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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that i will drive faster, Devika says goons are behind me. Ravi’s jeep stops, Devika asks what happened? Ravi says it has broken down, we should run from here, they both go in jungle, Ravi helps her, her Saree pallu gets stuck in tree, Ravi frees it and leaves from there.
Navi comes in Ravi’s room and says it is my would be bedroom, i feel close to Ravi when i am here. She looks at Ravi’s closet, she opens it and touches his clothes, Awari song plays, she brings out his shirt and wears it, she hugs his shirt and smiles, she says this is not fair, i am using your shirt for now but soon you will be in my arms, she lies on his bed and says i can see our future together, you and me on this bed, she smiles, she sees Ravi and Devika’s picture, she

says soon i will be with you in this frame, we will keep Devika’s photo to put garland on her photo.
Goons sees Ravi’s jeep parked outside jungle, he says they must be here, Dildar asks goons to search them, goons try to find them, Deepak finds Devika’s saree cloth on tree, he tells this to Dildar, Dildar says they must have gone in this direction, they go in their direction.
Ravi and Devika are running, Devika stops and says my saree is stuck in my feet, Ravi says why did you wear saree? you could have worn suit, Devika says you are saying as if i knew that i was going to get kidnapped, Ravi says you waste alot of time, Devika says they have torn my saree pallu too, i will beat goons, she tries to tuck in her saree pallu, Ravi sees her bare belly and says i can help you, Devika covers her belly and says you look otherside, Ravi says you women keep torturing us, she sets her saree and says Ravi why are you standing and wasting time? lets go, Ravi says lets run, they both run.
Dildar gets Saket’s call, he says to goons that Saket should not know that we have lost Ravi and Devika. Dildar takes call, Saket asks about Ravi and Devika, Dildar says both are fine, Saket says beat Ravi, i want to listen his screams, he ends call, Dildar says to goons that Saket wants to listen Ravi’s scream, find him soon, goon says we are tired because of them, Dildar says once i find this Ravi then i will take revenge from him for putting knife on my neck.
Manju asks Navi to eat something, Navi says this is fried, i dont eat it, Shweta brings green tea for him, Sakshi comes there, Navi says why she doesnt do kitchen work? Manju says she just keep roaming around, she doesnt know anything, she asks Shweta to take Sakshi in kitchen, Sakshi leaves. Navi says to Manju that dont worry, Navi says when you will shift to my house then you will just have to give orders to servants, Manju says me in your house? Navi says yes, we have 11rooms, we have swimming pool, we have garden, you can tell gardener whatever flower you want to be there, Navi thinks that she is so greedy that she is thinking to make my house hers but this greed will make me Ravi’s wife.
Ravi and Devika are running in jungle, Devika says i am not able to see any fruits here. Devika finds fruit on a tree, Ravi says how to break it, Ravi throws stones, she says you are not targeting it rightly, Devika says let me try, she tries, they both try but apply doesnt come down, Ravi says you put foot on my hand and break it, Devika says why dont you go on tree? please, Ravi says if you say it so sweetly then i can jump to moon too, Devika says nothing will happen, Ravi climbs up tree, she says very good, now give me fruits, Ravi says if anything happens to me then goons will take you back, Ravi gives her fruits, she collects it in her saree pallu, Devika says come down, thats enough, Ravi says how can i come down? Devika says i will save you, Ravi says i am afraid to come down, Devika says give me your hand, i will save you, Devika holds his hand, he jumps from tree and falls on Devika, they both look at each other, humdard plays, Devika shows him fruits, Ravi moves back, he makes her eat fruit, she says its good and makes him eat too, Ravi says its not good, she says your taste bud is bad, they both eat it together.
Saket comes to hut and doesnt find anyone there.
Devika wipes Ravi’s face, he wipes her face too, she says my face is clean as i know how to eat.
Saket calls Dildar, Ravi listens phone’s ring and runs from there with Devika. Dildar who is near Ravi takes Saket’s call, Saket asks where are you? Dildar says at hut, Saket says i am standing here at hut but you are not here, did you go to Navi’s side? Dildar says no i am your loyalists, Ravi has runaway from my clutches, i will catch him soon, he ends call. Saket says why i am taking tension, i should tell Navi too, he calls Navi and tells her that Ravi and Devika have runaway, she says what they ranaway? she sees everyone in Ravi’s home looking at her, she becomes conscious.

PRECAP- Goons see Ravi running in jungle, they go to catch him, Devika is hiding behind bushes, she mistakenly throws stone, Dildar listens the noise and gets suspicious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. More than enough this kidnapping this things ahow how indian police soing nothing stop blaming them please

  2. Rubbish drama waste of time ekta kapoor this isn’t your type of drama its being more than 1 month this kidnapping isnt finishing. No story line waste of time

  3. How much longer this kidnapping drama going to continue? Surely there has to be an end now. Again evil winning and the good having to save themselves.

  4. yaar 3 month dekha ek v episode miss na kiye…after dat dekhna hi bhul gaya itna boring h…bina dekhe 2 mnth rehjaoge to v lagega kal ka episode chal raha h…

  5. i think ravi weds navi new track on play

  6. ravi and devika devorce ravi marry nevedita new story

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