Kalash 7th July 2016 written update by Sruthi


Episode starts like this…

Nivi’s Residence:
Nivi shout at monty and raise hand to slap him as the finger print does’nt match and Ambika/Devika left as they still doubting her, bt Ravi stop Nivi tell u doesn’t have right to behave with my family members like this.she stop and go in angry.

Ambika’s Residence:
Ambika come to Janaki and says thank u maa , that when u told me to done skin graphy i was scared as it is very pain bt now i feel its not at all a pain because of that only the finger print not matched.Then Janaki tell her i know when we changed ur name and a new identity I was sure u may have so many step to prove u r not Devika bt Ambika..and when we made these much plan we should be sure no proofs to prove u Devika..they both smile with …

Nivi’s Residence:
Shwetha say to Vikas , Luthra was very angry

with Ambika and she even plan to kill bt now they become close frnds and making us to do work and she is scolding too much am tired and ask Vikas to malnish her leg as ot pains bt he says ok nd says nivethita chi and run , Swetha also run behind him they stop at Nivi’s room door as they hear Nivi shouting at Monty and telling u can’t to a small work pls call that ladt Sharatha here i vil talk with her , nw gets out, bt monty says i am nt sure mam she comes Nivi says u always dont have sure u r useless leave frm here .He goes out saying gd night mam

Vikas ask Swetha about which lady Nivi was saying, she says Sharatha is the lady staying near to Devikas property land and Devika was given her some land there to live bt Nivi want her to go then only she can get that land ownership full.

In Ravis’s roon he thinking about Devika and he gets a call the papers he given for examine is negative then he ask whether same person have different handwritting as they use both hands , examiner sayd yes if he/she is expert. Ravi think why am so much attach with Ambika still and he calls Ambika’s landline so that she will recieve call. He calls then ct the call Ambika wake up nd take her mobile and see call list , she say i doesnt missed any call then who called , again landphone ring it gets ct again , again rings Devika take it she says hello Ravi is emotional as he listned her voice she recognise its Ravi and think why i feel for him, and she ask Mr.Ravi Grawel y u caled he says i called to say sorry r u fine , she too get’s emotional, she says ok nd u always to mistajes and says sorry its ur habit, thank u for calling late night abd she ct the call and cry..They both cry and remenber their past a song plays in background.

Its morning Monty brings Sharatha to nivi ask her to leave from that land she give her a new land and money.bt sharatha says no am not like u greedy and whrn Devika comes and says me then only i leave till that i vol say.Nivi says she is died becoz u stayng we cant strt our project which is her dream.Sharatha says dont force me and even dnt think to harm me i have already filed a complaint aganinst u so if anything happens to me it will affect u only and dnt send this guy again to me.She goes Nivi gets angry and leave then Vikas says i have idea , Monty stops him Vikas says ur frnd Ambika can help u .Nivi feels it gd idea and says Vikas u r smarter than Monty.

Ambika’s Residence :
Nivi ask Ambika can u do a favour for me , she says ys wts the matter Nivi says promise me then i vil say. Ambika says k Nivi says something and its muted.Screen freezes on Ambikas Face.

Ambika says to Janaki our mission is going gd thats y, Nivi itself want her to be Devika for her benefit , She vil go there and make her more afraid.

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