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Scene 1
Nivi comes in her room and thinks everything is going wrong, Ravi and Ambika were smiling at each other, what if they got closer? i am going to die, i cant see them like that, my plan would have worked if that Saket didnt do mistake, first he gave me intoxicating liquid and today he got current which Ambika had to take, all are celebrating today but they would have been mourning, Saket destroys my plans, what should i do? i have to separate Ravi and Ambika, i cant see them together. Manju comes there and asks Nivi why you didnt take parsad? i know you dont like all this but you shouldnt leave pooja like that, maybe God will be less cruel on you, take parsad, it lessens blackness of heart, let me tell you one thing, Ambika is my daughter in law and Ravi is happy with her so dont you try anything,

i am her shield, find some boy and get married, you will find some, i can find boy for you but dont you even think about breaking Ravi and Ambika up, all family members are going to celebrate Diwali, you come and see how all are happy, Ravi loves Ambika a lot so dont you try anything dangerous, she leaves.
Devika and Ravi are in room. Devika comes out of washroom and is wiping her hair, Ravi is mesmerized, he says you girls keep changing clothes, you girls have competition to wear nice clothes. Devika says i have changed clothes because Manju aunty asked me, she said that dress is heavy so i shouldnt wear it while burning fire crackers, Ravi says you yourself is fire cracker, Devika says you can praise me, i know you know how to praise girls, Ravi says you listen to my heart things too, i was saying you are so hot that you can burn crackers just by touching them. Janki comes there, Ravi says your daughter was missing you, Janki asks what happened? Devika says Ravi was saying that when he sees you, he thinks about lady hitler, Ravi says she is lying, janki says you find me hitler? Ravi says Maa your daughter is naughty, i didnt say anything, Devika laughs and says you know what he was saying to me? Ravi says i was just saying we should go, he leaves. Devika and Janki laughs at his stuttering.
Vikas is calling Shweta but she comes there and hugs him. He says you came? i was missing you so much, Shweta says i was missing you too so i cameback, Vikas says what about your aunty? Shweta says she is fine, she was missing me thats why called me, Vikas says you proved today that you love me so much, Shweta says i have learned to love from you, i will celebrate Diwali with you, they hug each other.
All family members are celebrating Diwali. Ravi is holding Devika’s hand and twirling fire crackers, Janki sees them and thinks Devika looks so happy with Ravi, its good to see them together celebrating diwali but i dont understand about this Ravi, she sees Ravi holding Devika’s hand. All family members are celebrating. Nivi comes there and sees Ravi and Ambika together.

Scene 2
At night, Nivi thinks that Devika doesnt love Ravi but she is sharing room with him, i cant bear to see them together. Shweta sees her awake and thinks she threw me out, i will make fun of her now. Shweta comes to her, Nivi asks why you are here? Shweta says i was thinking why you are awake? Nivi says its none of your business, Shweta says i will leave but tell me your problem.. i know why you are not sleeping because you are thinking what Ravi and Ambika must be doing in room. Nivi says dont you forget that you and Manju will pay for your deeds, did you forget that we have done many bad deeds together and i can make dangerous plans, Shweta says we dont be with losers and you are loser, Nivi says i will change tables, you will regret going against me, its important we all four stay together because we run behind things we want, goodness can walk alone but badness need support, we build all this together, Shweta says i dont have time for all this, sleep or not, i dont care, she leaves.
Its morning. Ravi is sleeping on sofa while Devika on bed. Ravi wakes up and says i have back sprain because of sleeping on this sofa. He sees Devika sleeping and sees this angel sleeping so peacefully on bed, luck should be like her. He recalls how used to watch Devika when they got married. Ravi says history is repeating itself, they have same faces, they have same voices, same smile, same temper, everything like Devika, this is weird but i am sure she is my Devika and i have to prove it, i will do it, you are Mrs. Devika Garewal. Devika wakes up and sees Ravi watching her lovingly, she is surprised, they share eyelock, Ravi says good morning, i hope you good sleep, DEvika says yes, i hope you had good sleep too, Ravi says it doesnt matter, i was fighting with sofa whole night, i told him i am Ambika’s husband, she can chew him out, he asks about breakfast, she says i will freshen up first. She brings out clothes from cupboard and says thank you, he says why? she says nothing, Ravi gazes at her lovingly, they share eyelock, she says i should get ready, she leaves. Jyoti comes to Ravi and says Sakshi is going hysteric, she is breaking things, only you can handle her, Ravi leaves with her.
In store room, Sakshi is throwing away things. Ravi comes there and asks what happened Sakshi? she doesnt listen to him, Ravi shouts Devika.. did you meet Devika? she sent many things for you. Sakshi calms down listening her name. He brings food, Jyoti makes her eat food, Ravi thinks that this is good idea to make Ambika accept she is Devika, she wont be able to see Sakshi’s condition, she wont be able to hide her emotions, she wont runaway from mad Sakshi but will hug her and then my wife’s real truth will come out. Sakshi says i ate whole food, Ravi says Sakshi dont you want to leave this room and meet everyone? she says yes, he says i will take you out today.

PRECAP- Devika says to Sakshi that i had to do this because i had to hide my identity,n they would have gotten to know that i am Devika thats why i couldnt come to help you, i promise to return your happiness, she hugs Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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