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Scene 1
Janki offers Devika head massage, Devika says no i will do it, janki says this is not fair, Devika says you might be tired, Janki says no, she starts massaging her hair and says i was restless last night but now you are here so i want to spend time with you, i dont feel like going to my room, Devika says you dont have to do head massage for that, i missed you too, sleep in my room tonight, Janki says okay and says Nivi and Ravi might have fought after this birth mark drama, does Sangeet ceremony should happen? Devika says first Ravi saved me from Saket then i brought him out of jail, Nivi must be feeling insecure, she could kill Devika for Ravi so she wont let Ravi go out of her hands easily, she would do sangeet for sure, Janki says i dont think that Sangeet should happen, its like they

would celebrate your death, would it be fine with you? Devika thinks.
Nivi comes home, Manju says i talked to Ravi, he is ready for Sangeet but he can change his mind, i think you should fix wedding date for soon, Nivi says Ravi might have problem, Manju says i will make him agree, you announce wedding date in sangeet only, there will press and people, Ravi wont be able to deny you then. Nivi says its good idea, she hugs her and says only you understand my emotions, nobody would be standing with me in this situation, i have lost my house, my company, everything ambika has snatched but you are still standing beside me, you have proved that you are really nice mother in law, thank you, Manju smiles, Nivi leaves. Manju thinks what i did? i made mistake, i forgot that she doesnt have money now, first that Devika became my daughter in law anow this Nivi, this way i will be on roads, wish Ambika had shown interest in Ravi but she showed different colors, think something Manju, my hate has this penniless daughter in law now.
Devika is sleeping. Phone rings. Devika picks up call. Its Ravi on call, Ravi thinks that i know you are miffed with me, i cant talk to you but i wanted to listen your voice, i cant say its my Devika’s voice but my heart feels happy listening it, what to do tomorrow is my sangeet, Vikas says i should listen to my heart or should i sacrifice my love and listen to my mom? everyone says you are Ambika and that i should forget my love but i just cant forget it, its my love, Devika doesnt listen anyone speaking, she ends call. Ravi calls her again but doesnt speak up, she thinks if Ravi is calling her? she thinks that i wont cut call now, i want to listen his voice too, say something Ravi, maybe he wants to say something. They both let call go on without saying a word to each other, bolna plays, they recalls their moments together and are in tears. Janki wakes up and asks Devika who is calling? Ravi ends call, Devika says it was black call, you go to sleep, Janki sleeps. Devika thinks that i am sure it was Ravi on call but why did he call me late night? Ravi is in pain otherside.
Its morning, Sakshi recalls flashback of her family, she says that girl was my friend? Nivi comes there. Sakshi says you? dont do anything with me, she moves away and says please go, dont do anything, Nivi grabs her and injects something in her arm, Sakshi faints, Nivi says what happened? fight me now, you said many things infront of all, you think you can expose me? i am powerful, tomorrow is Ravi and my Sangeet ceremony, soon we will be married and nobody can stop me not even your Durga maa, you were right, i killed your sister Devika but till i dont throw out Devika’s memories out of Ravi’s heart, my revenge wont be fulfilled, after tomorrow’s sangeet, i will be closer to my destination. She asks Sakshi to not cry and do come in my party but for one dance, you are risky, you can tell my secret, but come for one dance? will you come? she laughs, Nivi says i was thinking to call Ambika? the one who looks like your sister, i dont think i should call her, she looks like Devika, Ravi can change his mind seeing her, once i get married to Ravi then i wont be afraid of anyone, Ambika has tortured and insulted me, once i get married then i will get my property and money from her then i will finish this chapter like i did with Devika, she leaves. Sakshi is afraid.

Scene 2
Devika is getting ready, she thinks that i am sure, Ravi called me last night, he should be happy about sangeet then why did he call me? why was thinking about me? why he wanted to listen my voice? what was it? She recalls how Ravi used to love and pamper her, moh moh ke dhaage plays. Janki comes there and says come with me, i have to show something. They come to lounge, Janki plays Tv. Reporter says decorations are going on in Nivi’s house, today will be Ravi and Nivi’s sangeet. Devika says this means that after all that, they are having sangeet in that house, Janki says you threatened them to throw out of that house and they are celebrating there? they didnt even invite you, Devika says Nivi might be thinking that i will be soft and was not threatening her for real. Reporter asks Nivi about sangeet, Nivi says i am happy but my wedding day will be most happiest day, i have preponed it and i am happy. Devika says i dont need invitation to go to my house and i wont miss this sangeet as its my husband’s sangeet with someone else, Nivi did mistake by not inviting me, she will remember this sangeet for years, she likes gossip, i will make her topic of gossip, i will see till when she will remain happy, i will go there for sure tonight.
Vikas is looking at decorations. Nivi is humming in her room. Vikas comes there and says you are looking nice but dont know if your fiance will like you, Nivi says dont spoil my mood, get out of here. Vikas says let me talk, Nivi says you want to plead about your wife? she wont comeback in this house again, you can go to her, i dont mind it. Vikas asks where Ravi might be? Nivi says you want to snitch on me? Shweta isnt going to comeback, it wont be good for you. Vikas says i have to make Ravi listen something, Nivi says he is getting ready, he is busy. Vikas says then i have to go to him now, as after listening it he wont be getting ready, Nivi says i know you are saying this so that i allow Shweta to comeback, you will regret saying all this, Vikas says i dont have to do anything, you will change your decision. He plays voice recording, Manju says in it that if Ravi gets to know that you knew about Saket kidnapping Ambika then you know he will be mad? Nivi says i knew Saket kidnapped her and what he wants to do with her. Nivi is shocked to hear it.

PRECAP- Devika says to Janki that Nivi likes publicity so i will give her that tonight, she wont be able to show her face to anyone after that. At sangeet, Devika says to Nivi that being owner of this house, i dont allow you people to have any function here, infact i want possession of this house now only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Today my focus was on Monty and how he failed to be even a good friend to Sakshi. I feel so sorry that Sakshi knows the truth and yet she is trapped in the house. I hope Devika rescues her soon.

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