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Scene 1
Devika says that Nivi has destroyed my life and i will destroy her now, for that i have to leave from here, i cant let her prove that i am Devika as then everything will be finished, i have to leave from there. Devika calls Janki and says everything has gone wrong, Nivi has locked me in room and left from there, i met my sister here, she has locked my sister in this room for 9months, she is mentally not stable anymore, Janki says Nivi is very cruel, she must have done this, i am really sorry to listen that, Nivi must have gone to bring Ravi and family, you should run from there, Devika says there is no way to run out of this room, its locked, please come here, Janki says i will come there before Nivi, dont worry. She ends call and starts going out but Nivi and Ravi comes there, Nivi asks her

to call Ambika, Janki thinks that she has come here to prove that Ambika is not here and she has locked her in her house, Janki says why should i call her? she wont meet you, she is in house only, Nivi says i want to meet her, she starts shouting Ambika’s name, Janki says you dont have manners? leave from here, Nivi says where is Ambika? Janki says my daughter wont meet you, Ravi says whats the problem? call her here, Janki says she is ill and in her room, Nivi says call her here or i will go to her room, Janki says how dare you go to my daughter’s room without my permission, Nivi says i will go to her room even if you stop me, Janki says i wont call her, what wil you do? Nivi says i will call police then, i know Ambika is not here as i have locked her at somewhere else and she must have called you thats why you were going out to save her, Janki says i was going to party, Nivi which party at this time? Ambika is in her room only, i will bring Ambika to you, Janki starts going to Ambika’s room, Nivi thinks that she is trying to fool me, Janki thinks that she has locked Ambika in her house and have trapped me here, i have solved many problems but i am stuck in situation today. Janki comes to Ambika’s room and thinks that what should i do? Nivi has turned everything according to her trick, i cant let my daughter loose like this, what should i do? she calls ambika.
Ravi thinks that i wish Nivi is right and Ambika is proved to be Devika. He asks Nivi what you said that you have locked her somewhere? Nivi says i have locked her in our house, in Sakshi’s room, i have sent Manju there, and here i will prove that she is not here, we have trapped them from all sides, it will be proved that she is Devika only. Ravi thinks that i wish Nivi is right, Ambika should be dEvika then i wont have to match her signatures too, when Ambika is around me, i feel love, once Ambika is proven as Devika then i will ask her why she kept pretending like someone else, why she was harsh with me? i will ask all answers, then i will get my Devika back, she will be with me. Nivi thinks that i know there is no Ambika in room, this night is going to best night of my life.
Manju ant Shweta comes home. They are afraid and says what if its Devika’s ghost? Shweta says no Nivi said that its Ambika only. Shweta says you have done wrong with DEvika, she wont spare you, Manju asks her to shut up, there is no ghost, they are scared. Manju and Shweta comes outside Sakshi’s room and says Devika are you inside? you are alive right? its not your ghost right? Devika gets tensed listening them. Devika thinks that Janki told me Nivi is there with Ravi and asking about Ambika and here they both are are guarding door, i have to go out of here anyhow but how can i? Sakshi wakes up and shouts who is there? leave, Manju gets afraid. Devika holds sakshi’s mouth and hugs her, she comforts Sakshi and makes her sit down. Shweta says i dont know if Sakshi is alone inside or with Devika’s ghost, Manju says ghost can come out of locked door, they can come anywhere, i think that ghost will eat us first, Shweta tries to say scared lines but forgets it, Manju says i will say it, they both pray to shoo away ghost.
Rekha is seeing picture album, Pallavi says you are looking at Devika’s photo as if she will come out of photo, why you are stressing yourself? you are injured and should take rest, Rekha says look at her photo, she is looking so beautiful, i remember she never liked to get clicked, Pallavi says leave all this, she gives medicine to Pallavi, Rekha says bring your childhood album, your, Sakshi’s and Devika’s good pictures are there, i am not able to sleep too, Pallavi says drink this milk, Rekha says if drink this glass of milk then we wont have milk for tomorrow’s tea, Pallavi says dont take tension about tomorrow’s tea,
Janki comes down from Ambika’s room and says Ambika is not ready to meet you people, i told you that she is ill, she wont come down, i have given her medicine, i told her to take rest, i can get appointment for you to meet her tomorrow, i am going to sleep too. Ravi thinks that Nivi maybe right, Ambika is not here, Nivi says to Janki that you think that i am fool? if she cant come down then i will go to her room, Janki says dont even dare, Nivi says you are stupid, why you are running behind Devika? what you see in her? you are businesswoman so work on that, Janki says even i can call your dad and tell him about you, i will sell your shares too, then you know what will happen to you, Nivi says you can do anything you want, i dont care, i dont even compare investors like you with my slipper, she goes towards Ambika’s room.

PRECAP- Nivi, Ravi and Janki comes to Ambika’s room. Nivi starts breaking washroom’s door lock with decoration piece, Ravi says tries to stop her, Janki says has she gone mad? Nivi breaks door and comes in washroom, they dont find anyone there. Jjanki is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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