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Scene 1
Ravi brings tea for Devika, she says you took so much time, Ravi says i had to make it good as its for, Devika says why you didnt bring it for yourself? Ravi says we will share cup as it increases love, Devika blushes and drinks tea, she says its really nice, drink it, Ravi drinks it and says very nice, Devika says can i drink now? it is lessening my headache. She takes cup from him, Ravi says your one earring is lost, Devika says where did it go? i am sure, it must have fallen when you were giving me head massage, Ravi says why you are taking tension? its just earring, Devika says i like a lot, Ravi says okay lets find in room, they both start searching for earring, Devika says it happened because of you, they are searching on floor and their head strikes, Ravi says sorry, Devika says it

hurts on head, Ravi says one minute, its bad omen, he strikes his head with her and says now we will find earring, Ravi finds earring and hides it, he says lets play a game, the one who will loose have to do what winner asks him to do, Devika says let me find earring, Ravi says you can make me do anything if you win, but i think you will loose, Devika says i am sure you will loose, i accept challenge, Ravi says really? Ravi says the one who will get earring first will win challenge. They both start finding it but Ravi already has it and says i got it, i won, Devika says you must have cheated, Ravi says i didnt cheat, now accept your defeat and do what i want, she says i wont, Ravi says this is your favorite earring, Devika says i will buy another one, Ravi says i didnt think you will go back on your promise, i wont fulfill my promise too, Devika says fine, what i have to do? and dotn ask anything stupid, you wont get it, Ravi says i can ask anything because you are my wife and love but rightnow i just want you to hug me and whisper that you love me, Devika says have you gone mad? i will hug you and say i love you? i am innocent and truthful but dont act smart, Ravi says you are not truthful then, i was wrong about you, fine dont do it, Devika says dont do emotional blackmail, Ravi says if you are so truthful then do it, Devika says fine i will show you i can do it, i can do acting, i hate you, i just have to say it, there are no feelings involved it, Ravi says its love for me so say it. Devika looks in his eyes and says i love you.. she comes closer to him and hugs him, she finds peace in his arms and closes her eyes, Ravi recalls hugging Devika, Banjaray song plays, Devika thinks that i am scared that i will find out Ravi was involved in kidnapping too because if this is true then i will breakdown, i will cry over your betrayal, i know you cheated Devika but dont do this with me again, i beg you Ravi, i wont be able to bear it.

Scene 2
Its morning, Jyoti brings breakfast to Sakshi, Sakshi thinks that i have to act like i am still mental, she acts like child and says i want to eat breakfast yay.. Nivi sees her and thinks that Sakshi is becoming fine, how is it possible? did someone change injections? thats not possible, but i cant take risk, i have to call doctor and ask him to give more strong injection. She strikes with Manju, Nivi sees bag with her and takes it, she sees abaya in it and asks what is this? Manju says let me do my work then i will tell you. Devika sees them talking and hides, she thinks that her truth is going to come out today. Nivi says if you dont tell me then how will i help you? Manju says i have made strong plan, you just wait for your share and let me go, she leaves. Devika thinks that it means Nivi knows Manju kidnapped Janki and wants to share her property but i wont let it happen.
Devika calls Janki and says where are you? Manju has left home. Janki says i am going to godown, Devika says i know shortcut to godown, i will reach before Manju, we cant do any mistake this time, Janki says yes, she can be dangerous for us, Devika says i will meet you there, she ends call.
devika is leaving home but Nivi stops her and asks where are you going? Devika says i dont have time rightnow, i am going for something important, Nivi says i know you are in hurry, Devika says if you need to go anywhere then tell me later, i will send you right place on right time, Nivi thinks what did that mean? Devika thinks that she doesnt know what i am going to do with her, i am waiting for right time. She leaves.
Ravi comes in room and doesnt find Devika there, Ravi says where did she go? i know she is worried about her mother but she should tell me before leaving, she knows that i get worried about her. He finds same earring on bed and says so she wants to play same game again? that she looses her earring and i find it so we can come closer? wow idea is not bad but where is she? he calls her but she doesnt take call. Ravi calls inspector and asks about Janki, inspector says dont you know that Ambika took case back, Ravi says what? are you sure she called? inspector says she found Janki, Ravi ends call and says why she didnt tell me?
Devika comes to godown. Janki is tied to chair, Janki says i have told everything to Shera, you go and hide. Devika unties Janki and says i will sit on this chair now, i will face Manju because this is my fight, Janki says i wont let you take risk, Manju can loose her cool and what if she hurts you? i will face her, not you, Devika says i am requesting you that i will sit on this chair, you have been there for me but its my battle and i have to find it, i cant let anything happen to you, your life is important than me, Janki says but.. Shera says decide fast, i will see if Manju has come or not. Devika says did you do work? did you tell your men to not come here? Shera says they wont come, he goes to check on Manju. Janki says to Devika that your life is important than me, let me take risk for my daughter, Devika says i wont listen to you today, this is my fight so i will sit on chair, dont worry, we will win this fight, just bless me, Janki caresses her cheek. Shera sees Manju’s car coming to godown, Shera says i hope mother daughter ended their emotional drama, come Manju, you are my new prey. Manju comes to him and says why you are standing outside? Shera says dont teach me what i have to do, come inside. Manju brings papers of wealth. She gets calls from Ravi and takes it, she says where are you? Ambika is with you? Manju says no, Ravi says she is not at home, where did she go? did she inform you? Manju says she didnt tell me, Ravi asks where are you? she says i am at godown, Shera says come fast, Manju ends call. Manju says why did you speak when i was on call with my son? Shera says dont worry, it wont matter after today, even not your identity, Manju says what? Shera says your days are going to change, she says yes lets go inside. Ravi says what is she doing there? who was man behind her? she is hiding something from me?

PRECAP- Devika is sitting on chair and her face is covered with veil. Manju comes there and says you have sign property papers, do you know who i am? i am Manju garewal, she takes off veil and is shocked to see Devika instead of Janki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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