matter, you will not go, his love is with her, she will handle him, Sakshi says you are thinking wrong, Saket comes to Devika, Navi leaves with Ravi from there, Saket smirks.

Scene 2
Navi’s driver put Ravi in her car, Navi says these people dont see their status and just say anything, his mom announced my relation with him that day and now he proposed me, i thought he has feelings for Devika, does he really love me? its difficult to digest, Navi gets call and leaves from there as there is no network, driver goes in party to bring Navi’s file, Ananya comes there and see Ravi in car, she says Ravi.. Ravi is drunk but recognizes her, he comes out of car, Ananya comes to Ravi, Ravi faints, Saket’s goons comes there, she pleads Ravi to get up, goons put her in car and leaves, Monty sees this and says she is same girl whom was finding, Navi comes there and ask what happened to ravi? Monty says i am his younger brother, i will take him, Navi says do you have car? he says no, Navi says ok sit in car, i will drop you both, Monty sit with him in car.
Monty brings Ravi back home, Manju ask what happened to him? Monty says Saket made Ravi drink wine in party, Manju says what he think of himself? he can force anyone to drink, i will not leave him. Monty ask her to bring lemonade for Ravi.
Saket drops Devika and Sakshi back home, he says to Devika that Ravi is your friend and he didnt tell you that he has affair with his boss? how can he hide such big thing from his friend? Sakshi thinks he is jerk and talking about Ravi, saying all this to hurt DEvika, Saket says its good he announced it else we wouldnt have known it, he is very clever, DEvika tries to leave, Saket says even i am in hurry to go back home, its just last night, tomorrow is our marriage, Devika leaves, Saket stops Sakshi and says its good you are silent else whatever will happen with Devika, you will be responsible for it, Saket leaves.

PRECAP- Sakshi says to Devika that even f you say truth now then nobody will believe you, you are getting married to a person who will break your dream, you will recall my words when you will be alone with that person.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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