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Scene 1
DEvika recalls Ravi’s cool behavior and says he used to fight with me alot earlier but these days he is smiling all the time, he is sweet with me, this must be his plan, i will be away from him but how, i live with him in single room, she writes note that dont disturb me, she puts it on table and says i will sleep before he comes.
Navi comes back home and says to Sia that i am very happy as i had confusion but now its clear so i am very much happy, Sia ask what was confusion? Navi says there was one deal, it got clear in party that only i will get that deal, Sia says i am happy that you are smiling, Navi thinks that i have to make Ravi mine at any cost.
Addy says to Vikas that you are old fashioned, if you want to increase your business then you have to change few things,

like you will discount people if they hire you for decoration of two marriages, Vikas says good idea.

Scene 2
Ravi comes back home, he comes in his room and finds Devika sleeping, he finds note to not disturb her, Ravi sleep on floor, Devika acts like sleeping but turns and doesnt find Ravi on safa, this thinks where is he? she moves on bed to find Ravi, she falls from bed and falls on top of Ravi, Ravi shouts, mere yaara plays, both look at each other, Manju comes outside and ask Ravi why did you scream? what happened, Addy comes to Manju and Vikas that they are grown ups, give them privacy, DEvika is stuck half inside bed, she cant get up, she ask Ravi what to do? Manju is outside, he ask her to be silent, DEvika gets up carefully, she opens door, Mnaju ask what happened? she listened some sound? Ravi comes and ask what happened? Vikas ask why did you scream? Ravi says i fell from bed so screamed, Addy says you fell or did DEvika pushed you from bed, were you irritating her? Ravi says she is my wife so i can tease her, he put hand on her shoulder, he ask them to leave, they leave, Ravi closes door and says they cant let us sleep, DEvika stare him, Ravi says your eyes will come out one day, dont stare me with big eyes, DEvika says you took advantage of situation, you put hand on my shoulder infront of all, Ravi says to DEvika that you say i take advantage of you? its you who do that, you fell on me, what happens to you at night? in hotel also you were getting close to me, you have no control over yourself, Devika says you slept on floor so that i can fall on you, Ravi gets little angry and says truth is that when i saw you sleeping, i was happy that we will have no fight today, i was sleeping on saof but was uncomfortable so slept on floor, i didnt disturb, didnt create any noise so that you dont get disturbed, now you will say that i should have woken you up and tell you that i am sleeping on floor, its fitted in your mind that whatever i do i do it for propose, i know you cant tell sweet words to me but atleast dont say so much bitter words, i am human too, it hurts me, you think that i am cheap and do everything against you, i keep trying to avoid our fights, i keep trying to make you happy, make you comfortable, but you keep saying ill words for me, DEvika feels bad and thinks that he is right, i go beyond line in fight, i should say sorry, Ravi says i know you will now say that i am cheap, flirt etc, i am everything, i am very unlucky person, i dont wanna fight with you anytime, i want to bring smile on your face but my fate is bad, whatever i do, we fight only, Ravi gets emotional and sit silently on sofa, Devika says i am sorry, he ask what in surprise? she says i am sorry, Ravi cant believe it and says its ok, it doesnt suite you, its my mistake, i said alot, i am sorry, DEvika thinks if he is saying truth? his eyes has truth, Ravi says go to sleep, i will sleep on sofa, Devika says i will sleep on sofa, you sleep on bed as your height is more, Ravi ask are you sure? she nods, Ravi goes on bed while Devika on sofa, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika comes to get pillow from bed, Ravi gives it to her, both look at each other, Ravi lies on bed, DEvika lies on sofa, Ravi smiles, DEvika thinks why i feel truth in his eyes? why i feel that i am wrong about him.

PRECAP- Ravi is getting ready for office, DEvika finds her lipstick mark on his neck, she recalls how she fell on him, she gets tensed.

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