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Scene 1
Nivi asks Monty about auction, Monty says auction is finished and we couldnt win it, Nivi says what does that mean? i trusted you and you couldnt do it? Monty says bidding was high, Nivi says you could have taken Saket’s help, Monty says Saket was against us, he was bidding against us, he took whole chance to get house, Nivi says so it means he went against us? she recalls how agent told that Saket asked him to destroy Nivi’s image, she says to Monty that do anything but stop Saket, bring him to me, i am going home, bring him there, Monty says i dont if he is here, Nivi says i dont want excuses, Monty says okay i will find him, she ends call. Nivi says you are so dead, she scolds Anuj for not going behind agent, she says you are an idiot, i dont want you, you are fired.

comes to Saket and says there is limit of shamelessness, we thought you are here to help but you did bidding, why you wanted that house? Madam wants to meet you, come with me, Saket says what if i dont come with you? Monty says then i will drag you, Saket says how dare you to touch me? Monty says i dont have anything against you, madam wants to meet you, Saket says i dont follow your or your madam’s orders, i dont care about her, tell her that i left and dont touch me again, he leaves.
Janki comes home, Devika hugs her and says i told you to comeback home, i was so tensed about you, you know if anything happened to you then what will happen to me? Janki says i stayed there only for you, because i know my daughter is strong then why are you crying? i have come home with a such a win and you are sad? you are owner of two new houses, i thought you would be happy but you are crying? Devika says you are most important to me, i dont need anything, any land, if i lose you then i wouldnt be able to live, you were taking risk there and here i was dying, i was thinking what will happen to me if i loose you, Janki says look i am fine, see this property papers, you have defeated your enemies, both houses are on your name now, now you can rule your enemies, i want to see happiness on your face, Devika says i dont care about these papers, your life was in danger because of these papers, i cant be happy seeing them, you are most important to me, i would have lost you, i dont want anything, i dont want any revenge, i cant lose you, i will burn these papers, i dont need it.
Nivi is driving car, she says i should have known that Saket is behind all this, i wont spare him, he will have to pay. Ravi calls Nivi, he says i have done deal, money is transferred to account, even if you have bid higher in auction then it wont be problem, Nivi says nothing is fine, i have lost house, the house where your family used to live, everything is finishing, my house and business both are destroyed, Ravi says dont worry, i will meet you, we will find some solution, he ends call.
Devika tries to burn to papers, Janki says you wont do it, what is this? Devika says why you dont want me to burn papers? these papers have put your life in danger, whenever i will see them, i will recall that now. Janki says calm down, Devika says you dont know what Saket can do, Jankii says i have answered Saket well, Devika says what if Saket had shot me? Janki says he is coward, he cant do it, Devika says he is not that weak, he can stoop to any level, everything is game for him, he can kill anyone, i shivered when i listened his voice, i wanted you to come home, i have taken decision that you wont take part in this fight, this is my fight and i cant let you put your life in danger, Janki says no this is not your fight only, you are part of my life now so your fight is too, Devika says i dont want anything but you, Janki says you are not understanding, this is not your or mine fight, we are just fighters and we have power of whole world, Ambe Maa has already made whole plan, see Ambe Maa made us meet so that we can unite and give punishment to sinners, Ambe Maa wants us to fulfill her mission, she will protect us, dont insult her power by being afraid, we have to be strong even in storm, just think positive, Devika hugs her and smiles.
Gurvindar prays for Monty. Manju thinks that Nivi will be so angry, its time for punishment now, Vikas says today there will be good drama, i just hope my family get senses back. Nivi comes and shouts for Monty. She goes upstairs and says come out Monty, she looks around him and shouts where is he? Manju says calm down. Monty comes there, Nivi comes to him and says today you proved your talent, you proved that you have little mind, i trusted you and gave you duty but what you did? my house.. its my identity, this is my life, we all live here but you snatched it from us, why did you do it? she holds his collar and says why? Monty says its not my fault, i did bidding, final bid was so high that i couldnt bid higher, i didnt know how much money you have, Nivi says i told you that i want to buy my house again at any cost, did i tell you to move back if bid is higher? i just gave you idea that bid will go 35crores but didnt say that dont bid if it goes higher, who would give money? i would give money then what was your problem? i am Rakesh Luthra’s daughter, he is business tycoon and now i have lost my house, my identity is gone, i have lost house, you have tainted my father’s name, you have destroyed Rakesh’s name, you have made fun of that name, i will not spare you, she holds his collar, Ravi comes there and frees Monty, he says its not his fault, Nivi says i did so much for him, i gave him position but he sold my house, he is a cheater, his place is right beside his wife Sakshi, Monty is hurt listening this, Ravi says try and understand, Nivi says you think i am unstable? thats not true, i can see everything, Monty is with enemy, you know his truth is that he is working for Saket, he gave chance to Saket to buy that house, he let him buy house, Monty says listen to me, Nivi says you are greedy, all are greedy people here, you used me for luxury life, Ravi says shut up, you are using my family to get me, Nivi says you dont trust me? you think that i like to raise them all? truth of your brother is that he is a betrayer, Monty says i swear on my mother, i didnt do it, Nivi says then who did it? i know someone from this house has given information about auction, someone from this family has cheated me, she asks Manju who is that person? Ravi says my mother didnt do anything like that, Nivi asks Vikas if he did it? she shouts who did it? Manju thinks that Shweta did it thats why she is hiding, should i tell her? no, Nivi says Manju why i think you know who did it? tell me who has done it, she asks where is Shweta?

PRECAP- Nivi says to Saket that why did you do it with me? She slaps Saket, Saket gets angry and slaps her hard, she falls down on floor, Saket says how dare you raise hand on me? what you think that i am old Saket? i can crush you anytime, dont do this again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Natasha mahase

    Ha, ha, finally another slap, Saket did somting good, lol.


  4. tooo good.. slap tight keeps nivi alright..

  5. Once again nivi misbehaved with Monty and Ravi said nothing what utter crap this programme is

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