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Scene 1
Sanjay says that i have selected grooms for Devika, Pallavi says they are not good, Ajay says they are not bad but are little fat, Savitri comes and ask why you are fighting, Savitri sys if guy is fat then it doesnt matter but he should not ask for dowry, Rekha says but our Devika is very nice then guy should be good looking too, Savitri says girls are beautiful only but guy should be rich, she ask them to select guy soon then i will see kundlis, she leaves, Sanjay and Pallavi sees album, Pallavi likes one guy and says he is handsome, Rekha likes him too and ask Devika to have look at him, she looks at picture and its of Ravi, she says all handsome guys are flirty, marriage is time pass for them, i want partner for life, not a flirt.
Saqaid comes to match maker’s house, he gives

his photo and ask her to take his proposal for Devika, i will give you gold chain, she gets happy and says i will talk to Savtir, she was looking for a guy like you only, she will say yes in 2 minuted, Saqaid says i am not intereted in her but in her granddaughter, she must say yes, match maker assures her.
Tanu calls Devika and says i am in market, i cant come to your house, Devika says thats fine but its too late, how will you go to your home? Tanu says i got late, this market is away from house, Devika ask where are you? she says i am on M.G road, Devika says its very far, go to home and call me, i will tell Savitri. Devika comes to Savitri and says Tanu said she will come to our house tomorrow, she was in market, Savitri says its very late and alone girl is in market, this is not good, i will talk to her mother, Devika says no she is not alone, her mother is with her, Savitri says ok.
Tanu is walking on road, no auto is stopping, a guy stops her car and ask if you wanna lift? Tanu says you are saliash uncle’s son, he says yes, sit i will drop you, she sit in car, he smirks, he says listened that you are marrying, she nods, he says i am going fro party, i hope you dont mid, his friends come and sit in car beside Tanu, Tanu is tensed, friend ask to take from other route, Tanu says stop the car, i will go to home, guy says first we will take you to party then we will go to your home, other guys start flirting with her, Tanu calls Devika, Devika takes the call and listens to Tanu’s scream to let her go, she is going to get married, Devika is shocked, friend ask guy to take from Patyala highway, we will have night with her, Devika is shocked. she comes out, take auto and leave for Patyala highway.
guys bring Tanu to some isolated place, they tie Tanu’s hands and mouth, and takes her inside, Ravi is going from there, he stops and says something fishy is going on here, they didnt lock car, he finds Tanu’s dupatta there and says means they forcfully took girl inside, i will not leave them, he goes inside. Devika is in auto and says how can they be so evil, i have to save her at any cost. the guys bring Tanu inside, Tanu says let her go, she is going to get married, they throw her on ground, Tanu becomes unconscious, Guy touches her face, Ravi comes and ask what are you doing, how can you malign girl’s respect, leave from here, guy pushes him away, Ravi fights with them, he takes rod in his hand and ask them to leave, guys leave, Ravi looks at Tanu, DEvika reaches the place too. she finds car there. Ravi tries to make Tanu conscious.

Scene 2
Match maker comes to Savitri’s house and shows her Saqaid’s picture, she says this guy is very rich and have respect too, he is leader, i came to your house first when i listened about him, Savitri says i know him, you did great work, he is very nice person, he saved me too, match maker says he is right for Devika, i dont think he will ask for dowry, savitri sys i will double your commission, just make him marry Devika, Match maker says i will call Saqaid here. Ravi pours water on Tanu’s face, she becomes consious and says let me, i am going to marry, Ravi says yes but listen to me, Devika comes there and finds him with Tanu, she is stunned, and recalls how he used to flirt with girls, she throws thing on his back, Ravi looks at her and says you here? why you are beating me, Devika slaps him, Ravi says you are misunderstanding, Devika says i know you, you can do anything, you are cheap guy, you saw a girl alone and brought her here, the guy who can take off his shirt on middle of road and ask for lift, can flirt with girls, he can do anything, now you have crossed all limits, you were forcing my bhabhi, you are a guy so you an do anything? you cant play with emotions, we have to bear all this for girls, i will complain in police, you are not a man, i will file case for attempt to rape, Ravi is shocked, Devika takes Tanu with her.

Scene 3
Saqaid comes to Savitri’s house, she says i have agreed to your proposal with Devika, i am happy that you will be our son in law, Saqaid ask what are you saying? i thought to meet you as i was going from here, Savitri says i will tell you everything, she ask do you like our Devika? he says who devika, i didnt see her before, Savitri brings her photo and says she is Devika, he says she is nice, i am seeing her for first time, Savitri says meet her and know her before marriage, match maker brought your proposal to our house, you have problem with this marriage? Saqaid says she is beautiful but ask her first, Savitri says she follows me, what i will say, she will follow it, Saqaid says no this is wrong, take her nod too, i work for people’s good, this is not good example i am setting, Savitri says you are great, wait here, i will talk to Devika.
DEvika brings Tanu to her house, she ask her to handle herself, you are safe, Tanu says you saved me, Devika says there is no problem now, think about it, we have to raise our voice and complain in police station, he can do this with other girls too, this is not a small thing, he should get a punishment, you remember Namrita di, she didnt get justice, Tanu says he will get punishment for 4 years but my life will become hell, they all will say that why did i go out, my marriage will break, my parents will die, i cant take such a big risk, you will not tell this to anyone, i am giving you swear.

PRECAP- Savitri ask Dada where is Devika, why did she go out at this time. Devika comes back home and says Dadi is awake, now i am gone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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