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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that Pallavi called me and she wanted me and you to dance in marriage tomorrow but i told him that you cant dance, you will make fun of yourself, Devika says i am injured but i can dance more nicely than you, Ravi says really then prove it now? Devika gets silent, he says i told you are not good dancer, Devika says i will prove you now, Ravi says you accept my challenge? she says yes, Ravi switches off lights, he comes to Devika, he plays song janam janam, Ravi holds Devika’s hands and starts closely dancing with her, they both do couple dance, Ravi kisses her hands, Devika starts leaving but Ravi pulls her closer, he kisses her forehead, Devika closes her eyes, Ravi dances with her, DEvika keep looking at him, RAvi lifts her in arms and dances, he then bends Devika

down in his arms, Devika blushes, Ravi back hugs Devika and embraces her tightly, they both smile, Devika says i will tell Pallavi that we will dance tomorrow, she goes to call her, Ravi takes phone from her and says i lied to you, today our marriage completed 6months, i wanted to celebrate ith with you, if i had asked you directly then you would have said no so i took this way, i didnt have any other option but to use Pallavi’s name, i have brought a gift for you too, he shows her gift and says this is special gift for my special miss kach kach, he sits on his knees, Devika opens gift box, its music crystal ball, Ravi says this is proof of my love for you, the love which is in my heart for you only, Devika smiles., he says like our dance is incomplete without each other, same way my life is incomplete without you, i feel like holding your hand, embracing you whole life, my life is incomplete without you, Devika says you must have said same lines to Navi too, Ravi cups her face and says when you talk like this, i love you even more, you look so cute when you get jealous, i love you, Devika gets shy and runs from there.
Devika comes on balcony and recalls how Ravi gifted her, how he said he is incomplete withou her, she thinks that when he looks at me, when he confesses his love, i feel that his love is real, this marriage should happen nicely, i dont know why he doesnt want this marriage to happen, once this marriage happens, everything will become fine between me and Ravi.
Ravi calls Monty who is at same den where Saket had put him earlier and asks if he is fine? Monty says yes, i will scold Saket today, he ends call, RAvi says once Monty tells truth to everyone then there will be no space between me and Devika and we will keep holding hands together whole life, i will be happiest man of world because i love you alot Devika and i know you love me too.
Saket comes to Monty at his den and says tonight is last night here, i will let you go tomorrow, we will have party together tomorrow, i have brought wine too, i know you must be miffed with me that came late here, Monty says i took much time to know your real face, Saket asks what he is saying? Monty says i never thought you will be such a big jerk, Saket sys i know i came late but why you are saying this? Monty says you trapped me and Sakshi in drugs case, you made me runaway from marriage and now you are getting married to Sakshi to become great infront of all, great Saket, Saket asks who told you all this? Monty says Ravi told me, Saket says he is lying, Monty says he is not lying but you are lying, you filled my mind with poison, you think all are lying? he shows him his and Sakshi’s wedding card and asks if this is lie too? you have played many games but now i am leaving from here, i will tell everyone about your truth, Saket stops him and says you will bring my truth out? i will not leave you, Mnty says i will bring your truth out, Monty comes out of den and locks door from outside while Saket is inside, Monty leaves from there, Saket gets angry.

Scene 2
Devika is looking at crystal ball, Ravi comes there and asks if she liked his gift? she says its nice, Ravi says thats it? he pulls her closer and asks if she will dance with him whole life? she says you are saying like you will remain with me, Ravi says i will remain with you all life, you are my cute kach kach, Ravi’s phone rings, Devika says Navi must be calling you, it feels like her work cant be done without you, Ravi says no one can come between us today, i want answer, phone rings again, Devika says take call else she can come here too, Ravi sees monty calling him, he asks Devika to give him one minute, he takes Monty’s call, Monty says i am coming home, Saket is big jerk, we will bring his truth out to everyone today, Saket is driving his car, he hits Monty with his car, Ravi shouts Monty, Devika is shocked, Ravi asks Monty if he is fine? Monty falls unconscious on road, Devika comes to Ravi and asks if he found monty? Ravi says i found him but it feels like he is in problem, i have to go to him, Devika stops him and says after so much difficulty, we are coming closer, please dont do anything which will bring space between us again, dont do anything stupid, Ravi says trust me, i am doing all this to end the space between us, trust me i will set everything right and our relation will become more strong with all this, dont worry, he wipes her tears and leaves, Devika says dont know what he is going to do now, i hope everything remains fine.
Saket kicks Monty and says you will bring my truth out? he calls his goons, goons come, Saket says to Monty that the one who go against me, i dont leave them, even God cant do anything about me, goons ask if they should kill him? Saket says do anything with him but he shouldnt come near my marriage, goons take Monty from there, Saket leaves too.
Ravi comes on road where Monty had accident, he doesnt find Monty and thinks where Monty has gone? he finds Monty’s phone there, he shouts Monty’s name, he finds blood on road and gets shocked, he says if Monty had accident? if Monty is in danger, he goes to search Monty.
Function is going on in Saket’s house, Saket is busy on phone, Ravi comes there and holds Saket’s collar, he asks Saket where is Monty? Saket says how will i know? Ravi says i will beat you, Gayetri says dare you touch my son, you have gone mad, you are always behind my son, my son is like diamond, why you wanna prove him like black stone? get lost from here, he pushes Ravi outside house, Saket smirks, Ravi thinks.

PRECAP- Monty is in goons car, he sees goons busy in their stuff, he comes out of car and hides. Ravi says to Sakshi(dressed as bride) that believe him last time and come with him, Pallavi says have you both gone mad? all guests have come, there is going to be Sakshi’s wedding sometime and you are asking her to run from her wedding?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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