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Scene 1
Goon says to Saket on call that Devika tried to burn her rope with candle but we came on time, Saket says keep an eye on her, nothing wrong should happen, he ends call. He says i am mad to get in Navi’s plan, i have brought myself in problem, everything wrong is happening, i lost Sakshi, Devika got to know my truth and now this, Gayetri comes and asks what new problem he is in? she says i dont know why you dont concentrate on work, why you keep running behind girls, girls dont last with you, Saket asks her to do her work, Saket asks her to leave and let him do his work, she asks him to control before you lose everything, she leaves.
Ravi is sitting on road and crying, he ask people about Devika. Navi sees him from far and says why he is begging and crying? for that Devika? he

doesnt have to do this when i am here, i cant do anything, he is close to goons den, that Devika cant win, i have only one way to win now. Navi call goons and says just kill that girl(devika), just finish her.
Devika thinks that dont know how Ravi must be, he must be finding me like crazy, she prays that i want to meet Ravi one last time, i just want to tell him how much i love him, nothing should happen to Ravi, he should remain safe, even if there is death in my fate, i just want to meet him one last time.
Goon says to Navi that we cant kill her, Saket asked us to not touch her, Navi says i am your boss, i will give you more than four times money than Saket, i will give you as much as money you want, goon asks will she give 1crore? Navi says yes, he says then Devika will be killed in half an hour, Navi smirks.
Inspector asks one person about red van in which Devika got kidnapped, man tells them way where eh saw the car, Ravi and inspector leaves to go to site where car must be.
Shweta brings breakfast for Manju, Manju asks her to bring sauce too, Shweta says i will, Sakshi brings tea. Rekha, Savitri, Pallavi and Shekhar comes there. Sakshi hugs Rekha and says its all my fault, i shouldnt have let her go alone, Rekha says its not your fault. Rekha says to Manju that we wanted to come last night but didnt want to increase tension, Devika doesnt do bad to anything, did you find anything about Devika and kidnapping? Shekhar asks her if police started working? Savitri says they have no problem, they are enjoying samosas, Manju says if DEvika thought this house as hers then she would have given us share in 10crores property, when people would get to know these things, they will kidnap her, if she had named property on my and Ravi’s name then she would have have not be in problem alone.
Ravi and inspector finds red van. Goon takes knife from other goon to kill Devika.
Ravi starts calling out Devika’s name from outside, Devika listens it from outside and thinks that its Ravi in real, she tries to call out him but her mouth is tied. Ravi finds Devika’s saree piece, inspector says she must be here then, they start finding her.

Scene 2
goon says i will get money now, i wont be able to do anything now, i will just enjoy, he laughs. Ravi comes in den too, he starts searching for DEvika. Devika sees shadow and thinks it must be Ravi, she thanks ambe Maa, she thinks that RAvi i was waiting for you, please come in, Ravi sees door closed of den inside. Goon comes to Devika. Ravi starts calling out Devika’s name. Goon brings out knife, he says i will get 1crore by killing you so you have to die, Devika is stunned. Ravi thinks how to find Devika, she starts looking every corner of den, police is searching too. Goon is about to kill Devika but other goon stops him and asks him to not do this, Devika listens Ravi calling out her name from outside, she cries and cant call him out due to mouth tied.
Navi thinks if work is done or not? Saket calls her and asks where is she? he says i just wanted to tell you that i have no relation with you, i will not involve in anything of yours, i will lose my seat, my reputation because of you so just end our partnership, Navi asks him to listen, Saket says just delete my number, Navi says Ravi has reached the den of goons, police with him too, they have reached hideout and are finding Devika but i have asked goons to kill Devika, Saket says what? i will see you later, he ends call, Navi thinks that instead of praising me, he is shouting at me, he is useless.
Ravi is searching Devika in den. He looks in colony too, ask people out.
Goon says to other goons that we have to kill that girl, our life will be made, other goon says youa re just seeing money, did you forget Saket’s words? that he will kill us if there is any scratch on a girl, if we get caught after killing girl then we will get nothing and will be dead. Saket calls goon and asks him to run from there with his men, goon says police is near us, we cant run, you have to do something for us else we will take your name if police catch us, Saket says dont try to warn me for anything, i will kill you, take that girl from the den and shift her to another place but she should not reach home, he ends call.
Ravi asks policeman to search, he is also searching, one man says to Ravi that i saw three men taking girl who was unconscious, Ravi asks direction, he tells him, Ravi goes towards it.
Ravi sees a closed door, inspector breaks it, they come in and dont find anything, Ravi says i listened noise from inside, they must be here, Ravi looks around, he sees chair and ropes, he cries seeing it and says where should i find you? he shouts and cries, inspector asks him to control and says we are trying, we will find her, Ravi shouts her name.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that i want your togetherness, Ravi says i promise i will be with you, he hugs her, Devika says i am sure you will fulfill promise, you will never leave me, she hugs him back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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