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Guys.I know it not Perfect Hope you somewhat understand Thank you……..

Episode start with Nivi scold Monty for insulting Ambika asking who told you to do this .Is he done with his doing and why he did this saying she try to slap monty but ravi holds her and say she doesn’t have any right to insult or try to harm his family member and leaves. Here in ambikas residence she thanks janki and says due to you I am saved today I remember when you asked me to do the skin grafting I totally said no and said it is not needed but you explained me that if we are going to take revenge we have to be fully prepared but then also I was scared thinking it must hurting. By your completion I did skin crafting I came to know value of that today only if I haven’t done that today the finger prints would be matched, truth would be in front of them and I won’t be able take revenge from them.

Janaki says she didn’t do any favor for her it’s the duty of every parent to take care of their children .I just did my duty and when you accepted the ambikas name I thought that you will be facing this kind of angni pariksha so how do I let my daughter fail in these.Devika says she will never fail in anything as my mom is with me but I was so scared when monty was so confidence and I was just praying the fingerprints should not match when ravi said the reports are negative I got relief then I remember why it did not matched but today I have made them against themselves now they will fighting with themselves and made nivi guilty for the happening .Janaki congrats her saying you are on right path and I am always with you and never unresdimate tyour enemy you should always alert berfore taking any steps.

And devika promise she will be alert and she will complete her revenge. Ravi talking in phone with the handewriting matcher .The matcher informs the report are negative ravi take some info and ask him to dispose the report no one should find out the reports and cut the call .Ravi thinks he doesn’t know hoe monty report got negative but I know that you hided your identity by filling the form with right hand I don’t want any proof to prove you are devika just my heart is final and my heart repeat saying that you are my devika . Swetha talk with herself that nivi make her to do all the works like servant but again she get insult and vikas taunt her and says she got to knoe her place. Swetha ask him to massage her leg as she is tired.She ask him to do massage witholive oil he says it is very expensive and do massage with normal oil. Swetha says Nivi is so selfish Vikas taunt her taking name of Nivi.

Swetha goes behind vikas to catch him and in the way they hear monty anf Nivi convo.Nivi ask monty why it is taking such long time to capture the land he says he tried all the ways but that women is not ready to leave the land .she scold monty and ask him to arrange meeting with her she can’t stay there its illegal.Vikas ask swetha about which land they were talking about she says it about devika land and ask vikas to continue the massage. Ravi in his room so sad come near the window and thinks about his moments with Devika and Ambika he think he should call her atleast he will happy to hear her sound and he calls in her landline number so she cant identify that its me and cut the call .Devika thinks who called this late have she missed important call again phone rings and cut .she is thinking who is calling back to back and again phone rings she pick and say hello ravi did not reply she understood that ravi is in other end . She says is it Ravi agarwal calling he says thinks and says that he called to know that she Is ok.

Devika thinks why I feel something wheever I hear his voice she answer him d oes he call to ask her this innight what does it mean he says whatever happened in morning he felt bad so he thought to call as I not felt sleeping.she replies that one should not ask sorry unless he felt guilty for his doing you all doesn’t accept that did wrong I was saying that as you all keep one or another question before me and always ask question in my identity and I should thank you to disturb my sleepand cuts the call. Ravi says hello and cry saying please you are my devika pls come back I miss u so much I love u so much pls come back.

Devika thinks why iam always attracted to him after knowing everything my heart ask me to talk with him .In morning monty introduce the lady to Nivi .Nivi ask to join them in breakfast she says she did not came to do breakfast with her sher ask nivi to tell her employee (Monty) not to disturb her to empty the land I will leave the land devika herself come and say.Nivi says that devika is dead due to you our project is pending I will give money and Lan d you can earn more money .The lady says don’t play your game with me I am not like you all to sold for money and iam sure if devika was alive she would not like to give this land to you.

Nivi says devikas husband to take the land and I was her friend. The lady says you took ravi from devika . you wont get the land even after my dear.Monty say the lady to shut up. Nivi says I will handle this she black mail the lady.The lady don’t try to harm me as I have already given cmplaint against U and leaves from there monty says I will again ask her mam don’t take tension.Vikas says I have one idea Nivi ignore.Vikas when will your friend Ambika come to use .you should understand that lady will handover the land to only devika make ambika as devika before her .monty says you don’t intefear in this matter.,Nivi says I like the idea your brain run more than monty I will talk with ambika today itself.Nivi explains everthing to Ambika.Ambika gets Thinking.

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