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Scene 1
Devika says to Sakshi that you have decorated house so nicely, it looks so nice, Parmindar comes there and says there is so much work in kitchen and you sisters are here, today is Mata ki chowki , go and work, she leave from there. Devika climbs ladder and tries to put flowers on door, Ravi comes there and touches her back, she loses balance and falls but Ravi holds her in arms, Devika says i could have fallen down, Ravi says you were exposing your back so i came to tickle you, Devika says you wanted touch me, leave me now, he says okay and throws her on sofa, she screams, Ravi asks if she is fine? Devika says dont touch me, Ravi says let me check if you have sprain in your ankle, Devika finds Manju behind Ravi, she says Manju aunty, Ravi says i wont come in your trap, he turns to find Manju

there, Manju says there is so much work left and you are joking with her? Devika goes work, Manju asks Ravi to start working too.
Devika is finding chunri in her room, she says it was important, Ravi coems there and makes her wear dupatta, Devika asks where did you find it? you know this dupatta is sacred, Rekha brought this for me from Vaishnudevi, you made me wear it and means like Mata Rani have blessed our relation, Ravi says i just pray that our relation remain like this and nothing evil eye should be cast on you, Devika hugs him.
Man gives poison bottle to navi, Navi thinks that this will work perfectly, nobody will know what happened to Devika, she leaves for Ravi’s house.
Mata’s chowki starts, Ravi and Devika comes there too. Pundit starts pooja, Sakshi makes Devika wear dupatta, Ravi smiles at her, Pundit ties sacred thread on her hand and says you can ask anything to Mata, Sakshi says i just pray that you and Ravi remain together and have life filled with happiness, she prays that all evil persons should leave their lives, Sakshi sees Navi coming there and says i talked about evil person and here is Navi. Manju comes to Navi and asks her to come in, Navi comes in and handshakes with Ravi, Sakshi says to Ravi that you and Devika are looking so nice together, i should pray to ward off evil eye from you both.
Rekha and Savitra comes to Manju’s house, Savitri doesnt wanna go inside, she says i dont wanna see Manju’s face, Rekha says today’s day is big, Manju comes there and says to Savitri that you said you will not come here but now you had to come here as you are from girl’s side, Savitri says control your tongue else i will cut your tongue, i have come here for chowki not for you, Manju says dont show me ego, Savitri says dont do drama of being from boy’s side, Rekha says all guests are waiting inside, you both should not fight, Manju says you are saying thats why i am leaving here, they go in.
Devika and Ravi meets Rekha and takes her inside house. Parmindar comes to Navi and says you are looking so nice, Navi leaves. Navi finds Ravi and thinks that if i am looking nice then Ravi should praise me, i should go to Ravi and acts like i have slipped then Ravi will hold me in arms and that will make me happy, she thinks what to do? she says i should act like my foot got struck in carpet and i slipped then Ravi will save me, she puts her foot inside carpet, kid strikes with her and Navi falls on floor, Ravi doesnt see her and leaves. Kid comes to Devika and tells her about her childhood days, Navi sees kid and thinks that because of this kid, i couldnt go in Ravi’s arms, i wont spare this kid and also not Devika, not even Ambe Maa can save her life.
Manju comes to Navi and says what are you thinking? Navi says i was thinking why people in God so much? Devika listens this and says you are wrong, Ambe Maa always help her people, Navi says i believe that man writes his fate himself, i dont believe in God, Devka says you have come in chowki so you will believe in God too, Navi says you pray to Ambe maa, i will do my work, Devika says i know you want success, money and fame but this is all useless without Ambe’s blessing, Navi says lets see this jagran will change me or not, she leaves.
Pundit asks Devika to bring water, Navi thinks this is good idea, she comes to Devika and says i will bring that water, Devika says but you dont believe in God? then why doing this? its okay, maybe it will fulfill your wishes, Navi thinks my wish is to make you away from Ravi’s life, you will drink that water, Devika says water is near table, Navi goes to bring. Navi thinks Ambe maa has given me chance, i will mix poison in water, Devika will drink it and Devika will be finished.

Scene 2
Jagran starts. Ravi takes sweets, Devika says you cant eat, its for kids, Ravi makes kid eat sweet, Devika says this is blessing, you have done great work, she asks Ravi to touch kid’s feet and take her blessing, they touch kid’s feet, kid says may your love increase, Ravi says it feels like she is real Ambe maa, Devika asks who made you learn it? kid says my mom said that which couple like in function, bless them like this so i blessed you both, Devika smiles.
Navi comes near table and water container there, she says Devika will drink water as Ambe’s blessin but i will change it into her death, she is about to mix poison in water when lady comes there and asks where can she get water from? Navi says find it yourself, lady says you are so ill-mannered, Navi asks her to take water and leave, lady leaves, Navi says this poison’s drop can be enough but that Devika got saved even after falling from cliff, i should not take chance, she mixes whole bottle of poison in water, she says Devika’s death is ready.

PRECAP- Navi brings water to Devika and says drink it to break your fast, Devika is about to drink water, Navi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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